Both Justin Paquettes In Trouble For Armed Robbery!

Justin M. Paquette Threatens Innocent Chalkers

Justin M. Paquette Threatens Innocent Chalkers

Last week I published a story here at Free Keene about local hate group member Justin Paquette being arrested on two counts of felony armed robbery for allegedly holding up two local convenience stores with a knife.

Very soon after publishing, I was contacted directly by a local business owner who disputed that the Justin Paquette that had assaulted my friend Derrick J back in 2014 and was present during a physical attack by his friend on a peaceful local chalker, was in fact not the same Justin Paquette as was arrested last week for allegedly robbing the gas stations.

As soon as I received this information, I updated the article to reflect that it was in dispute. Later, I saw a couple of posts from some clearly-upset people on facebook that I’d mistaken the new Justin Paquette for the old Justin Paquette. Who would have thought a small town like Keene could have two Justin Paquettes and they were both dangerous people who don’t respect property rights?

Justin Paquette Mugshot (the younger one)

Justin Paquette (the younger one)

Turns out, there are indeed two Justin Paquettes in Keene. It also turns out, after some research at Cheshire superior court this week, that both Justin Paquettes have been arrested for felony armed robbery.

The original, Justin M. Paquette, just had a birthday this month and is now 32. Court records show that this summer he took a plea deal on a felony armed robbery and misdemeanor “criminal threatening”. You can read the case summary in this PDF, which includes his sentence. (He’s currently out on probation and has a suspended sentence for five years.)

New Justin Paquette is younger, 27, and is now currently facing the fresh armed robbery charges from last week’s robberies, where he allegedly brandished a knife at convenience store clerks.

I am sorry for my mistake. Thanks to all who brought it to my attention. Now we know to beware of anyone named Justin Paquette. Any good person named Justin Paquette may want to file for a name change with their local probate court.

Local Hate Group Member Charged With Armed Robbery? – UPDATED

Justin Paquette Mugshot

Justin Paquette Mugshot

During the Chalk Wars of 2014, we were introduced to an unsavory character in town named Justin Paquette. The Boston native was accompanying James Michael Phillips when Phillips attacked a peaceful man for chalking in downtown’s Central Square, knocking him into the fountain and causing serious injury. While Paquette did not commit the attack, he was definitely pals with Phillips, grabbed at people’s cameras (attempted assault), and threatened people, claiming gang affiliations.

Later that summer, Paquette and some of his gang attacked Derrick J on the streets near the courthouse. After his associate broke Derrick’s camera by knocking it off his tripod, Paquette assaulted Derrick and stole his cell phone from him.

Now, Paquette is in the news again. Today’s Keene Sentinel features his mugshot and an article alleging that he robbed the West St. Circle K and the Winchester St. Sunoco early this morning, while brandishing a knife.

UPDATE 5pm 2015-12-11 – The above paragraph is in dispute. A local business owner familiar with Justin Paquette says that the Paquette in the photo below from the Chalk Wars is not the same Justin Paquette who was arrested for robbery this morning.

UPDATE 2015-12-18 РThere are indeed two Justin Paquettes in Keene.  Though, as it turns out, both are in trouble for armed robbery.  Full story here.

Justin Paquette (arms outstretched) Threatens Innocent Chalkers

Justin Paquette (arms outstretched) Threatens Innocent Chalkers

A quick check of the members list of local activist hate group, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, shows Paquette is still a member. Perhaps they will finally be removing him from their facebook group after this, given their official policy is anti-violence, though they didn’t bother to remove Paquette after his caught-on-video attack against Derrick.

