Activist to Possess Marijuana in Public!

December 6, 2008
Contact: James Andrew Carroll
Phone: (562) 505-1289

Young Man to Possess Marijuana as a Protest Against Current Drug Laws

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE – A young, 18 year old man will purposefully possess marijuana to incite his own arrest. At 1:00 PM on January 10, at 82 Main Street in Keene, New Hampshire, J. Andrew Carroll will illegally be in possession of marijuana as a protest against the drug laws of the country.

Echoing the thoughts of other liberty-loving people, Carroll says, “The drug war is an unconstitutional and inhumane breach of individual liberties which claims many victims, and dollars, each year.” Carroll claims he wants to “demonstrate the absurdity of putting a human being in jail for a crime with no victim.” He says the point is further demonstrated by the fact that he does not, personally, smoke marijuana, and only intends to possess it.

The war on drugs has garnered much public interest, as more and more people are becoming directly affected by it each day; and Carroll says that protesting the drug war in such a manner will bring even more attention to an already press-worthy issue. He also says the protest will “change some minds, somewhere” about the American government’s War on Drugs.

As a member of the Free State Project (FSP), an organization which is attempting to get liberty-minded people to move to New Hampshire to aid in reducing the size and power of government, Carroll moved to the Granite State from California only a few months ago.

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  1. HEROIC! I look forward to seeing the videos.

  2. Here's the potential retribution he may be facing:

    Possession of any amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine up to $2,000.

    For persons aged 15 – 18 years convicted of possession or use, the offender's driver's license is suspended for 90 days – one year.

  3. …isn't that announcement itself, already, evidence of "Conspiracy to Posess"…?…couldn't he be arrested, say, tommorrow, on that charge???…thanks for the notice, though! Great idea! Good luck!…~e~…

  4. I just googled him (not hard with a WASPy name like "J. Andrew Carroll" 🙂 ). He seems like a determined optimistic young man of principle. But I can't cheer him on. I don't want to see him arrested and punished, even if he does.

    Those of you who think this is a great thing, why don't you join him.

    I hope that the Keene police will simply ignore the event, the way the Manchester police ignored the curfew-violating park cleanup.

  5. Personally, I'm expecting him to carry a single seed or something minuscule like that. So long as he doesn't hand it over when someone asks to see it (an undercover cop for example), they can't get him for distribution.

    And jailing him for a seed or whatever, would (I'd hope) be thrown out of court just based on it being such an insignificant and absurdly small amount.

  6. Zeus, you really think that if he hasn't already stepped down, or been dis-barred by then, that judge eddy burkah would turn down another chance to display such amazing judicial incompetence, arrogance, & petulance???…wanna see the NH State police crime lab report on the marijauna pipe that contained .047 *grams* of *CHARRED VEGETATIVE MATTER*???….They even sent a NHSP Crime Lab *technician* down to jumanjiville/kangaroo court to *TESTIFY* to that even more miniscule amount!…maybe, they really, really, really *ARE* stupider than you can imagine…I think so, anyway…~e~…

  7. Boy, here we go again. I hope you get a arrested and thrown in jail for a really long time you stupid hippie.

    These 'victims' are breaking the law. Do drugs, go to jail. What part can't you understand? If you don't like the law run for office and change it. And you know what? you won't win. Because people don't want drug addicts in their neighborhood!


  8. I look forward to the new version of "don't tase me bro" that is sure to emerge on YouTube. Thank God for pointless stands on principle that will be largely forgotten by January 11th.

  9. I'm glad to see someone who doesn't smoke pot do some civil disobedience again the war on drugs. It's pretty easy to discredit a typical High Times reader when they talk about the drug war. I usually cringe when one of those dudes are being interviewed or something.

    I wish him luck, I hope to be able to make it up there to support him. He's putting his ass on the line for something he believes in, and at the same time not cramming it down everyones throat.

  10. Oh Curt,

    If you were around in 1776 you would have been "Jefferson, Adams, and the rest are determined, but I can't cheer them on, the Red Coats are going to hurt them."

