Keene T-Shirt Maker, “The Mountain” to Accept Bitcoin!

Three Wolf Moon

Soon to be available for bitcoin!

Keene’s bitcoin network is growing! Now in addition to Corner News, Moda Suo, Carroll Garden Center, and The Farm Concessions, Keene’s “The Mountain” has announced they’ll be accepting bitcoin! The Mountain is world-renown for their “Three Wolf Moon” shirt, that went viral online. Now The Mountain is teaming up with NH-based bitcoin payment processor ziftrPAY to accept bitcoin (and other altcoins) for their products, starting this Summer.

Interestingly, per capita, (based on data from CoinMap) Keene has more bitcoin-accepting businesses than San Francisco, which has recently been promoted in news articles as the city with the strongest bitcoin presence.

Businesses that accept bitcoin are able to tap into a new market and also virtually eliminate transaction fees.  Credit card companies usually hit a business for about 3% of each transaction, and bitcoin’s fee is just pennies, no matter the size of the transaction. By adding bitcoin as an option for their customers, businesses keep more profit from each bitcoin transaction than if they were to use credit card.  Whether you are a buyer or a merchant, you can learn more about bitcoin here at

Parking Rate/Fine Increase Proposal Tabled By Committee

Parking Meter Fail Good news!  The Keene Sentinel’s Martha Shanahan has a comprehensive article up describing last night’s FOP committee meeting where all five city councilors on the committee voted to table further discussion on the proposed parking fine & rate increases indefinitely, apparently.

I wouldn’t expect to see this back on the table until after the council election this fall.  Thank you to Dorrie O’Meara and the good people who signed her petition as well as the courageous business owners in downtown who spoke out against this.

Of course, no city councilor really seems to know what to do about parking, though the answer is simple:  turn over ownership of all spaces to the property owners adjacent to them.  Then, let the property owners decide on their own the best way to handle the situation.  The big lots could also be sold to the highest bidder.  Then, the city’s parking department could be abolished entirely.

Further, there has been much discussion in town about a panhandling ordinance, that were it to be enacted, would violate free speech and be struck down at great cost to the city’s taxpayers.  However, if you take my parking suggestion to the next logical step, and also cede the sidewalks to the private property owners adjacent to them, that turns them into private property and if a private property owner doesn’t want panhandlers, it’s fully within the owner’s rights to have them removed.

Private property solves parking issues and panhandling issues.  I wonder if any city councilor is brave enough to suggest it?

New & Improved Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in Keene!

Lamassu BVM

The Lamassu’s First Customer, Lauren Canario.

Keene’s 101 Deals Thrift Store is now home to New Hampshire’s first public Lamassu Bitcoin Vending Machine! If you’ve tried the previous machine at 101 Deals and had a frustrating experience, the Lamassu will solve that. Come give it a try! 101 Deals is open seven-days-a-week 10a-6p Mon-Sat and 10a-4p Sundays and is located at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene.

Not only is the Keene BVM New Hampshire’s first public Lamassu, it’s one of only two publicly operating Bitcoin Vending Machines in all of Northern New England!  Once you’ve got your bitcoin, check out CoinMap to see several local businesses that accept the exciting, international, decentralized cryptocurrency.  (Or spend it at thousands of online sites like Dell, Wikipedia, Overstock, and countless others.)

Want to meet with other bitcoiners in the area? Maybe you’re new to bitcoin and have questions? Join us at the Keene Bitcoin Network online on facebook or in real life at McCue’s at 5:30pm, on the first Sunday of each month. Next meeting date is May 3rd – here’s a facebook event for it.

The Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine is provided as a non-profit service to the community by the Shire Free Church.

Activists, State Legislator Smoke Cannabis at NH State House Front Door

Dylan Gingues and Kyle Tasker

Dylan Gingues and NH state rep Kyle Tasker with a big jar of primo cannabis outside the State House.

For the sixth consecutive year, activists smoked cannabis out in front of the New Hampshire state house on April 20th at 4:20pm, in heroic defiance of the state’s draconian drug laws that consider cannabis possession to be a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.

Dozens of New Hampshire’s inhabitants braved constant rain and cold to come out for the epic event, which also featured state representative Kyle Tasker toking up.  Tasker later said in an interview exclusive to Free Keene, “The message sent by law enforcement and heard loud and clear by protesters was police have more important things to do than harass otherwise law abiding citizens over marijuana possession and public use even when it was clear there were amounts present at the protest that could be charged as a felony. The New Hampshire senate needs to consider how productive it is to keep an unenforced, indeed nearly unenforceable law on the books with which the public disagrees.”

No one has ever been arrested at these events despite mass civil disobedience of the cannabis possession laws taking place right outside the state house’s front doors. In fact, obvious police presence was near-zero this year, with a lone state trooper sitting across the street idling in his cruiser for a short time. In previous years, troopers have stood inside the state house windows, watching with crossed arms. This year, nothing!

Rich Paul kicked off the ceremony with his traditional invocation and a short speech. Afterwards the megaphone was open to anyone with something to say, and several attendees spoke out on various subjects. See the raw video here, courtesy Garret Ean. Here’s an edited clip of the beginning of the event:

Even mainstream media is speculating that cannabis decrim may pass in NH this year. 80% of the house voted for decrim already and now it awaits its turn in the NH senate. However, the state’s governor, Maggie Hassan has promised to veto it. This, despite the fact that she admitted to having used it when she was younger. Do you think Maggie would be better off today had she gotten a misdemeanor on her record had she been caught with her pot in her college days?

Unless Maggie finds her conscience, the senate would have to pass cannabis decrim with a veto-proof margin (as did the house – solidly) to protect the legislation from her veto. Now is a good time to contact “your” state senator and talk to them about how they feel about decriminalizing cannabis.

The next event for 2016 is already on facebook.