Federal Court upholds restriction on petitioning

Originally published by the Ballot Access Fairness Coalition

In 2014 the New Hampshire General Court passed a new restriction on minor party access to the general election ballot by prohibiting a political organization from collecting petitions before the election year. The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire filed a lawsuit challenging this new law. A similar law in Rhode Island was struck down in 2009 because the sole claim by the Rhode Island government was “reducing the number of ‘false positives’.” In New Hampshire, that was the initial reason given for passage of the new law, however William Gardner changed the reasoning the rationale to prevent ballot clutter and to ensure that political parties have a current modicum of support. (more…)

NY Cracking Down on Bitcoin Businesses – NH Welcomes You!

Bitcoin NH License Plate

Bitcoiners Love NH

Especially if you love liberty, you’ve got to get out of New York now, while you still can. The so-called “bitlicense” has taken effect in New York and it’s instantly stopping small businesses from being created or driving them out of the state entirely.

To be clear, according to the NY state gang’s own website, businesses who accept bitcoin for payment for product and service do not need to get a bitlicense, but if customers can’t get bitcoin because NY has made it insanely difficult to buy and sell bitcoin, what good is it to accept them?

New York is doing their best to strangle the nascent bitcoin marketplace before it gets out of the cradle. Now only the most obedient and wealthy companies will be able to buy and sell bitcoin in New York. It’s protectionism all the way, and it’s likely not going to get any better for the little guy.

In contrast, New Hampshire has somme of the biggest bitcoiners in the world that are participants in the Free State Project and have moved or will be moving here once the project reaches its goal of 20,000. The FSP even put up a special page on their website touting some of the reasons why New Hampshire is a destination for the bitcoin and liberty-loving community.

Lamassu BVM

The Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine

Since the publication of that list, New Hampshire has become the only place in all of Northern New England (VT, NH, ME) that has a publicly accessible Bitcoin Vending Machine (sadly, BVMs are closing down in New York). It’s at 101 Deals Thrift Store and besides Boston, the Keene BVM is the only option in the region. The Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine is a community service operated by the Shire Free Church. Where will the next BVM pop-up?

No one should really be surprised about the bitcoin crackdown in New York. They call it the Empire State for a reason. The Mercatus Center annual study on the freedom of the fifty states continues to rank New York at #50, below the awful California at #49.

If you love bitcoin and liberty, you should move to New Hampshire. Here’s how to join the Free State Project.

Rand Paul Slips Out Back Door of Lindy’s Diner to Avoid Media

In a surprise move for a politician, Rand Paul arrived about twenty minutes early for his meet-and-greet event scheduled for 9:30am at Lindy’s Diner in Keene today.  Though Darryl W Perry and I were there before he arrived, figuring we had plenty of time, we had walked away to visit the Shipping Shack and check our mailboxes.  As we were walking back, I spotted Rand already arriving and walking in before we could make it back to the restaurant.  Figuring we’d hit him with some tough questions on his way out, we hung around outside, making the dumbest mistake we possibly could – presuming Rand Paul had enough integrity to walk out the front door.

Instead, just like Hillary Clinton did in Keene the day prior at an event at Keene Middle School, Rand Paul used the back door, actually leaving his own event before the time it was scheduled to begin!  Moments after his black SUV pulled away, WKBK newsman Tom Novak arrived and was disappointed to discover that by being on time, he was too late!

We blew it by not covering the back door, but at least got some footage of a Rand Paul staffer refusing to answer a question about allegations that Rand’s campaign staff has been calling state Libertarian parties and falsely claiming that Rand has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party and trying to get access to the libertarians’ mailing lists.

You know Ron Paul never would have pulled a move like this. Here’s the video:

NJ Governor Chris Christie Confronted About Edward Snowden, Cannabis in Keene, NH

As the presidential campaign for 2016 heats up, more presidential candidates will make the mistake of visiting Keene. Last month it was Bernie Sanders. This month, it’s Chris Christie, the well-fed governor of New Jersey, one of the most corrupt and awful of all the fifty US states.

Christie sauntered into Keene today for a speaking event at local bar “Lab N Lager”. The place was at overflow capacity while liberty activists (and former state rep Steve Lindsey) waited outside for Christie’s arrival for a chance to ambush him with tough questions, as has become the tradition since 2012 here in Keene. Here’s what happened:

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