Molly Kelly on WKBK (with Commentary from Sam)

Here’s a short audio clip from NH Senator Molly Kelly on Dan Mitchell, where Molly Kelly continues claiming she’s here to listen to everyone.

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  1. Molly Kelly is shifty

    I wish she wasn't Irish

    because i like good people representing the Irish

    (Which i am)

  2. Sam Dodson, news reporder.

  3. Molly Kelly is a sweetheart – a real good person. She's very nice. Yes, she will listen to you speak. But, it won't make any difference, and she really won't do anything to help you, unless it's easy for her to do, or if she can get some political points out of the deal. Despite my "petition for redress of grievances", which she heard, she has done nothing to help me. In other words, she talks the talk like a professional orator, but she walks the walk like a BTK (…"below the knee"…)amputee…She has an amazing ability to use a whole lot of words to say really very little. I *WOULD* vote for her, but Tom Eaton is running. I think Tom will be more effective. But I still like Molly, and her family is great, too. Her husband Art helped me greatly, just by being a friend to me, years ago when I needed that. Thanks, Art! So, go ahead and rag on her all you want. But watch yourself. I will defend Molly. Please don't force me to. Sometimes, even the best people make only mediocre politicians. But even mediocre politicians deserve my protection. Good luck, Molly, but my vote's gotta go to Tom Eaton, this time.~tKoK.

  4. Dan Mitchell, hoity-toit mouthpiece…

  5. david, LOWEST CASE…

  6. David, lower-case spud-pumper…

  7. ~tKoK.

  8. "Sam Dodson, news reporder."


  9. Seems like a fair and honest take to me. I won't help the rest of you who are going to tar and feather her and the rest of the evil lethargic, self centered, non-caring people, but I won't try and stop you one bit

  10. We need good “reporters” to report stuff.
    the more the merrier.
    Report on sam
    We need to put their cameras back on THEM .
    That way stuff dont get “left out by accident” 😉
    Ferret out that bullcrap …………… .Then them cops don’t have to be like Serpico and get ostracized and shot for doing good.
    We/Sam can do it for them
    Then they//them cops , can thank US/SAM …..because we are saving them from being evil/immoral because we KNOW and THEY KNOW they didn’t join the police force to be immoral bad guys so we/Sam are helping them in that regard and the good ones will be happy.
    “report on”= “right on” Sam .and thanks

  11. That was a hilarious phone call, Sam. Non-violent as you are, you will accept my critique in the most non violent wording as possible.

    Stop with the childish name calling first, or would you like to smack me in the head?

    Sam, moderate editing skills. You need to work that out. Too many obvious clicks/ cut offs

    You folk do alot of that, and with videos.

    Your claims Senator Kelly didn't answer your questions is true!

    She has better things to do.

    Kids, go do your homework.

    Again, Sam , Work on editing, you're really crappy at it.

  12. 'Homework, kids'….

    What a fucking blowhard. The best idea you ever had prolly squirted out from between your legs. It's a shame we won't get to view the results, since they were left in a sock…

  13. For the record, that's not me, posting as, & pretending to be, "Lpviper"…*DUDE!*…*THAT* does *NOT* sound like you! Have you been partying with Charlie Sheen again???…~tKoK.

  14. Sorry about that. I actually thought about emailing Ian and asking him to pull that down, but what the hell, it represented what I actually felt, so…

  15. See what I mean???…even Lpviper has a bad day…Don't let it rattle you! Shake it off! Stay in the game! WE NEED YOUR INPUT!, Lpviper! Keep those posts coming!…~tKoK….(in my language, that means, "You're forgiven"…….*…

  16. can't expect much of Senators and Representatives, not with guys like Dennis that are bright enough to fill in little ovals next to names.

    Pretty much the reason why they attach the pens to the writing surface at polling places with string. Guys like Dennis might poke themselves in the eye or attempt to devour the pens.

    I shouldn't slander the elderly like that. He might not be so old, just more senile than your average altzheimer patient.

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