    Was the Declaration of Independence a historical change when it happened? Nobody knew what was going to happen after those men made a seemingly symbolic-only stand for freedom.

    What historical leaps has liberty had through the voting box? I, like you, may be too scared to take big risks for principles, but I will at least thank them for their stand.

  11. Big Dong Johnson Wrote:
    Boy, here we go again. I hope you get a arrested and thrown in jail for a really long time you stupid hippie.

    It's sad that you have so much hatred in you that you want to see someone be harmed and caged like that. That you think he's a hippie, which are harmless and all about peace and love, and STILL want to have violent force used on him shows what depths of depravity you've crawled out of.

    These ‘victims’ are breaking the law. Do drugs, go to jail. What part can’t you understand?

    What part of "They don't own my body" and "what I smoke is no one's business but mine" don't YOU understand? The laws that prohibit marijuana were created by racists who believed women who smoked it would have sex with blacks and mexicans and thus dilute the white race with mixed babies. You support that too? Gonna add racism on top of being a violent sadist?

    If you don’t like the law run for office and change it. And you know what? you won’t win. Because people don’t want drug addicts in their neighborhood!

    You might want to see a doctor about that mobocracy delusion you're suffering from.

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for lunch." – Ben Franklin

  12. "These ‘victims’ are breaking the law. Do drugs, go to jail. What part can’t you understand? If you don’t like the law run for office and change it. And you know what? you won’t win. Because people don’t want drug addicts in their neighborhood!"

    America is a republic and the rights of the individual are not subject to the vote of other people.

    Prohibition is a federal felony – conspiracy to violate the rights of American citizens.

    If you don't like the law you should move to a nation that is a democracy or another form of government that is amiable towards the oppression of it's citizens. Here in America we are all free no matter how many lies the government tells to trick people into voluntarily surrendering their liberty.

  13. So, one guy is going to possess mj. While the rest of you stand around with cameras and hope something happens. Yeah, that's really effective.

    If you really possessed the convictions you mouth, you'd ALL be down there with marijuana. And you'd all peacefully accept arrest and whatever punishment The Man hands out.

    Instead you let one guy do something and take the rap. And you'll get that much less effective a statement.

    Just getting out "news releases" doesn't do the job. Live it or get over it and leave.

  14. Instead you let one guy do something and take the rap. And you’ll get that much less effective a statement.

    Now pay attention class. The above statement contains a telltale sign that marks the writer as a statist. Can you tell what it is?

    If you guessed it has something to do with the word "let", you get a gold star! Let's break down a translation from statist-think to English:

    You = Pro-liberty people

    let = allow, because someone must always have authority over someone else

    one guy = a sovereign individual

    to do something = choice/free will.

    So the correct translation is: "Instead, [you pro-liberty people allow a sovereign individual to have free will and choose to] possess marijuana."

    See, the statist is all about the belief that everyone but him is a moron and thus needs some bureaucrat or person with a fancy uniform to tell them what to do.

    Do you know the fatal flaw in that logic, kids? That's right! Let's break it down:

    1) Everyone is an idiot

    2) Idiots are dangerous

    3) They need watching so no one is harmed

    4) Let's vote for someone to watch them

    5) Return to step 1.

    It's circular statist logic! If everyone is a moron, who does the statist want telling them what to do? More morons! Now THAT'S a system, boys and girls!

    And thus statism is an Epic Fail.

