Glenn Jacobs (aka WWE’s “Kane”) Speaks at the 2009 Liberty Forum

Glenn Jacobs is not only a humongous man who is known worldwide for crushing his opponents in the WWE wrestling ring, but he’s also a brilliant thinker who loves liberty. Here’s his speech at the 2009 Liberty Forum, courtesy of videographer Paul Gibbons. You can come to the 2012 Liberty Forum and meet all kinds of interesting liberty-minded people there. Get more info on the event and register using code FTL2012 to save 10%!

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  1. Well!!

    If this doesn't make FreeKeene 50 cents shy of a half dollar's road to legitamicy, then I don't know what will!!

    Maybe NH can elect him to Governor next term?

  2. I wonder how Ian "what's your name " Freeman is doing down at city hall…..yall!!! ?

  3. So brave.

  4. Those are some kick ass rebuttals Justin!!

  5. lil' justy is stuck in the same ol' game. Can't seem to swing his way out.

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