NH Liberty Activists Featured In Upcoming Documentary on CMT, “FREEDOM! The Movie”

The trailer has just been released for “FREEDOM! The Movie”, which premieres Saturday, July 11th at 9pm Eastern on CMT and features liberty activists and Free State Project early movers from both the Manch and Keene areas.  In the upcoming feature-length documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock, comedian Billy Wayne Davis is on a search for freedom in America and his path takes him to various interesting places and people.

Here’s the trailer that just hit the web today.  Please share and mark your calendar for 7/11, 9pm, on the CMT network.

VICE Covers Buzz’s Gay Dance Party!


Buzz, of Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party, beaming at the final party. _Photo Courtesy VICE

In at least their fourth story in the last few years related to the Free State Project, the excellent VICE.com has focused in on the amazing Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party which had its final of six years this year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival.  Porcfest will continue, perhaps with a new epic party – only time will tell.

For now, enjoy Michelle Lhooq’s report on Buzz’s final awesome bash and the photos (then come to Hallowkeene at Keenevention 2015!)

For additional perspective on being gay at Porcfest, visit Joe Jarvis’ blog of his experience at this year’s week-long camping festival populated by mostly libertarians and voluntarists.  If you love liberty, regardless of sexual orientation, you’ll probably really enjoy Porcfest.

Here’s the excellent story about the BGDP from VICE.

Porcfest 2015 Media Roundup

PorcfestLast week, Porcfest (the Porcupine Freedom Festival), the Free State Project‘s yearly camping festival in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire, was already generating headlines across the state, before it had even begun.

Here’s more media coverage of Porcfest 2015:

I may update this post with more entries as I discover them.