  15. Oh snap Zeus

  16. J. Andrew Carroll, if you're reading this. I'd tell the people who attent your anticipated arrest that you're going to hold a rally instead. Tell them you will work hard to get people to commit to joining you. Don't forget to get a permit if it's required. Then, have attorneys attend who can be your witnesses. This way it'll be hard to plant evidence on you in order to increase the charges. It's common knowledge that many police officers don't just enforce the law, they are vidictive, too. Please, make sure you only carry one joint and that you don't show it to anyone before you start your protest. I wouldn't encourage long haired hippy types to attend. As these people do not represent the majority of cannabis users. These people only reinforce prejudicial sterotypes. You must know that the average cannabis user is actually a successful person who is clean cut. These are the silent majority who must come out of the closet if we're ever going to get cannabis legalized. Inform prospective demonstrators that they should not use cannabis before or during the rally. Try to discourage people who are anti-social from attending, too. I'd recommend that protesters don't carry any cannabis on themselves or in their vehicles. After all, you're suppossed to be the center of attention and you don't want the distraction of the police arresting anyone but you. Inform as many news agencies as you can of the day the event is scheduled for. Once you have a good estimate of how many people will attend, let the press know this, too. Do this and you will be far more successful at drawing attention to the need to end prohibition. Only 11.2% of responders to the Sept 2008 ZOGBY POLL believe the 'War on Drugs' is working. It might help you to know this, too. As of today, 208,291 people have responded to the TIME POLL and 87.3% favor the legalization of marijuana/cannabis. You have to vote in order to see the current numbers. Note how the two percentages added together almost exactly equal 100%. This indicates these two poll are within the margin of error. I'd love to hear the few remaining prohibtionists explain away these results. Like they try to do when people point out the fact that there is little support for prohibition. The numbers are on our side and more people need to know about these polls. I'd love to hear how the few remaining prohibtioninists are going to explain away these figures. Like they do every time anyone points out facts which prove there's little support for prohibtion. The war on drugs is a big part of the reason the each citizen's share of the national debt is $31,243.94. This means newborns, too. Is this what we want for our children? Especially seeing as how prohibtion actually makes it easier for our kids to get cannabis than alcohol or tobacco. Remember, drug dealers don't card for age. Licensed merchants do. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.73 billion per day since September 28, 2007! We must end the nightmare of prohibition, now. This coupled with taxing the sale of cannabis to adults is just one way we can really start paying off the national debt and restoring the value of the dollar. Let's end the war and win the peace. There are many people pulling for you Mr. Carroll. Like yourself, I don't use cannabis. By now, most people realize that prohibition causes far more harm to our society than cannabis use does. This is why we'll soon see an increasing amount on non-users join in efforts to legalize the sale of cannabis to adults. President Elect Obama is well known embracing causes which the majority support. This is why it's so important for people to speak out in favor of legalizing cannabis right now. This link is one way you can contact Mr. Obama right now. May God bless your endeavor as it is a just cause. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  17. YO! *MARK ENTRY*! You just gonna type out a chapter like that, then split??…I won't flame your lame-ass "long-hair-hippie" bullshit, because you really do sound sincere(ly nuts, but that's ok, we all are, in our own ways…), I'd rather give a big ole' *SEMPER FI* shout-out to one of *UNCLE SAM'S MARIJAUNA CLUBS'* finest "shooters"…Yo, dude, what makes *you* think that *we* won't have a little second amendment sister lookin' to give a good blow job to some thinblueliner???…see how serious this shit gits???…look at the traction a friggin' couch got…see how serious this shit gits???…~e~…

  18. moe055???….see how serious this shit gits???…

  19. The rest of the nation is indebted to those who lead the masses toward freedom. Thank you.

  20. Zeus: Your red herrings and ad hominems aside, I happen to agree with the basic premise of the "demonstration" tomorrow.

    I see the one-man-show as a weak symbolic act, though. The freedom lovers have a chance to make a large, impressive demonstration of their beliefs, but instead choose to stand around watching and taking pictures of one person? Are not the rest of you sovereign and willing? Or are you afraid, unwilling to pay the price? How deep are your convictions?

    There seems to be a bad habit of denouncing anyone who disagrees or makes a suggestion, stupid. Great way to win friends and influence people. do you really think you can accomplish anything just with the numbers you have now?

    Take some hints from Dr MLK, Jr.; Explain to those who want to learn, act with unity, dignity, purpose, and commitment.

  21. First, others may decide to protest with Andrew, so don't jump to conclusions.

    Second, why aren't you doing the same? Easy to critique, much harder to do, eh Oliver?

  22. Reverse Lookup of 82 Main St.

    Curt, it looks like it's RailRoad Square. Which as you know is where the Freedom Fest took place, and is surrounded by a few places of business.

