Genesis of the Shire Society

The did a great job covering the formal creation of the Shire Society at Porcfest last weekend.

Tarrin Lupo from LCL Report has the video:

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  1. I think there needs to be a a website specifically for this that can collect digital signatures from people all around the world.

  2. There will be.

  3. Weren't we just talking about how just because you put some words on a piece of paper, it doesn't mean anything?

  4. Gabe,

    The idea is that words on paper hold no binding weight when they're about people other than the writer. If a person's own words meant nothing, then contracts would be impossible. Furthermore, it could be argued that if a person's own words could not carry any meaningful weight then communication itself would be impossible, which would make it a performative contradiction (read: impossible) to attempt to make a meaningful argument that a person's own words could not carry any meaning.

  5. Do the following phrases refer to "people other than the writer" or not:

    "our conduct towards one another, and towards others"

    "each individual"

    "no individual or group of individuals"

    "no group"

    Is it true or false that these phrases, implicitly and/or explicitly, refer to persons other than those who have specifically indicated agreement with the words on that paper?

  6. Gabe, all of those still refer to how those who sign it will interact with others, not the other way around. It only binds those who sign it.

    Regardless of what it says and what the signers believe, those "others" and "groups" outside the Shire Society, particularly the statists, will continue to believe that they have a right to aggress against others, that the needs of the many make the desires of the few or the one irrelevant, that stealing your wealth is fine and dandy if its for what they consider a good reason, etc.

    So yeah, it only has meaning for its signers whereas similar statist documents are meant to have meaning externally, primarily on everyone but their signers. It is "This is how we will act." instead of "This is how you will act… or else."

  7. I have no problem stating unequivocally that murder, theft, and other forms of agression are wrong for everyone, everywhere, not just me. There is such a thing as right and wrong, and a thing as fundamental human rights.

    This document is not an attempt to contractually bind people who are not signers, nor is there an arrogant claim that the signers speak for everyone everywhere (we the people). It's simply a statement of princples held by the signers — what they believe are appropriate behaviors for interacting humans, both in general, and for themselves specifically.

    That's my perspective anyhow 🙂

  8. LOVE the declaratory statement, HATE the forms and everything else about the "Shire Society." Too proprietary with that subtle dishonesty that pervades all legal formalism. You guys need to use brutally honest witty humor not imitation of 'them.' Think more H.L. Mencken, and less imitation of today's long-winded laws.

    The best voluntary relationships are those that are in a constant flux based on loose agreements, not long forms to sign asking tons of nosy questions.

    Man, what I'd give to have a copy of that anarchist deceleration.

  9. Come on up and show us how it should be done. The forms at are meant to poke fun at and satirize the state, in case you hadn't noticed.

  10. Is the Shire Society kinda like the "He-man Women Haters" club from the Little Rascals, Our Gang episode? If so, does Ian play the role of Alfalfa?

  11. @ bigScrotum:

    Man, ain't you jealous.

    Okay, you can be Darla, trying to sneak in to the club. Don't forget to give the hi sign or you don't get let in. Do you ever tire of spouting hate filled tall tales against those you refuse to understand? That you slandered freedom loving people as "women haters" was not an accident nor coincidence on your part, it was glaringly evident.

    That you love (perhaps also benefit from?) a system based on violence and force is more than obvious to everyone here. I still wish you peace anyway as you would be incredibly surprised at just how easily you can rid yourself of such ugly unfounded hatred for your fellow human beings.

  12. Chaz: "..That you slandered freedom loving people as 'women haters' was not an accident.."

    I know that analogies can sometimes be carried too far. That is why I framed my "He-man.." analogy with a colloquial "kinda". Sadly it was lost on you. I think you should read more carefully. The incoherence of your statements suggest a need to work on critical thinking. I haven't slandered anyone. I've made light of the silliness of it all.

  13. I suppose it is all "incoherent" to you as you can't see past anyone objecting to the force and violence that is part and parcel of the state.

    I suppose that if you personally, can't or won't recognize how the pain feels on you directly, then for you it doesn't exist. In your paradigm you believe that it shouldn't be felt by others, even though it does.

    If you closed your eyes and plugged your ears at the time it happened, that would never mean that the apple didn't fall from the tree nor hit the ground. Whether or not an act which government constantly perpetrates, is presumed to be cruel to others is not a popularity contest. This is not American Idol, it is real life where people suffer every day at the hands of those otherwise sworn to protect them. If even 51% of a group of people vote that an evil act against a person is not savage and uncalled for, it is still brutality.

    You read from this site and have been doing so for quite some time. You know how barbaric some of those those in power have been to peaceful people. It is most certainly not something that a regular reader of would never notice at all. You see how these thugs escape sanction for their heinous deeds because of their status as a protected class of workers within a corrupt system of rule.

    I'm very troubled that you are not bothered in the least by what awful acts that are taken against peaceful people in an effort to humiliatingly control them and take the food out of their family's mouths.

