The Price of Success

“You have failed!” rail the critics of Free Keene within the liberty movement. As proof, they present that some people are upset by some of the things that some activists have done in the area. I always counter by pointing out that upsetting people is a sign of success. It’s inevitable that anytime you do or say things that threaten the status quo, the supporters of the status quo will lash out in its defense. I guess the critics for some reason thought that only applied to “offensive” civil disobedience like smoking pot.

They were wrong. Now that the liberty activists who have been elected have been having some success passing pro-freedom legislation in the NH house, the supporters of the status quo are OUTRAGED. It’s more than just a few anonymous comments posted on the newspaper websites, which is about all that ever happened as a result of the supposedly upsetting civil disobedience and outreach here in Keene. No, these outraged supporters of the status quo are gathering for large-scale protests in support of the government at the state house.

Free Staters Go Home!Here, “Freedomroad” writes a piece about how the protestors at the state house are blaming the “free staters” for what is happening there, complete with photographic evidence.

Inside the capital a lady held a sign that said LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICANS ARE Killing N.H. The man she was with held a sign that said Libertarians + FreeStaters GO HOME. When confronted by a Libertarian Party member, the man admitted that libertarians are OK but he shouted down FSP participants.

In addition, the Union Leader has printed an editorial by two such outraged supporters of the status quo, specifically blaming “libertarians” and “free staters” for a “takeover”.

Congratulations to the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and their activists. They are really making a difference. You can tell by how many people they have pissed off. Keep up the good work! Maybe these statists will get the message and move to Massachusetts or New York, because it’s not going to get any easier for them.

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  1. Facebook comments appear to be broken. I'm opening up wordpress anonymous commenting again.

  2. JULIA.RIBER.PITT! You calm down right now! You asked Ian what he's done to show solidarity with Keene residents?…well, he's paid his property taxes!….*grin*…

  3. Face it, Ian…Facebook hates you…

  4. I guess both comments are working now.

    Down with the state. I don't support them. Let's cut the thugs pay.

  5. I've lived in New Hampshire over 50 years. I welcome all people to New Hampshire that embrace liberty and adopt the non-aggression principle.

    Not that anybody needs my "permission" to be here though.

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