Liberty Activists Hold Candlelight Vigil in Front of Rivera’s & Burke’s Homes

About two dozen liberty activists’ peaceful candlelight vigil for Kurt Hoffman in front of Eli Rivera’s home (KPD’s prosecutor) resulted in a confrontation by KPD officers on duty, followed by Eli himself. Here’s some grainy blackberry footage:

Activists later brought the vigil to Edward Burke’s home (the robed man) – four cops responded there and were offered free pizza. The officers refused, and went away. Look for more video soon from the Obscured Truth Network.

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  1. They are given legitimacy in the eyes of a misled public, Pete.

    That has always been the problem.

    Maybe thinkliberty needs to read 'The Law' too.

    Or maybe the problem will begin to solve itself as the 'law enforcers' are increasingly perceived as the bullies they actually are.

  2. Whats up doc

    I dont speak for everyone…….just conveying what everybody I am aquainted with seems to feel….and yes I am arrogant

  3. There is an expression, speak truth to power. It seems that few in Keene were aware of the savage abuses of Burke and his gang – the blue light gang – and it is good that someone is bringing it to light. I see nothing wrong with the candlelight vigil, and found it to be quite peaceful and respectful. I look forward to many more, with more singing, too, until Rivera is fired and Burke stops being such a fool as to not realize that everyone deserves respect, and telling someone "please" if they ask, without question, or hesitation. No person deserves any more respect than another. Or less.

  4. Rivera will not be fired

  5. That much is likely true. The system is built by criminals to protect criminals.

  6. I think you'll see that End Game's opinions are shared by many more citizens of Keene than you realize.

  7. R,

    Are you claiming that the will of the majority is supreme?

  8. Hi R,

    I think you should know what a 'citizen' is to the government before you go labeling folks.

    Part of liberty is not having to care what others think as long as you aren't harming them.

    That's why these municipal corporations have no interest in liberty.

    They just want your cash and your obedience, and they get it by turning one group of 'citizens' against another, so that they can fund their courts and their jails and their oversized police bureaucracies, and whatever other market functions they can force monopolies on to benefit their pals and punish their enemies.

    And you 'civic pride' types just eat that shit up.

    I'd laugh if it weren't so dangerous and wrong.

  9. …I'm a Keene native, and multiple victim of KPD excesses.The Keene Policwe have a very poor reputation. As a group, they are known for being arrogant, rude, unprofessional, and yes, like Eli Rivera and Fred Parsells, and Randy Tefft, they delight in the sadism of their warped personalities. Tefft, while on-duty on bicycle patrol, once said to me: "I have special powers…", when I chided him for running a red light on West St. /// Rivera has several times abused his badge by engaging in repeated acts of official oppression against me. Yes, on a personal level, there are many fine KPD officers. Many who are average schmucks like the rest of us. And a very few, like Rivera, who should not be in Law Enforcement at all. They are the *ROTTENEST APPLES*, and their evil, yes, *EVIL*(You're an EVIL little man, Rivera! Either accept that fact, or accept God's Grace, and REPENT, SINNER!, REPENT…)has corrupted the whole force. For far too long, GOOD COPS have covered for, and suffered from, BAD COPS. Rivera is a BAD COP. He should be fired. But let's not fool ourselves. The rot starts at the top. Repeat: *THE ROT STARTS AT THE TOP*!…We should also be seeking the retirement of *"CHIEF" ART WALKER*…"BY their fruits shall ye know them…"…Art Walker has TOO MANY ROTTEN APPLES in his barrel…As for you "keene natives/locals" who are such good little apologists for wrong, your fear is palpable…Your angry invective is proof. If you're not scared, why are you so angry? Your threats are laughable. You can spout off all you want on the safety and security and anonymity of the internet, but none of you have any real courage in real life/"meat space". Show up at the 420 rally to counter-protest? You won't. Show up and identify yourselves? You won't. Show up to "protect" Burke's & Rivera's homes? You won't. You're empty rhetoric, End Game, Wyatt, R/RUK, &etc…Bluster all you want. I shall not be moved…And I bet Mr. Rousmaniere at the Keene Sentinel is sure regretting his decision to publish excerpts from my copyrighted spoken word performance…"…there's a $10,000 bounty/contract on Eli Rivera's head…Put out by the Hell's Angels…You waste Rivera, the Hells' Angels pays you $10,000!…"…HEY! I read that in the Keene Sentinel, Nov. 22, 2005! It MUST BE TRUE! The Sentinel only prints the TRUTH, right!?…What did *THAT* story do to Rivera & his family???…this shit will *NEVER END*…Resign or fired, Walker & Rivera. You better get while the getting's good…Go find William Albrecht…he's prolly schmoozing with *DOMBROWSKI*!…look *THAT* up in your local Law Enforcement Hall of Shame archives…also, "Carl Baird"/"Roger Santaw"…this shit will *NEVER END*…

  10. I'd also like to take a moment to respond to Kellie's post #83802.

    She said in response to a question I had previously posed which was something like 'do you have a better idea?' because she objected to the candlelight vigils in front of the tyrants' homes:

    'Well, I’d say that any candlelight vigil that doesn’t involve intimidating his wife would be a better idea. It might not end up in Rivera changing his world view, but at least it wouldn’t be reason for him to hate us even more and to further strengthen his (and likely his family’s) belief that Keene, NH would be better off if the Free Keene folk would just go away.

