Peaceful Devolution

Ian Freeman is embarrassing.

It’s a view you rarely never see on this blog, but it’s a view held by myself and a serious portion of liberty activists in the Keene area. (Not to mention the overwhelming majority of Keene residents.) Lately it’s been the senseless pestering of city bureaucrats, the quixotic school outreach, and his involvement in the war on grandmas. Yes, he does other things which are more legitimate and professional, but, for as long as I’ve been in New Hampshire, it seems that Ian has always been vocally supporting activism that’s jarringly wrong-headed.

I joined this blog in 2010 in order to openly criticize certain activist tactics that struck me as counterproductive. At the time, I was worried that the suppression of criticism was creating an atmosphere of groupthink— a situation where the systematic lack of criticism leads groups to make wildly irrational decisions. Since then, I’ve changed some hearts and minds with regards to criticism, and caused people to look twice at things they’ve taken for granted. This has been very satisfying.

But, where it really matters, I have failed. I had assumed the groupthink emerged spontaneously from the interactions of many people. In reality, groupthink occurs because Ian Freeman consistently and deliberately marginalizes criticism and critics, and derails open discussions of the flaws of activist strategies.

It took this thread on the Shire Society forum to make me understand this. (I get a bit carried away in my first posts because I’m blinded by rage, but take a few days to calm down, and post more reasonably later.)

Since I’m not as irrational as Ian, I’m acknowledging this new information, and changing my own tactics accordingly. It’s pointless to try to debate with someone who doesn’t believe there should be debate or open discussion.

Short of coercion, the only realistic option available to those of us who would like to see activist tactics improve, rather than stagnate or regress, is to apply social pressure to make Ian stop. I am convinced that this is the only way things will change. It’s frustrating and absurd that it has come down to this, but Ian has blocked every other alternative.

As part of this effort, I will no longer be posting on Free Keene. More than anything else at this point, I suspect that my blogging only feeds Ian’s egomania. Like a Democrat on Fox news, I’m just here to support the pretense that Free Keene is fair and balanced.

I know some of my fellow bloggers agree with these concerns, and I encourage them to join me. Perhaps it’s time for a new group blog, one not stifled by Free Keene’s cult of personality. Alternately, I’m sure Free Manch would welcome new bloggers.

Adiรณs Free Keene, and good riddance.

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  1. j/k….anyway..moving on to more serious matters……….but thanks.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I still think bailing on fk ….is not going to further Skepticos to his desired ends

  3. But thats just me..

  4. I think having a bigger louder yapper on fk would further him to his desired ends…

  5. oh well . ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. "You don’t think it was a problem to record the crossing guard, but had very valid critique regarding video presentations."

    No, I haven't quite said that either. I said without knowing WHY you were videoing her, it comes across like you're just needling her for a reaction. I said I lacked context which might have explained why it was a necessary thing to video her. The closest I got to an explanation was that she had been nasty to you in the past. With nothing but that, I'm still not convinced it was useful to videotape this woman.

    I'd encourage you to read my posts on the first two pages of the infamous forum thread and actually pay attention to what I'm actually saying. I think I empathize with Skeptikos at feeling the frustration of repeating myself to clarify something that I actually explained pretty clearly the first time, yet it keeps getting simplified down into something that you have a canned response for.

  7. thats why I think a sit down is better…. because stuff gets lost on the web…. or maybe a …party line phone call… (not w me )… maybe Ian scepticos,,,, dale………other people that are more important than me

  8. Yeah Dale….go grab a gravatar…..because there are just SO MANY comments that Ian might not read them all. i.e….."hey 'trolls without gravatars', I'm not hearing you la la la la la.

    I remember early on people of 'freekeene' had all these happy homogenous little videos and podcasts, welcome wagons for people who moved, lots of support, people getting together to do their little liberty stuff and minding their own business – and now… has turned to "that house" on Leverett Street. Sign on the bottom line of the Shire Society, follow the rules, the rules the rules – or liberty sage Ian will ban you. No soup for you TROLL!

    You have collectively ostracized yourselves to the point that some rogue attaboy comment from Henry K in Sweden equates "success". Your own brethren and colleague Dale – is being put up against the ropes by you with a completely loaded question and for what….?…..for simply bringing a balanced expression to the thread.

    This, no doubt will not register at all though….because I don't have a gravatar.

  9. matt said quote "This, no doubt will not register at all though….because I don’t have a gravatar."

    I think it won't register because you a idiot .

    Not because you don't have a "gravatar" lol

  10. david-Keene, I think nothing you say won’t register because you a idiot .

  11. No you a idiot. <—–that will no doubt fly right over your dumbass head.

    I haven't quite figured out if you are legitimately challenged in the brain department – if you are, versus just being the biggest moron on here, I apologize.

    Now – it's your turn to write your usual 8 responses one right after another.

  12. lol – name picked it up too. lol

  13. name quote "I think nothing you say won’t register because you a idiot ."

    Um "nothing I say wont register" …..I think that is a double negative which means stuff i say WILL THANKS …….you finally see the light …

    And I am happy to show you the correct English in that circumstance ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Dale, I think I totally understood your critique at the time, and I agreed with it. Sorry if you feel like you need to repeat yourself – as I told you at the time, I tend to add text to my videos to set the scene.

