My Continued TSA Saga

MegIn light of my recent TSA encounter, I have received national media attention, including FOX News, Drudge Report, InTouch magazine, and more.  Even the TSA published a pair of their own videos, since they had the freedom to do something I was prevented from doing myself – recording.  The videos, which lack even the most standard feature(s) of surveillance videos like a time stamp, the ability to show multiple angles of the same area, or even a clear view of one area in general; are supposed to disprove my claims.  While everyone is free to determine what they believe to be true, to me this another case of government not giving you the full story.  The TSA has continuously been caught in lies to cover the embarrassment of the truth, and this seems to be yet another instance of that, in attempts to misguide attention from the real issue.  The biggest question for me is: why is there a large portion of the secondary screening area not shown in either camera angle?  An area where much of my incident took place, and where countless others have been taken to be put through a procedure I can only describe as molestation.  This should be a concern for everyone.

Directly after this event occurred, I called into Free Talk Live to share what had just happened to me.  Like anyone who has just experienced a traumatic event, I was shaken and attempting to recall these events as clearly as could.  Things I said were either misinterpreted by others, or I may have misspoke while still trying to recall the events to the best of my knowledge.  Once this story went viral, it took on a life of it’s own, and I had no control over the elaborations or misinterpretations others chose to print.  This is to be expected when it comes to media, and I do not feel a responsibility to defend things I haven’t even said as truth.

The issue still remains that I was harassed, intimidated, humiliated, and eventually forced out of a contract I made with an airline by a third party – the TSA.  All this from people who are paid to keep us safe with stolen money.  I chose not to be photographed naked.  I chose to question the purpose of causing me immense discomfort through allowing a stranger to intimately touch my body.  For this, I have now faced great emotional strain and loss of my time and money, as have those who have been kind enough to help me through this difficult ordeal.  I have received countless emails from others who were subjected to the TSA’s dehumanizing treatment, and I can only continue to push the real issue here: Nobody should be forced to endure such intimately invasive procedures for the supposed (false sense of) safety they are meant to accommodate.

If you support my actions, and would like to help me return home, I ask that you please contribute to this chip in that is going directly to George Donnelly, who was gracious enough to front me the money for a return ticket home.  The chip in has been set at $300, and any extra money received over the cost of the ticket price will go to website; in hopes of bringing information regarding these degrading practices to light.

Please go here to contribute: Get Meg Home Chip In

If you would like to support more liberty activists like myself, I am also involved in the creation and execution of the Keene Activist Center.  This is a place for liberty activists in Keene to gather, share ideas, and prepare themselves for the activism they will continue to use in bringing about an end to the violent state and introduce people to a society based on voluntary interactions between consenting human beings.  Donations to the Keene Activist Center can be made at: Keene Activist Center Donations

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