    You shouldn’t consider my criticism an attack on you or your views. Any healthy liberty movement must welcome constructive criticism.'

    I say to this, why was his wife intimidated at all? (In asking I assume that she was, or that she made the call to the police. Please correct me if I am in error) Why didn't she think that they were there to cheer for her man, who is such a pillar of the community? MY answer is, she probably knows better.

    The stuff you said about the police and their families wanting "the FK folk" to go away, well, whatever. That's kinda what happens when one gets too close to a bee hive.

    Kellie, you have the right to your criticisms and I have the right to reject them. While I won't go so far as to say I have done so, I hope I have given you something to think about.

    Peace and long life

  11. KingofKeene,

    You should end your posts with 'Love and Kisses' or 'Scented Bubble Wishes' or somesuch. I fear that people will think you a Negative Nellie.

    You have a reputation to defend after all

  12. "Love and kisses"???…"scented bubble wishes"???…Are you trying to seduce me, again, LPVIPER???…you almost suceeded w/that one post a while back…I'd prefer to end my posts with a more potent, & pungent thought: "I support the imminent military coup"…I'm a member of the Public Relations / Misinformation / Disinformation Unit, so I can get away with telling you all that…///…As for all the folks who post on here to express their opposition to the "freestaters" / 420 crowd, etc, Did you ever notice how they *ALWAYS* say something like, "You're hurting your cause!"…If they are so *AGAINST* us Liberty / Freedom Activists, why are they so concerned that "we're hurting our cause"???…Seems they'd just shut up, & let us hurt our cause……End Game / KeepKeeneShackled, & etc. are all fear-based persons, and, *THEY SECRETLY SUPPORT US*….Most Keene cops support us, too, even if they are afraid to openly admit that fact…&For the record, my current status is "IDP"…I'm an *Internally Displaced Person"…I'd call in a helo extraction rescue, but I know how much the black helicopters scare you people…Most of us local Keene folks really do enjoy all the free entertainment! C'est la vie!….(I know you all will, but, let me just say: Keep it peaceful!…)LOVE & KISSES & SCENTED BUBBLE WISHES & HOW LONG YOU GONNA KEEP ME WAITIN', WOMAN?!?!?!….*grin*…

  13. Um, I'm not a woman, but, other than that one of your less confusing posts


  14. Ok.. you want a first hand account of what happened? Here I am. I am the wife of the man Eli Rivera nearly crippled on Fri. Oct. 2nd. I was there and I was also in the room when the attack occurred. In fact, in the audio you can hear me scream in horror when I saw Eli knock him head first into the wall and then over some chairs. He landed on his head because he was handcuffed and unable to defend himself in any way from being shoved. Was it an act or was he faking? NO! Was he able to defend himself? NO! And Yes.. he very easily could have had a broken neck from the impact but after almost 3 hrs of examination and testing the hospital concluded he did not. I was told he had a concussion and contusions on the head. That, coupled with spinal and neck injury from being forced into the ground, he is now sitting in a wheel chair while locked up in jail. Oh.. and did he have some sort of an "agenda?" Sure, I guess you could say that if you want to call wanting to give someone a HUG, an agenda. What a great system we have. They’re only there to protect us, huh?

    BTW…. SILENCE IS CONSENT. Are we not our brother's keeper?

    I will never consent to a tyrannical system or group of men or any one man, who sees evil as good and good as evil. You cannot call violence, peace and call peace, violence. God is not the author of confusion.

    Who will STAND UP for the TRUTH?? Who will give PEACE a chance? I'm not talking about violence and war in the "guise" of peace and safety. I'm talking about TRUE PEACE.

    OPEN YOUR EYES.. we have been duped to believe a LIE. God help us all!

  15. Thank you, research101, for the clarification. I wanted to hear what went down from an eyewitness

  16. You have no lives… if you go to someones house and stand out their with candles…like its actually going to do something…wow…

  17. Thank you Research101 and I am SO sorry this happened.

    I hope and pray for his speedy recovery and safe release from jail.

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