Welcome to our newest blogger, Derrick J.!

Derrick JFree Keene welcomes Derrick J. Horton as our newest blogger. Here’s his bio from the bloggers page:

Derrick J is a handsome young peace activist dedicated to living free by helping others to live free. Now a regular co-host on Free Talk Live, he left his gayborhood in Philadelphia in 2011 after Molyneaux, Rand, and Mises flipped on his AnCap lightswitch. He loves to meet new people and report on stories of agorism in action or participation in civil disobedience. The activism that Derrick J enjoys most are public 420 celebrations, “Robin-Hooding,” and traveling without proof of government permission. His work centers around exercising self-ownership and is highlighted here at FreeKeene.com as well as LiveFreeOrDance.com, FreeSpeechFriday.tv, Fr33Agents.com.

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  1. this guy is such a phony

  2. dylan,

    You don't know him.

    You don't know what your talking about.

    So stop.

  3. …well, YOU don't "know" him, EITHER, mr. "david-keene"…I agree with "dylan r" – I too, think Derrick is a phony, AND a POSER…I mean, c'mon, "gayborhood"…???…

    …that's about as juvenile as it gets…

    All you bleeding-heart libtards think it;s just ducky that Derrick flaunts his homosexuality, but if I try the same thing – flaunting MY HETEROSEXUALITY, –

    you would prolly call me a "homophobe, or some such crap…


    I can see it now…"david-keene" will accuse ME of being "dylan r"…

    Ha !…


  4. (That Ian still holds the deconstructed & discredited Ayn Rand as some kind of hero, shows also the true intellectual poverty that exists on here…)


  5. He's not a "poser".

    You are wrong.

    If he does flaunt it I hope he keeps on flaunting it.

    You should be nicer and quit bashing.

    Your the one who needs work.


    You should try to emulate Derrick and hope to get a smidge of that ,you would be greatly improved for yourself and others.


  6. And about the various "names" people use ,that is them being dishonest/being a "poser' and not standing behind what they say.

    And I don't care what frickin phoney name is attached to crap.

    If it's crap its crap and if it's good it's good and, mostly, if it IS crap I try avoid reading it.

    I don't waste my time trying to figure out who's who; that's THEIR tangled web.

  7. You are always trying to find out who is who,don't give us that crap! And is it truly a sign of enlightenment to proclaim you are gay? If you are comfortable with who you are,who gives a rats ass what others think?? Or do some proclaim it just to see the response? You should be considered by the person you are,not whatever sexual orientation you are. I don't care what someone is,just like I don't proclaim that I am a heterosexual. Who cares?

    And is your actual name david-keene? I doubt it. I make no secret what my real name is-I have nothing to hide. (except maybe a body or two) Way too much emphasis on who is really who. JMO. —bil

  8. I dont care who is who.

    I point out who SOUNDS like who under a differant guise.

    An d I point out that people should stand behind their words and not be cowardly hiding.

    Thats it.

    spare me.

    I read your first line "bil" ( a hiding pseudonym).

    It's called honesty and a spine,look into it.

  9. the people that change their names all the time are the ones I LEAST care to hear from and really wish would just go away never mind caring who the hell they are………. I don't even read their crap 99% of the time ..as i only read one line of yours…and I'll be ignoring you as I have in the past.. 🙂

  10. ok bil and kok .youse can be happy;i actually addressed youse. ok? Its a happy day for use. 🙂 see

  11. No,that actually IS my name,except I usually spell it with a large B. My entire name can be seen by anyone that reads this blog page-can yours?

  12. Derrick is stylish, with his dashing faux-hawk, and he's dedicated, too!

    Arrested twice in a week, for bullshit charges, and by-gosh, he's the real deal!

    Welcome, Derrick!


  13. You can't make this shit up.

    Fact is stranger than fiction.



    i'm only pretending to be KoK.

    Really, i'm



  14. no ones name is "bil" and the view you espoused above is devoid of historical perspective which is also now's perspective.

    And i didn't see your name anywhere (as you claim).

  15. ok maybe yoiur name IS bil…i looked it uoo and its a irish name…

  16. its a female Irish name……r u a girl?

  17. Hey Derrick! Welcome!

    Soooo…..Bike Stop or Woody's? 😉


  18. bil,do people get fucking killed and beat up regularly,harassed and harangued and put down for being heterosexual?

    Don't tell me "going around saying 'im heterosexual' " is the same.

    does this happen to streight people for being streight http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/video-shows-bu

  19. Bil,

    where are the words that describe heterosexuality that are put down words?

    Almost ALL the words like gay fag etc etc are also used as putdowns…


    sorry im off on a tangent

  20. Yes,never mind is right. Did I use those words? Did I ever (to your limited knowledge) ever engage in homophobic behavior? Why can't my name be Bil? No,I'm not a girl,but I am part Irish. And I don't need to watch something you found on youtube to know what can happen. I was at the school in Oxnard when one kid killed another for being gay-so I do have a little bit of knowledge on the subject.

    Why do you put people in categories? Maybe Derrick can be a blogger that happens to be gay,rather than a gay person that blogs. Although in the writeup above,it is Ian that refers to it,not Derrick himself. Like I said,I really don't care what his orientation is,if he writes well and makes sense.

    And keep looking,sooner or later you will see me. On a tangent,maybe. —bil

  21. the "never mind " and "im on a tangent" was not directed for you.

    I dont care I looked.it doesn't matter to me who you are and your statement its like saying "im hetero" shows you don't have a strong awareness of stuff.

  22. it would be good if Derrick talked , but its good you just care about his writing… 🙂

  23. Did anybody believe tKoK when he said he was me in post #13? He didnt even get my name right

  24. Your 9:42 post is very confusing. Does it imply I don't have a strong awareness of stuff,or that I do? And what exactly is 'stuff'??? Should I become more aware of it??

    I think I am more aware of the more important things than you might think,the general category of 'stuff' I am not sure about. Old newspapers? Dirty socks? Cracks in the sidewalk? Lightbulbs? Be specific,please. —bil

  25. yea thats it.

  26. Thanks-glad to see we are finally on the same wavelength! —bil

  27. No we aren't. 🙂

  28. Not the same thing, at all…

    of COURSE I'm not the "real" "SMASH CAPITALISM",

    i'm only faking it,

    because you guys get such a freakin'

    WOODY in your leather biker bar…

    every time I do…

    i'm not keene-david, either,

    i don't know who that is…



  29. i kno sam comes in here but he's one of the spineless ones who hides

  30. "spineless ones"? so you say @david-keene. you're just jealous because i'm flexible, and you're not. So there. 🙁

  31. more phoney people of course thats "sam"….phoney spineless hiding voice…casting randomness from afar……where is the ignore button

  32. You rang???…


  33. Of course, @david-keene, you KNOW that "ignore button" is ME???….


    (I peed in yur motorsigh-kull gas tank@@


  34. WHO THE FUCK IS ::smash ED capitalism::- in p[ost #28???…

    thats what I want 2 know!


  35. kok is sam… click

  36. i just found the ignore button

  37. OOOH!, david-keene! you sure did find my ignore button!

    OOOOH!…press it AGAIN!


    ………..that feels SO*GOOD!……



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