How to Handle Police Interactions

Here’s a great example of how to handle police from activists in Atlanta, GA. Notice they had at least 3 activists and multiple cameras. The cops make it clear the activists are free to leave, but seemed rather confused about what to do. . . How you doin?

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  1. It appears that the very strange gendarme "MacNightly" (sp?) was attempting to escalate things or at the very least trick them into saying "how they were". With this he could attempt to later say that they somehow gave their consent to talk to him.

    I suppose that he wasn't briefed enough in cop school that such consent can always be withdrawn at any time. I do however like it that the activists held their ground and didn't fall for his goofy tactics. It is also good that when the activists film Officer (way too) Friendly while the cops film the people, things seem to stay calm enough.

    Good stuff for activists wanting to learn how to handle police harassment. Thanks, Sam for a very good video.

    Any youtube folks out there with a grand sense of humor and some fine editing skills could perhaps make Mr. How You Doing, into the next big internet meme.

  2. Haha, I'm visiting my sis in ATL soon, if I see this guy I'm gonna be like "howyoudoinhowyoudoinhowyoudoinhowyoudoin"

  3. I am curious to know what the peaceful folks were doing that caused Office McKnight, et. al. to harass them. It was great that they refused to engage the officers beyond asking, "Am I being detained?" The cop's trying to shake hands with them was really weird. Was he trying to set them up for assault charges? Unfortunately, with cops, we have to always suspect that whatever they say and do is disingenuous as they are paid to lie and arrest as many people as possible. They are "just doing their job"!

  4. I agree they did a good job not answering his questions. However, the officer was successful enough to get the camera lens on him and away from what these folks were trying to observe. Since they at least had two cameras one camera could have been used to keep the officer busy while the other one was trying to record/document what was happening across the street.

  5. Wow, that's what makes you feel intimidated and harassed? Perhaps a better way to 'handle' police would be to actually talk to them. He was trying to trick them into saying 'how they were' ? Oh my God, no. Not that. I'm sure if you had said "Fine, I'm just here filming." he would have had reason enough to arrest you, or at least break out the pepper spray. He looked pretty unfriendly and threatening to me too. Especially with that fake grin and offering to shake hands and all. Must have been a set up.

    I know this was in Atlanta, but I talk to cops in Keene all the time. I never have a problem with them. Maybe you guys are jumping a little too quick to conclusions that they are disingenuous and lying. If this is what constitutes 'police harassment' in your minds, you need to grow up.

    Find something the Police actually do that is wrong, and show that.

  6. Hey, make sure you block comments by anybody who criticizes what you say. You wouldn't want other opinions out there.

  7. Tripp, I'm pretty sure it was the fact that they were recording.

  8. How You Doin???!!!

    Hilarious, thanks for posting. πŸ™‚

  9. Anyone notice the other cop toward the end of the vid taking pictures of the videographers? I'm starting to wonder if they're using some type of facial recognition application on smartphones to deal with people who refuse to identify themselves, but I haven't read any stories to that effect.

  10. This is what you call "police harassment" and the cop "was attempting to escalate things or at the very least trick them into saying “how they were”. Oh my God,no! Maybe you should have said "I'm fine. I'm just taping." Or would that given the officer probable cause? I'm sure he would have arrested him, or at least pepper sprayed him. Did you see that fake smile and the way he was tricking him to shake hands? The bastard.

    You people need to grow up. Perhaps you can "handle" police by being an adult. Somehow I doubt it. Thanks Sam, for showing us again how juvenile you are.

  11. Videotaping public officials on the job is not harassment, it's accountability.

    And if you think there aren't cops who will use any excuse to "get" someone for taping them, you're fooling yourself.

    Here's a recent (mild) example:

    Simply answering the cop's questions, and indicating that the video might be used in court, gave them the "justification" (in their minds anyway) they needed to demand ID.

    Police are not having idle friendly conversations in these circumstances. You should know better than that. They are looking for a legal basis for further action.

    Many, many people have gotten arrested based on "casual" conversations that started with, "mind if I talk to you for a second?"

    Why don't you stop bootlicking government employees. That would be a good start.

  12. So don't give thm any "legal basis for further action." And asking is not the same as demanding. I don't bootlick anyone.

  13. Why don't you stop being such a sorry ass excuse for an 'adult'.

  14. You can never trust a cop! Even if you're in a situation where you think they're just going to help you, you could end up arrested. Think it would never happen to you? Neither did I. One night, I ran out of gas on my way home. I pulled into the first place I could, which happened to be a police station. Did the cop help me? You bet your ass he didn't. He arrested me! These fat fucks are supposed to be protecting and serving us, yet when I was stranded, did he offer assistance? No! He started asking if I was drunk (which I wasn't), which means he was on a fishing trip; looking for anything he could lock me up for.