    Hope to see you there 🙂

  23. …82 Main St., huh???…I'm sure it won't be at either Armadillos' Burrito's, or Kilkenny's Pub…Must be gonna have it at Banagans' Bike shop….*AND*…it is gonna be *JANUARY 10*???…RE: OLIVER, in Post #77137 above, you said, "…tomorrow…"…is that a typo, or is it gonna be *TOMORROW*, Weds., Dec 10???…the notice above says *JANUARY 10*…please REPLY HERE, I'd sure hate to miss that!…

  24. The one man stand is most definitely a powerful symbol because it is usually the lone individual who is arrested for "drug crimes." TO respond to a comment earlier, who doesn't want drug addicts? Drug addicts are fine as long as they are peaceful and don't bother anybody. There was a time when people didn't want blacks in their neighborhood either. People like our Marine there need to learn that some people in the world are DIFFERENT THAN YOU ARE, and that they have the right to live in whatever manner they wish and to do with their own body as they please. Soon they will be passing laws regulating "unhealthy" food and creating a new class of criminals. You know damn well that Oreos are illegal. What part of eat a cookie and go to jail don't you get? How far are mindless statists and authority junkies willing to push this nonsense? Kudos Andrew. Don't be too long in the pokey if they nab you – we have music to write.

  25. Nick wrote:

    Oh Curt,

    If you were around in 1776 you would have been “Jefferson, Adams, and the rest are determined, but I can’t cheer them on, the Red Coats are going to hurt them.”

    Was the Declaration of Independence a historical change when it happened? Nobody knew what was going to happen after those men made a seemingly symbolic-only stand for freedom.

    What historical leaps has liberty had through the voting box? I, like you, may be too scared to take big risks for principles, but I will at least thank them for their stand.

    I've occasionally wondered what my stance would have been if I lived in NH in the 1770s. On the one hand, I do tend to favor the status quo, and I think the British government had a point in wanting the colonists to share the tax burden of defense against the French and Indians. Also, I like to think that I would have noticed the hypocrisy of Jefferson et al calling for liberty while holding slaves. It was noticed in Britain. And white males in New Hampshire probably had as much liberty as anyone could have imagined possible at the time.

    On the other hand, there was a sectarian aspect to the revolution in NH. Revolutionary sentiment and support was grounded in the Congregational churches. Loyalist support was grounded in what are now called the Episcopal churches. My family was and is Congo, so perhaps I would have just gone along with the people around me.

    The Declaration of Independence was not just symbolic. We had actually been in a state of war with Britain for over a year. You must have been taught in school that the first overt act of the revolution took place at Fort William and Mary in New Castle in December 1774. The DOI was a formal recognition that there was no hope of reconciliation with Britain. And it was a formal vote BTW.

    I don't understand why people here invoke the memories of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Paine, etc., when it seems that most are opposed to "consent of the governed" as a group concept, and a representative government, elected by majority vote, making laws by majority vote. Our 1784 NH state constitution is basically a statement of how they believed government should work.

    The 18th century guys were not against elected legislatures making laws. They were against legislatures making laws without representation by those affected, and by shenanigans like royal governors shutting down elected legislative bodies. That's actually happening in Canada right now, where the prime minister, facing a vote of no confidence, talked the governor general, the representative of the monarch, to forbid Parliament from meeting.

    Nick wrote:

    Hope to see you there 🙂

    You never know!!

  26. is there an update? what happened, if anything?

  27. Check back after 1/10/09 – the date of the event.

  28. Elkheart: You are right, I was tired and misread the date.

    As for the rest, most responses I have seen here (on the site, not just this event) were just sarcasm or abusive, and a definite turn-off to joining such a movement. I guess if you folks can afford to hate others, so be it.

    I'm going to try to keep 01/10 free so I can be there in Keene. But I think you folks need to re-think how you respond to others. Just a suggestion.

  29. Who are you referring to when you say "you folks"? This is a public blog with anonymous commenting. These comments can be from anywhere.

  30. Anyone who says this guy should be jailed needs to realize what they are saying. Every human has the right to do whatever they wish to their own body, as long as it doesn't harm another. You want the government regulating over choice?

