Free Flow of Information Key to Better World

Even the most totalitarian regimes ultimately rest on granted authority. Misdeeds must be hidden or legitimacy erodes. Censorship, propaganda, purposeful omissions and blatant lies fuel the Statist Quo.

Enter the free flow of information.

Case in point, the How to Make a Wicking Bed Garden instructional sheet. Days after being created by @BrknSdwlkFrm (great work!) it was being distributed in NYC and translated into Arabic to be disseminated on the streets of Egypt.

Ideas don’t stop at arbitrary political boundaries. The Internet, Anonymous, Wikileaks, the open source movement and agorism are powerful game-changers.

Everything now done by government employees is either immoral or inefficient. It’s time to move past the support of violent, monopolistic, hierarchical regimes in favor of voluntary interactions and stronger communities.

Educate yourself, then educate those in your sphere.

Books won’t stay banned. They won’t burn. Ideas won’t go to jail. In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. The source of better ideas is wisdom.
– A. Whitney Griswold

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  1. Pete, I would argue that the greatest weapon that all authority has isn't the "gun to the head" but rather it's *perceived* legitimacy by the people. That's why I'm very skeptical about the voluntaryist position; it doesn't account for the fact that people have been very conditioned to accept authority or the fact that everyone has their own situation, context, cultural norms, etc. How would a voluntaryist respond to this problem?

  2. Yeah,

    It seems Pete is away, so I'll add some dialog, Julia.

    The "perceived" legitimacy or authority follows the "gun to the head", the threats of imprisonment, or other State-imposed sanctions, even if it is only a tolerant resignation, like the cliche, "death and taxes." Violent opposition to the State will usually be crushed. But even if successful, a violent revolution or civil war will usually result in a new Central State that can quickly become worse than the first, like after the American Revolution. A quick primer on the topic might include Murry Rothbard's article, Anatomy of the State.

    I think the Voluntaryists, the pure libertarians, and even Christian Anarchists (like me) make it quite clear that there is a big ideological job for us all to do, in helping our fellow man and women to see the State for what it is, namely, a hostile and parasitic ego mass, with a criminal cabal inflicting itself on peaceful society everywhere.

    Most people are in mental darkness when it comes to the State, due to a variety of factors, including Communized/Public State Schooling.

    But ideas and truths are powerful. So, educating and evangelizing will have an effect.

    In the meantime, one need not wait until all minds are changed. They probably won't be. There will always be those with the mind of a slave or a Statist idolator. Efforts to extinguish the State altogether are foolish, I think. I'll even go so far as to say that the State, though a fiction, has a right to exist if there are enough Statist idolators to animate it. So, there could be a time for both Voluntaryism and Statism to be competitors. Of course, if people were free to chose, the winner is a no-brainer.

    Voluntaryists of every strip are currently separating themselves, politically, ideologically, morally, and financially from the State, while setting up Agorist venues for Trade, either openly or in the "underground" sense. And that does already undermine the State's legitimacy and revenue, especially as the "free flow of information", via the Internet, about all these topics is revolutionary in its speed and wide audience.

    It's a pretty simple fact that the State is a Shakedown and a Scam. I mean, even Christ said as much nearly 2000 years ago, right after His Last Supper and just before State execution:

    "And he said unto them, 'The kings of the Gentiles EXERCISE lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are CALLED benefactors. But it shall not be so among you…'" Luke 22:25 & 26

    So, God never ordained or granted to any State or its Potentate the EXERCISE of lordship over others. The EXERCISE is the "gun to the head" or the Shakedown, and it being CALLED is the Scam or the fraudulent claim and "perception" of authority or legitimacy.

    So, were Christ's disciples (and people today) really so stupid that they needed the lesson in such an obvious fact about the Roman State, or any State? I mean, The Appian Way was littered with crucified bodies that attested to the fact that all opposition to the State would mean sure death. I think the disciples, and many alive today, just need to hear the obvious facts about the the nature and foundation of the State, over and over again. There is certainly going to be some cognitive dissonance, but over time, I think a good or critical number of people in North America will want to reduce the evil and extortion done by the State, by Separation from the State.

    That is methodology for effecting positive change, without violence, that Voluntaryists of every stripe can implement to some degree right now. I mean, I'm not a US Citizen or a State Resident, even though I was born on the North American continent. I don't use a State driver license, and my car doesn't seem to mind. I make tax-fee beer and wine. Some work can be gotten without a Federal Taxpayer ID Number (SSN).

    Of course, Christ warned His followers that the State and its operators would be very threatened by such Peaceful Separation, and would likely throw them in prison and kill them for their renunciation of hostile World Systems and refusal to submit to Caesar's edicts. I've been to jail on these very issues (Church driver license and property tax seizure on a ministry called Embassy of Heaven, in 1997).

    And, History confirms that the State did perpetrate a campaign of terror and genocide, more or less, for the next 250 years, as Christians refused to be conscripted as soldiers or hold public offices.

    But, sadly, Caesar Constantine was a savvy fellow, and got an idea to save the Empire, which was falling apart, so to speak, by legalizing Christianity and making it a State Corporation, by the Edict of Milan in 313 AD. And so it was that the persecuted Church accepted a position of Power alongside Caesar, and then mingled itself with the State, thus creating the Roman Catholic Church and sad period of Dark Ages.

    And so it is to this day, more or less, that Christians are members of State Corporations, known as churches, that garner for themselves benefits for their clergy people in the form of few tax exemptions, in exchange for their birthright, not unlike Esau sold his for a mess of pottage.

    So, there's a whole bunch of State-Incorporated Zombie Christians across North America that can undoubtedly be "turned" by the Spirit of Truth. I mean, I was a high caliber Statist once upon a time.

    But for the more atheistic or agnostic, the Truth about the State is the same today as it ever was.

    Nero Caesar and the State were a Beast in the 1st Century AD, which had a Whore that rode it, until the Beast utterly destroyed that particular whore (Jerusalem) in 70 AD.

    So, for the churchgoers I say, "Don't ride a Beast". And for others I say the same thing.

    Certainly most people today do suspect that mandatory State programs and pensions are an unsustainable Ponzi scheme that are on track for collapse in their own lifetimes.

    Peace be with you all,

    C. Livingstone

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