    And he found it. Due to a clerical error, my license had been suspended without my knowledge the DAY BEFORE! If I had known that, I would have corrected it immediately, since my job depends on my ability to drive. Of course, this doesn't matter to a sociopath like him. He just gets his jollies from putting on a silly costume and locking people up. (Kind of like BDSM, only without the consent)

    So if you think you've got nothing to hide, and that no cop would ever arrest you if you were doing nothing wrong, you're incorrect. Not only could you simply not be aware of a suspended license, but you could also be breaking one of the thousands of laws without even realizing it. Think about it: there are more laws on the books now than you could read in you lifetime, including local, state, and federal; not counting those that would be sign into legislation in the duration. How would you know if you were breaking one of the more obscure ones? It doesn't matter to the cops. Those laws are in place to catch more "criminals" by making normal and peaceful behavior illegal, like a spider ensnares unsuspecting insects to their doom, so too does the state ensnare hapless victims into their web of aggression.

  15. It frequently escalates from "asking" to something far more. If you don't realize the frequency with which "contacts" lead to arrests, especially when the "subject" is doing something that pisses the cop off, you're just ignorant.

  16. You tell 'em david. I can't imagine what these children would do without your wisdom and insight. Your qualifications alone stand as witness to the profundity and meaning behind every word you type here on this forum. Your words will resound through the ages. A book will be written that will be passed down for centuries and all the world will follow your word as the pure fact that it is. Thank david for david. All praise the Free Lunch.

  17. You people are showing far too much of who you actually are. You are not freedom loving activists. You are cop hating activists. Grow up.

  18. I don't hate cops, but I do hate tyranny and abuse, and this is most often perpetrated by police. It's right that they be held accountable by being recorded. You could watch police brutality and abuse videos from now until Christmas, and those are just the ones that have been caught on camera. If there's no camera, there's certainly no hope for justice.

    I also oppose police who seek to intimidate people who do this recording. Government should be open and accountable. Good cops welcome being observed by the public.

  19. Absolutely, david. The "you people" statement needs to be iterated repeatedly and firmly…nice follow up with the "Grow up". There is just so much authority and finality in that statement. It will resound for ages and many will learn from you and from your disciples. You may not know it david, but you have a following of very obedient and meek admirers. Thank you david. Please…give us more

  20. David asserts: "You are not freedom loving activists. You are cop hating activists." Can't I be both? (Oh, and David, freedom-loving and cop-hating are compound words forming a single adjective each. A literate adult would know that they should be hyphenated.)

  21. Stanford, don't you think you are pointing out the silliest of mistakes to make yourself feel better. Do you cruise forum posts and correct with a red marker any post that doesn't express your worldview, Or should I say world view? Can't it be both? Or do you correct lisps and speech challenged folk too? The mistake is not that egregious. You only point yourself out to be juvenile. Obvious blunders are one thing but mistakes regarding hyphenation is ridiculous.

  22. Regarding the subject: I think cops are asked to do a difficult job and a job that is impossible to make everyone happy. Its a day to day assault on their judgment and better nature to give folks the benefit of the doubt. They are not necessarily the cream of the crop as one might expect to be qualified with such an awesome task. The cops, like activists, go too far with their perceived responsibilities.

  23. @johnball: Normally I don't point out grammatical errors, but david was pointing out what it means to be an adult, and I thought adults learned grammar in, well, grammar school. So my point was on-topic. Yours was just a sniveling little retort. So nyah-nyah!

    But you seem to have missed my actual question: "Can't a person be both a freedom-loving activist and a cop-hating activist at the same time?" Do I have to choose one or the other?

  24. I think the obvious answer is yes,

  25. "Normally I don’t point out grammatical errors, but david was pointing out what it means to be an adult, and I thought adults learned grammar in, well, grammar school."

    Is that a run on sentance?

    Obviously one can be both, they are not mutually exclusive. But I feel what they are pointing out the officer doing proves they are the later.

  26. @david: No. It's a run-on sentence.

    And I would suggest that believing in the former requires support of the latter (not "later").

  27. "Shake my hand…. so I can hit you with an assault charge."

  28. that guy (the cop) seems really nice but

    I don't trust cops

    If cops could be trusted then maybe a person could talk to him

    but like they say cops sometimes just want to trip you up to arrest you

  29. The "activists' refuse to be co-operative, instigate, taunt, and were unable to answer a simple question.

    Limited vocabulary on the free staters, I gather.

