Freeman or Lawless?

There are allegations that the government people create a corporation in your name at birth. The corporation, like all corporations, is referenced in ALL CAPS. Surely you’ve noticed this scheme on anything “legal” like drivers’ licenses or birth certificates. I don’t know if the allegations are true, but just in case it is, I’ve decided I will start going by a name that won’t cause any confusion with the corporate name of IAN BERNARD.

My decision was between two names, Ian Freeman or Ian Lawless. While Lawless sounds cool, I am not without law. I have my own private law. I will not aggress against others and their property. So, I’m not comfortable calling myself Lawless. Freeman it is.

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  1. The world is becoming so much like dystopic nightmare of City 17 that adopting the name Freeman might not be a bad idea. The "Last Free Man" is a distinction everyone should take on. It would probably lose that impact though, since then everyone would be the Free Man. (note t he reference to Half Life 2 and the character Gordon Freeman). It's a shame you don't like video games Ian, because you missed some gems: Half-Life 2 and Bioshock among the ones tailored to your value set.

  2. Who told you I don't like video games? I played through HL2 and have the deathmatch link sitting here on my desktop.

    Finding time for them is my challenge today.

  3. I have thought of going by Freeman as well. It was the last name of my dads step dad. I didn't really know the guy at all, but love the name.

    What if a cop asks for your name? Do you say "I go by Ian Freeman"? I think I would ask if the word "name" is meant as a legal term. This could ruffle some feathers at least.

    I'm guessing the main place you plan to use this is with your correspondence with the government people so there's no corporate confusion. I wouldn't be shocked if they trumped up a charge of giving a false name and fraud to a government official.

  4. Wouldn't you be better off not having a name at all? Imagine a town with thousands of people with no name. It would make some bureaucrats head's spin…

  5. @Rance Hmmm… I read your comment earlier and thought it impracticable, but didn't Prince change his name to some sign? Maybe there's something to that idea.

    And even if there is a law that says you must give your name on request, is there a law that says you have to have a name? Ian, I understand the law does not apply to you and I feel the same way. Just think of the bewildering look you'd get if when they ask your name you ask if there's a law that says you must HAVE a name. I like your approach of asking questions back instead of answering their questions so I'm trying to think of some "good" ones. Peace.

  6. If what you say is true, would that mean the government creates multiple coporations in your name for the multiple variations on the display of your name? (Pete Hermann Moss & Moss, Pete Hermann)

    "Best Buy" couldn't be displayed as "Buy, Best" and remain the same corporation, for example.

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