It’s not a town hall when you bus people in from out of town.

NH Capitol Access host and Free Keene supporter Denis Goddard confirms his suspicions that people were being bussed in from Massachusetts to the “town hall” event in Portsmouth, NH:

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  1. Nice work, Denis!

  2. What a 'society', where honest men seeking peaceful existence are called 'kooks' and the 'leader of the "free" world' is a lying sack of shit who stops at nothing to make his 'ideas' seem accepted and wanted.


  3. I ask, Could you tell me where in the U.S. Constitution does the prez, senate or the congress get the authority to implement this plan? Why aren't they debating an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to add this? If a plan is passed and NOT authorized by the U.S. Constitution, wouldn't that plan be un-Constitutional?

  4. Were in the U.S. Constitution does the prez., senate or congress get the athority to impelament this plan? The U.S. Constitution does provide for the Ammending said Coinstitution, so why is there no debate for an amendment? If this plan is impelemented with out the athority of the Constitution, then the plan is un-Constitutional from the start, Correct? My last Question is; Do you want your "health care" coming from the same gov. that brought you "Katrina recovery"?

  5. This whole plan is just another unconstitutional boondoggle, like the DEA, the FDA, the DoE, the FCC, etc. et al ad nauseum. So either take it up the ass like all the rest of the crap they do, or call your reps (yay) or stop paying.

    It's hard to stop paying because they send out armed goons and steal your stuff and your freedom when you do that.

    Again, we are left to educate the masses, and fortunately this is working, judging by the angry responses we have seen in some of these town halls. The governments are beginning to implode, crushing themselves under the weight of their own illicit activities.

    Hey all you gubment workers, guess what? The time of being paid half again or more of what the market will bear for your services is coming to an end. The people who are actually participating in the market will not be able to support you much longer.

    Prepare to be the object of the people's righteous indignation

  6. …or simply prepare to keep doing what you've been doing…///Gee, "GABRIEL RAZZANO/GABREIL RAZZANO"…if you can't even spell *YOUR OWN F'ING NAME* the same way twice in a row, maybe that's not really your own real name. Is it? Whatever…To answer your question, first, *WHICH* gov't brought "Katrina recovery"???…Will my healthcare have to be approved by Louisiana State Gov't???…New Orleans Medical Society???…The "health-care plan" itself is irrelevant here, only that opponents to it are now using some of the same tactics that the "left" has used for years…Remember the "Million Mom March"???…lots of Liberals bussed in for that one, too…So, Gabe, yes, much of what Gov't does, is, in fact, against their own rules & laws. Even un-Constitutional…So What???…Welcome to *R*E*A*L*I*T*Y*, dude!… MAD PROPS TO DENIS GODDARD…

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