Several Bitcoin Wallets Installed At Cheshire Fair Thus Far

Local liberty activists are manning a bitcoin outreach booth at this year’s Cheshire Fair, going on through Sunday. Thus far several bitcoin wallets have been installed, already surpassing the three we had installed last year.  Many folks have asked questions and still more are open to accepting an informational flier about the awesome cryptocurrency.

If you’ve been wondering about bitcoin, drop in and see us at the fair!  We’ll get you hooked up with a free bitcoin wallet for your smartphone and if you want, you can try out the original Keene bitcoin vending machine!


Cheshire Fair 2015

Derrick J helps two interested young men install bitcoin wallets on Friday morning.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Confronted About Edward Snowden, Cannabis in Keene, NH

As the presidential campaign for 2016 heats up, more presidential candidates will make the mistake of visiting Keene. Last month it was Bernie Sanders. This month, it’s Chris Christie, the well-fed governor of New Jersey, one of the most corrupt and awful of all the fifty US states.

Christie sauntered into Keene today for a speaking event at local bar “Lab N Lager”. The place was at overflow capacity while liberty activists (and former state rep Steve Lindsey) waited outside for Christie’s arrival for a chance to ambush him with tough questions, as has become the tradition since 2012 here in Keene. Here’s what happened:

“Victimless Crime Spree”, “101 Reasons” Torrents Updated With New Trackers

If you are seeding (or willing to seed) Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree or 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, please download the updated torrent files below and open them with your torrent program to import the new trackers:

Region’s Only Bitcoin Vending Machine Upgraded!

Lamassu BVM

The Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine @ 101 Deals

The region’s only Bitcoin Vending Machine (located at 101 Deals Thrift Store) still looks the same on the outside. It’s got the same, bright, quick, easy-to-use interface. Internally, though. a major upgrade has been made. The machine is no longer relying on for sending customers’ bitcoin and instead is using its own full bitcoin node. Though it nearly always worked previously, it’s now going to be rock-solid-reliable.

As of this writing, the Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine has served more than 30 BTC to various buyers in the last two months. Now, with the price of a full bitcoin rising to nearly $300 USD in recent weeks, there is renewed interest in the reliable, decentralized internet currency. You can learn more about bitcoin at

You can try the Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine for as little as $1. Just get a bitcoin wallet for your smartphone like Airbitz and drop into 101 Deals Thrift Store at 661 Marlboro St. in Keene from Tue-Fri 11a-5p and Saturday 10a-6p.

“Boston Strong” Found in Contempt of Court

In December of 2014, Keene Copblock‘s JP Freeman took Matt “Boston Strong” Schmidt to court after Boston drove by JP’s house on multiple occasions blaring his horn at all hours. After a short hearing, superior court judge John C. Kissinger issued an order with an agreement from both men that they would not have contact with one another and further, Boston agreed to not honk or blare his horn in the neighborhood after 4pm.

Within days, Boston was back an honking his horn again after 4pm and then in April, after blaring his horn he approached JP and threatened to “rap his head in with a ratchet”. JP then filed a motion for contempt and a hearing was held on May 29th. Here’s the video from that hearing, to which Boston Strong did not attend:

Afterwards, Kissinger issued a stronger no contact order (click to see that order and Boston’s court filings in that timeframe), telling Boston to say 100 feet away from JP unless Boston was on his own property. Then, in the final week of June, JP alleges that Boston purposefully showed up along with other members of a local hate group at JP’s custody hearing at Keene’s family court. JP claims Boston was removed from the court as it was a clear violation of the court order. He subsequently filed another motion for contempt, and a hearing was granted for July 10th at 9am. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.