Hopefully Justin will get his life straight and stop associating with negative influences including people like the husband of SFK!!! group admin Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb, Gregg, who pled guilty to check fraud in 2013, Jacqlyn Atwater-Yeager who pled guilty after defrauding her boss of hundreds of thousands of dollars and is still a member of SFK!!!, Travis Hobbs Parrott who has attacked peaceful Robin Hooders in the streets and is still a member of SFK!!!, and neighborhood menaces Matthew and Jennifer Schmidt, also SFK!!! members. (more…)

Portsmouth Police Target Grandmother UBER Driver AGAIN + City Council Meeting Footage

Illegal UBER Driver Stephanie Franz

Illegal UBER Driver Stephanie Franz, courtesy CBS Boston

In an article at Seacoast Online, Portsmouth acting police chief Frank Warchol uses his best, “I’m just doing my job” excuse for his department targeting 63-year old grandmother Stephanie Franz a SECOND time for what is now a total of $1,500 in two tickets. Franz is accused of driving people somewhere in Portsmouth without the city’s permission slip.

The protectionist racket will continue on unabated after Monday night’s city council meeting, where there were people who testified in favor and against driving freedom. Christopher David had a volunteer read his letter to the council, as he could not attend due to his wife having a baby. Here’s the feed from the council chambers, starting with the people addressing the council:

The second speaker is a taxi company owner who accuses UBER of “stealing” money from him, since he’s obediently jumped through the city’s hoops. However, he does suggest (perhaps sarcastically) to repeal all ordinances so his companies can lower their prices, which I think most libertarians would love to see. After him is a former fireman who suggests that UBER drivers could be a danger to passengers due to misdemeanor convictions which the city’s regulations prohibit within seven years of the background check. He also claims that the state background check is more thorough, but the Free Uber page on facebook says otherwise: (more…)

Mainstream Media Reports on Arrest of Illegal UBER Driver for “Wiretapping”

After Seacoast Online broke the news of civilly disobedient UBER driver Christopher David’s arrest for a felony “wiretapping” charge, FOX 25 from Boston came to Portsmouth to file this report, which also covered tonight’s protest:’s Tyler Dumont filed this report tonight as well.

Another protest is slated outside the same bar tomorrow (Saturday) night.

Another NH Police Chief in Trouble – This Time For Rape

Canterbury Police Chief John Laroche

Canterbury Police Chief John Laroche

If there are only a few bad apples in policing, how do they rise to the top of the ranks? The last case of a corrupt police chief reported on this blog, less than one year ago, involved New London, NH’s then-chief threatening college girls into stripping so he could photograph them nude in the police department basement.

Now, in the case of Canterbury police chief John Laroche, he’s accused of multiple cases of sexual assault (rape) against a teenage girl. To be clear, the girl was of the age of consent, however Laroche was in a position of authority over her, as he was in charge of the Police Explorers program, where teenagers explore whether they would like a career in law enforcement. Apparently, it’s also not uncommon for them to explore their sexuality with the officers.

Laroche was arrested in August, according to this press release from the NH attorney general. He’s now been indicted on multiple counts, according to NH1.

Will Sniperfest Continue in 2015?

It has been one year since the 2014 Keene Pumpkin Festival and subsequent riot which spilled into the streets through the following morning. While snipers perched above the festivities for the second year in a row, no one was aware at the time that the riots would spell the end of PumpkinFest as a downtown Keene tradition. This saturday, the Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swanzey as well as the city of Laconia will be hosting their own independent Pumpkinfests. With few places to position snipers at the fairgrounds, unless special towers are brought in, there will likely not be such a militarized presence there. The situation in Laconia is more likely to host police with rifles, as also the organizer of previous Keene Pumpkinfests, ‘Let It Shine’ is also coordinating this year’s Laconia event. Snipers-New-Hampshire-Poster4172180532

In the time since last year’s chaos, I had since discovered two different articles hosted by the Blaze and Vocativ which feature content from facebook posts I had made that day. While I was unsure whether or not I had in fact captured an image of someone pointing a firearm in my direction, upon seeing the image as presented in the Vocativ piece, it appears to very clearly be a rifle aimed at the are where I was filming from (which was a heavily populated area at the time).

Laconia police are likely stocked up on riot gear as part of their preparation for the motorcycle weekend sponsored there each year. With luck, the relocated festival won’t deteriorate into a glass bottle war, and riot squads will not make an appearance.

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