State v. Joseph Hart – The Case Begins Tomorrow

This blog is made pursuant to NH Rules of Professional Conduct 3.6 (c) (2).  The case is also publicized pursuant to Part I, Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution as an attempt to “reform” the government by informing the public of the facts of the case.

Recently an activist named Joseph Hart, who goes by the name Joa, was arrested for filming in the Hillsborough, NH Circuit Court-District Division.  Joa is a past host of Free Talk Live and a freelance journalist who has a popular YouTube channel called Breaking The Flaw where he posted a video about his arrest.

I will be defending him as his non-lawyer representative.

Here are the first filings in the case, apologies that my scanner is not working 100%.  I’m working on getting that fixed.

As always, I welcome your feedback…  good and bad.  You’ll notice I didn’t redact my phone number or address on these forms.  This is because I believe in standing publicly behind what I do.  Though I am not a lawyer, the People of New Hampshire paid to train me in the ways of the law and system and for that I believe I owe them a modicum of transparency, accessibility, and loyalty.

When I ran for High Sheriff a decade ago I did so under the premise that I’d be extremely available to my constituents if I were to win.  Along those same lines I make myself available to any member of the public who has questions or commentary about what legal activism I’m working on.

Feel free to text me, e-mail me, or write me a snail mail letter about the case.  If you work in the legal profession and have suggestions, those would be warmly welcomed!  When I defended Jason Talley I had anonymous lawyers contacting me offering advice and ideas I never thought of.  To them I am still grateful.

Truthfully I don’t talk on the phone very often (I work a lot), so if you call I probably wont answer.  No disrespect intended.  If you’d like to talk text me first and we can set up a time to discuss the case.

Stay tuned as this case progresses.  I will provide you with all documents involved for your personal judgement and critique.  All hearings will be videotaped and made available to you here as well. is not just about the City of Keene (I have nothing to do with Keene, NH), it is New Hampshire’s Liberty Activism Destination!

Expect many updates.

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