    Don't get me wrong, Sam Miller, GREAT EDITING done there.

    Always, edit what lies you can hide. Job well done.

    S, Sam, "how are you doing"?

  30. Dennis,

    You are kidding about the "taunting" right? Please take time to view the video again and you'll find that the activists were just wanting to be left alone to film (as the police were also doing), they most certainly did not taunt anyone.

    Was there someone taunting people? Yes there was. It was the cop.

    Does your worship of power for power's sake allow you to see past that? Why of course not, Dennis. You made no mention at all of the other officer that was recording the activists. In your little box where all the truth of the world is supposed to live, he is the policeman & gets to do what he wants. Special cop rights that others presumably don't have. You don't support the police because they are right, or good, or kind. You instead support them because they are powerful.

    You love the thought of being lorded over by men with government issued costume jewelry pinned to their shirts. Perhaps it fills some strange or masochistic "need" within you. Reasonable and intelligent people don't labor under such weird types of need. Please do not attempt to project your very odd needs upon others on this site as it only shows you to be an absurd caricature of an needy, desperate, and quite strange crank of a man.

    If you cannot handle such comments about your worship of those in power, you may not, in good conscience, blame those that don't hold to your most narrow and aberrant views. You got nothing here Dennis, and never had. You may feel to add to that the fact that you've been figured out.

  31. "run-on" and "sentence" πŸ˜›

    Hey look, maybe Tom was right. david's followers actually do exist! How you doin' Dennis? πŸ˜‰

  32. What does it mean to be "co-operative" to Dennis? Im not being a smart ass. I am really wondering. I don't think it helps to point out things like "limited vocabulary" when your post is very much garbled.

  33. "Is that a run on sentance?" See, this is what I'm talking about people! david, in his infinite wisdom, has created the ultimate mantra. By using "run on" instead of "run-on" and by spelling "sentence" incorrectly, david is allowing the force of the Universe to flow through him and show all of you how unimportant your lives really are. The only thing that matters is obedience to arbitrary power! Ommmm. All praise the Free Lunch!

  34. The “activists’ refuse to be co-operative, instigate, taunt, and were unable to answer a simple question.

    They were quietly recording, and minding their own business. If they don't want to talk to police, that's their choice. And, given the frequency with which contacts lead to arrests, probably a wise one.

    Limited vocabulary on the free staters, I gather.

    This was in Georgia.

  35. The “activists’ refuse to be co-operative, instigate, taunt, and were unable to answer a simple question.

    They were quietly recording, and minding their own business. If they don't want to talk to police, that's their choice. And, given the frequency with which contacts lead to arrests, probably a wise one.

    Limited vocabulary on the free staters, I gather.

    This was in Atlanta.

  36. Try not to let the truth get in the way of a good "Dennis Rant" yet…

    The guy doing the "taunting" was Officer McKnight (sp?). Face it Dennis, you don't back the cops because they are supposedly presumed to be noble, honest, and good. Nope. You are on their side without question each and every time, simply because you admire control over others.

    You worship power, for power's sake and yes, everyone can see through it. Have a nice day, Dennis.

  37. Sorry for the duplicate — could someone delete it? My post wasn't showing up.

  38. Tom, always good to see whose paying attention.

  39. Tom and Lou, always good to see whose paying attention.

  40. "who is"

  41. No shit, stanford. Your quick.

  42. Go easy on David and his friend Tom who are posting from the same subnet (, which is not local. If I had to guess I'd say they were cops or friends of the cops in the video.

    As for Dennis, he's an angry kid looking to spread vitriol and hate, because he has no solutions. Hopefully one day he can grow into that.

    He doesn't even realize these people are not "free staters". He doesn't realize it was shot and edited by the activists in Atlanta. All he can do is try and make fun of my name. Wow Dennis, you take such a powerful stand for change. Lucky for Dennis, ignorance is curable.

  43. Now you're just playing with me, david.

  44. Play with yourself, stanford.

  45. Wow that was quite the stellar exchange there at the end. Seems to me david is just a bored lonely person, who has nothing better to do but stir up crap. based upon this thread, and others.

    I will give him one thing he is quick with the Wiki answers if confronted with questions that fall outside his limited grasp of life experience.

  46. This seems pretty straight forward to me. The cop was a pussy. He needs to toughen up and learn that he can pull his gun out and force people to obey his will. Isn't that what it's for?

  47. Hahahah! Very nice.

    It seemed to work in Long Beach CA, when they raided the organic/natural food store, with guns drawn over some Non Pastuerized Milk.

    Why not a gun in the face? 'How you doing'


  48. Hey Sam… I think you know who Tom is πŸ˜‰

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