    Regarding Derrick, I think he was just shooting some b-roll, but I can't speak for him. I see nothing wrong with that.

  15. ThanK Yuo david, fer heLpin me wit my english.

    You a idiot.

  16. you're welcome… everyone needs help sometimes

  17. 'Ian is not a psychopath. His personality doesn’t fit the profile at all'

    no but he has the profile of somebody with Asperger's Syndrome

  18. Bravo will! maybe if more of the "freekeeners" were like you then they would have more followers. way to scare off the ONE of you that actually seemed nice, intelligent and level-headed.

  19. Ian on Wed, 21st Mar 2012 6:54 pm

    Dale, I think I totally understood your critique at the time, and I agreed with it. Sorry if you feel like you need to repeat yourself – as I told you at the time, I tend to add text to my videos to set the scene.

    Regarding Derrick, I think he was just shooting some b-roll, but I can’t speak for him. I see nothing wrong with that.


    So, …"just shooting some b-roll"…?….OH! I *SEE*!…B-ROLL!

    Why didn't you say so before, Ian???…

    So you & Kelly V. & FAGGOT DERRICK were "just shooting b-roll"!

    WHO KNEW!?….If I knew you were just shooting b-roll, OK,

    but you didn't say that.

    You know, Ian, a whole lot of confusion & hurt feelings could have –

    – COULD HAVE – been avoided, if you had just been honest from the

    beginning, and told us you were just shooting some b-roll…

    Maybe you should have told FAGGOT DERRICK that HE

    was just shooting some b-roll, too…

    Oh, that sounds so sexy when you write "b-roll"…

  20. same as it ever was.

  21. I have torrets syndrome.. MOTHERFUCKER!!………see even with typing …I think kok has that too…lol

  22. What did I figure out yesterday?

    ( Ian I'm killing my eyes…killing my Ian…killing my Ian )

    kill Ian

  23. Fox in the henhouse. How can we miss you if you never go away?

  24. There must be more to it, than seems to be.

    This has been a problem for a long time. I have blogged and blogged

    until my fingers hurt, but it never changes.

    Same ole, same ole……

    We will still be here, working for freedom and liberty, either in the system, or outside it…


  26. For 3 years I've been trying to show you the error of your ways!

    But you don't budge!

    This is goodbye forever and don't call me in the morning.

  27. Annoymouse,

    I think your annoyingness is not just limited to mouses..

    Y would u want to annoy a mouse anyway?

  28. nameless,

    That wasn't a very nice thing to say about people with Asperger’s Syndrome. What did they ever do to you, to make you compare them to a Lying Hypocritical Douche like Ian. Ian is now driving away even the like-minded. Well played sir…..

    Here you go…

    Ian has no power, just ignore the fact that he's structured this "community" around himself. He has administrative rights to the website, the "community center", and the radio show many of the cult members tune into. The only way to ostracize Ian is to do it to yourself, like I have.

    As to Ian being a psychopath, I'd agree with that observation. He actively eggs people on to take risks for his profit and benefit. He uses his "media" to reward the attention whores who do his bidding.

    Ian is an expert at manipulating things, just look at his cat. He's trained the thing to do 30 or so tricks, he's been using the same stick and carrot strategy on the ignorant movers that are always showing up, thanks to his fishing net, I mean, radio show.

  30. Ian, tell us about all the grand videos you make, (and never mention the bits edited) so you don't look like an arse.

    Which a child of 5 can pick up on.

  31. Little david, "Annoymouse, I think your annoyingness is not just limited to mouses..

    Y (sic) would u want to annoy a mouse anyway?"

    He's the mouse that annoys FREAKEENERS. I think you're smoking too much of what you're selling, Mate.

  32. That's my cat, and he is a very well loved and happy cat. You sound like Tim, so if you are, you should know that because you have met him. Everyone who meets my cat agrees he is one of the friendliest cats around. Do you think he would act this way if he was miserable? Say what you want about Ian, but I don’t see what my cat has to do with anything. You’re just being dumb.

  33. rt,

    Y am I little?

  34. Ian is the reason I stopped listening to FTL.

  35. The insanity is very obvious. And sad

  36. I subject that the old lady was "exempt" from the treatment she got. I say that not based on law or legitimacy, but on common sense, commnon decency, respect that is due to the elders (specially to one who is in the lowest of the lowest position in the state's food chain). Those issues cannot be "techinically" like when Ian calls her another beurocrat. Only empathy to others and a sense of decency can make someone understand that. This is what is lacking when militants grow so utterly self-righteous. If this sense of politeness and deference to others feelings is not encouraged, what you get in the end is MORE regulation of peoples lives. More abstrse amd confusing codes of conduct in the work place, MORE city ordinances restricting participation, MORE criminalized behavior. The case for the state exercisee restraint is bery reinforced when all

    People exercise restraint-not only of violence per se, but of the breaches of elementary courtesy towards strangers. A sense of proportion is equally important. It is not a judge you were filming agaist her will, but a woman who raises a stop sign in order to protect kids safety, and who has no arresting powers.

  37. Try being a better activist than Ian then people can follow you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Ian Bernard hasn’t ANY power.

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