  14. I didn't get all that hate from the 'Little Rascals' remark,I took it to mean is this sort of like the kind of 'clubs' that kids make up.I didn't see any real slander accusing the Shire of being anti-female at all.Just a sort of sarcastic poke.I may be wrong!

    I also think bigscrotum reads the posts and gets what it is all about.I can tell by his questions and the positions he states.If everyone agreed with all of the various statements here,there would be no actual discourse.There would also be chaos.There are many opinions of how each one thinks things should be in an ideal world.Discussion is what makes it clearer.Even the posts by staunch statists can be useful,and is their opinion any less valid than anothers?

    I myself often find myself disagreeing with positions here,but they are as valid as mine.I also enjoy the role of 'devils advocate' at times,it needs to be done.

    Maybe by reading,he will see the other side of things. —bil

  15. Chaz,

    I take you seriously, but I don't understand how you divine all that you do, from my posts in this thread, or even among my past ones. I'm at a loss to understand the basis you have, with regard to the empathy, I may feel for fellow humans. So stop, think – and agree that in the context of this weblog, you are projecting an awful lot onto me. We could discuss it, but there is no point.

    So let me divine what you are really asking: Why, bigScrotum are you trolling here?

    I have been fascinated by the activities of the NH liberty movement for some time. On social issues, war, and I'm sure many other issues, I think you folks have come to correct conclusions. Recognition of this societies hypocrisy and fundamentally violent nature, and then working to do something about it, is worthwhile.

    So to answer my divined question; the reason I am here is an attempt to offer thoughtful adult comment that is provocative, but without intent to be truly rude. I like to comment on activities and actions, as opposed to, say practical hypotheticals, such as providing roads, that unfortunately IMO, 'the movement' has utterly no workable solution for.

    On a positive note with respect to actions, I'll say it again: The example of Evan Pierce, as exhibited in his trial, is of the nature to be admired and emulated. It is the moral resolve that Evan displayed, and nothing else, that history has proved is capable of demoralizing the human beings that constitute 'the system'. A couple of thousand like this and you might win, – in your lifetime.

  16. How do you sign this thing?

  17. We're going to launch a website with an electronic version.. stay tuned.

  18. Why "Shire"?

  19. Russell and Kat Kanning came up with it a long time ago. They called New Hampshire "The Shire".

  20. So do you pronounce it like it rhymes with "fire" or with "sir"?

  21. Like "fire". It's the same name as the place Frodo is from in Lord of the Rings.

  22. Never saw Lord of the Rings.

    They're just a parable for fascist/statist worship of supreme overlords who want to use unexplainable powers to control us.

    (Just kidding…some Free Keene humor…)

  23. Lol 🙂

    Actually, it's funny you say that.

    My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs) – or to ..unconstitutional' Monarchy … If we could get back to personal names, it would do a lot of good. Government is an abstract noun meaning the art and the process of governing and it should be an offense to write it with a capital G or so as to refer to people. If people were in the habit of referring to 'King George's council, Winston and his gang', it would do a long way to clearing thought, and reducing the frightful landslide into "Theyocracy". Anyway, the proper study of Man is anything but Man, and the most improper job of any man … is bossing other men.

    -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (1995), p. 63.

  24. Paul-you beat me to it-I was just looking up that quote!LOL Tolkien was greatly influenced by current affairs,and parrellels between his work and the goings-on in Europe are easy to see,from the small changes people accept,to the 'crusade' against the 'dark forces'.It wasn't just a story about strange creatures and made-up worlds. —bil

  25. This Shire compact is more lame than I thought. See:

    The "Women Haters" and the "Women" are at each others throats. Good thing the consequences are meaningless, otherwise physical violence might break out.

    This situation cries out for Trial by Ordeal for arbitration of the plagiarism controversy. I don't think the voluntarist have rejected this yet, and Ian might find the arbitrary nature to his liking. After all, Trial by Ordeal has the advantage of simplicity.

    This episode is a most pitiful showing.

    P.S. Why use nonstandard paper size for the document. Family Dollar does not sell oddball frame sizes.

  26. Proper size frames are availlable at the Shire Framery,in Keene,for only 17 dollars.They are very nicely made using recycled materials,including the glass.For another 3 bucks,you can get it matted on acid-free paper. —bil

  27. Thanks for the tip Bil, but I hear that the BP gas station in Athol will be selling velvet Elvis paintings for $12, and the frames are reversible. This way when guests come over you can flip the Shire Society side to the wall and display a nice Elvis. This will reduce embarrassment. Hope this helps.

    Just remembered that not everyone likes Elvis. I understand that they also have a large selection of tigers. The whiskers are so realistic, you can almost touch them!

  28. I know that place-the guy has some real neat stuff! Although I am not a big fan of the velvet Elvis,I did get the series of the dogs playing cards.I just checked,and the frames are just the right size!Thanks for the tip! —bil

  29. Careful bill, if you mix the Shire clubberie with the velvet dog paintings, you may be labelled a LaRouchey. My advice would be to call Ian's show and get approval first. Of course this could be a new trend. Good luck! I hope you get permission and full credit for the contribution. You are an activist!

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