    J. Andrew Carroll, you are a true patriot and I salute you!

  31. Oops. For some reason I miss read it to say 11/9. My apologies.

  32. …it's OK, Ian…he was talking about me…i'm still the resident "flame-king", aren't i???…& isn't Dale still the "flame-queen"???…isn't that why there's no anarchy in my head today???…y'know, "days w/out gays"…*that* holiday???…how confused am i, still,…???…Q: Just curious. Am I the *ONLY* poster on here who actually *proof-reads* *ALL* my posts on here?…And yes, Ian, thank-you most sincerely. We show our appreciation by actually *USING* this blogpost!!!…you show yours, by reading it…

  33. Ok, I gotta ask…*WHAT* is with all the crazy ass *punctuation*???…It's burning disturbing my eyesockets!!! 😛

  34. I don't even bother reading that crap.

  35. Just a comment on an earlier post saying that drug possession is a victimless crime.

    No, it is not. I'm not going to say that about marijuana, but addictive drugs do indeed have victims.

    I, for one, have been robbed of several thousands of dollars in goods by someone looking to feed a habit he couldn't pay for.

    In addition, there are families of the dead in Mexico and Columbia who will tell you that there is a hell of a price to pay for drug traffic.

    Is the "War on drugs" responsible for those deaths? Only partly.

  36. I, for one, have been robbed of several thousands of dollars in goods by someone looking to feed a habit he couldn’t pay for.

    I hadn't realized how new to all of this you must be. Allow me to enlighten you as to what most of us have already realized:

    Ever seen anybody steal or kill over a bottle of Aspirin? No? That's because it's dirt cheap, legal and available in convenience shops every other block.

    The reason people steal and kill for illegal drugs is BECAUSE they are illegal. The risk of being incarcerated, maimed or killed by the cops and other competitors is what drives the price up and creates the violence and theft.

    End the War on Drugs (which has only made things worse by increasing the violence, fostering police corruption and increased in cost both financially and in lives year after year) and not only will the violence and theft decrease significantly but the products will be of better quality.

    As it stands, you never know what something has been cut with, what toxic chemicals may be in it but, because of the War on Drugs, it's not like you can ask your pharmacist to give you the all-natural joint vs the one cut with Dioxin or a carefully measured, pharmicist-approved pill of cocaine vs the street gram cut with crushed glass that makes your brain hemorrhage.

    The violence and theft you see in the War on Drugs is the same thing that happened with alcohol prohibition. It will always happen when you try to prohibit what people do with their own bodies. Risk leads to profit. Demand leads to black markets.

  37. DUDE HOW DID YOU GET THAT WILD CROSS OUT BURNING ? ? ? is this better i m lissning to sistem of a down sing niggas that ll die 4 ewe from south park chef aid always innovatin oar aggravating….oops!…e.grin!

  38. "No, it is not. I’m not going to say that about marijuana, but addictive drugs do indeed have victims."

    No, they do not. Drugs have never robbed, killed, or hurt any person by virtue of their own action. Drugs don't rob people – people do.

  39. Andrew just spent a few nights crashing on my couch, so he knows how I feel about all of this.

    Also, Zeus– I still don't like you, but you're earning a little niche in my heart.

  40. Also, Zeus– I still don’t like you, but you’re earning a little niche in my heart.

    And I'm still ambivalent about you, Jesse. I may differ with you on the reasoning and effectiveness of your tactics but I think your heart is in the right place.

  41. Ok. So what happened already?

  42. I guess this is what happens when someone releases a press release over a month in advance – people get confused as to the date.

    This doesn't happen until 1/10/09.

  43. A courageous young-man! With so many laws and so many ways to prosecute, I wouldn't have the courage to criticize any level of your government. With the highest number of its citizens in jails, it seems to me, while you folks were guarding the front-door against communism, the fascists entered through the back. So someone should teach this young-man how to bend over and take his government sanctioned medicine! Why? Because the government knows best!

  44. Herblore,

    I'm just curious, where are you from?

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