Chalkupy Success

This Friday a group of 25-30 activists (including 6 children) gathered across the street from the Richmond Police Department armed with several boxes on non-toxic chalk.  We were there to protest the $325 ticket issued to a mother, along with a ban from all city parks, for her child’s use of chalk on some rocks at Belle Isle.  After hearing this story on the news, I started a Facebook event to “chalk the police” in Richmond, VA.  The response was amazing, and we were able to gather a wonderful group of peaceful activists, along with every major news network in Richmond!  The event was a huge success, with no arrests, no tickets, and lots of pretty pictures.

Here is video from the event:

Here is some of the local news coverage of the event:

WTVR – Rock chalking in City Park leads to ticket – and protest (In this video, the report even performs some civil disobedience!)
WTVR – Moms protest with chalk outside RPD headquarters
NBC12 – Chalk drawings made outside police headquarters by protestors
Style Weekly – Chalk the Police

The day was a success in part because of the amazing response of the Richmond Police. As seen in the video, a Captain came out to speak with me before the event started. She requested to speak to me by name, which startled me a bit, but was unsurprising. The Facebook event was public, and I had (unintentionally) tagged RPD’s facebook when I entered the address for the event; so it was no surprise that the officers had been reading the comments on the page. I wasn’t worried, as I had gone to great lengths to drill the “peaceful, positive, non-combative” message to people, so I knew I had no reason to fear that my words could be construed as a threat. To my great surprise, not only was the officer who came to talk to me aware of our event, but she was supportive! She mentioned enjoying some of my comments, and that she didn’t want to hinder us at all, just wanted to speak with me about safety (the street in front of the police station was pretty busy, and we would have children present, so this was understandable).

Because I believe that encouraging positive police behaviors is just as, if not more,effective than discouraging negative behaviors; I was sure to give my “thanks” to the Richmond Police:

I am overjoyed by the effectiveness of this activism.  I have always believed that activism should work towards winning the hearts and minds of all people, including the police.  If you approach a problem with the intention of fighting, you’ll gain instant opposition, and the police will be your enemy.  But we made every effort to reach out to police, bring them to our side, and show them that we look to them to protect us from all aggression, including legislative.  This time it worked!

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  1. How does not getting arrested make it a success? Can the children once again chalk on the rocks? Did the 325 FRN fine get dropped? If no then I don't know if you can really claim success. At best it is a neutral as arrest would have made it fail.

    Look this is not made as a troll post. I am trying to figure out what everyone considers to be "successful" activism. Getting the action that spurred on the activism to be reversed I think everyone will agree is a success. Just not sure not getting arrested should be THE goal to succeed at. Getting an idea out and starting serious conversation about it – maybe.

  2. what do you think should have been done differently?

    (not trying to be sarcastic… i'm actually trying to learn how to make my activism better, and would love constructive feedback!)

  3. but, as a side note, i think i would consider this "successful" because the police we not "against" us during this event. we managed to gain enough support from public opinion that they decided it would be better for them to "allow" our protest, rather than "crack down" on it. this response is much better than previous "chalk the police" events, and i feel it will play a role when the judge makes a decision on the mother's "guilt" in this case.

    but thats just my opinion 🙂

  4. meg… as a regular visitor to this site…I dont think you want to ask "name" ..his advise.because if its on this site …. then this is the song he sings regarding it..

  5. i wanted to include a few details about Belle Isle (the location where the mother was first ticketed) for the people here. a common complaint (common among the few who are complaining) about this situation was that the mother allowed her daughter to "deface the natural beauty of the park".

    Belle Isle is a small island/park/historical landmark located on the James River in Richmond, VA. It's considered a historical landmark because it use to house Richmond's prison population. The prison (and various other buildings on the Isle) have become broken down and over-run by nature, and are only distinguishable by the informative placards located all over the park. There is a walking bridge to the island, which empties out onto a trail that circles the whole thing. At one point along the trail, there is an opening to an area of large flat rocks along the edge of the James. When the rains are heavy, the rocks can become partially to fully submerged. This is where the girl was drawing with chalk…

    And as a final note… there is a HUGE grateful dead head painted right in the middle of those rocks:

  6. Meg,

    Credit where credit is due: It appears that you learned something from your time in Keene. The question of whether or not you managed to reverse (or even change) anything still remains.

    You did, however, manage to hold a truly peaceful protest, raising public awareness of a problem. You handled yourself like an adult, when approached by the Police. You didn't refuse to acknowledge your identity, deny knowledge of what the Officer was addressing or spew cliche's. You didn't try to get people to smoke dope topless or call anyone names.

    You did a good thing there Meg!

    Please don't take this in the wrong way, but please don't come back to Keene. The FreeKeeners will poison your efforts and drag you into their childish ways. Keep up the good work and continue keeping it positive!

  7. Wrong 'name', dumbshit. See, he, or she, is 'Name (required)'. I believe you were referring to me, david, I'm 'name'. No '(required)'.

    I know, it's tricky. Besides, I'm more of a fan of the Stooges than The Marx Brothers. I got a lust for life. I can't get enough of Iggy.

  8. for the record: i've never been, nor suggested anyone ever be topless in public 😉

    i'm not against it… it's just not my thing.

  9. Ahhhh peaceful protest, love these guys

  10. Ah, Smeggums. Lovely Smeggums.

    Had NO idea how much we MISS you, until now….

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    You still have that way cool cruiser bicycle?…

    Don't you think Ian would be happier in Richmond???…(…hint-hint…)

    🙂 ~tKoK.

  11. I REALLY LOVE SMEG… MWAH….ahhhhhh…………

    ~ 😉 ……..

  12. KoK : of COURSE i still have my cruiser 😛 it's my only mode of transportation… and, in the summer, it's basically an extension of my body. although the seat is getting kinda messed up (anyone know how to get mold off white leather?)

    also – no, Ian wouldn't be happier in richmond. he belongs in keene. someday you two will find a common ground… i have faith 🙂

  13. ps. where is peter g.? cause i'll just keep on commenting…

  14. Sorry Meg,

    I disagree. Ian is doing more harm than good. He needs to go somewhere else. Many now believe that FreeKeeners are a joke, and not real FreeStaters.

  15. bill, I'm gonna drop some truth on ya now. People believe freekeeners are a joke because freekeeners ARE a joke. Just not a very funny one. People stopped laughing a long, long time ago.

    Except for that crossing guard lady thing. People would have laughed till they pissed their pants if she had beat the shit out of derrick.

  16. name,

    I am well aware of this fact. If you go back and review some of my previous comments (on other posts) you will see that I have no respect for Ian and his minions. True FreeStaters have some valid points. The only points that FreeKeeners possess are located on the tops of their heads. After viewing this video, I regret that Meg couldn't have had more of an influence on them.

  17. That last one should be Keene's theme song for the freekeeners.

  18. I don't even need to change a word! It's perfect, just the way it is.

  19. "matt" is now playing out his fantasy of being davids cat. on a thread about sidewalk chalk. now THIS is what makes FK great: THE LULZ

  20. SMEG!!!!!!!!!! Good move, get 'children' involved, this way EVERONE ON EARTH will agree with you doing something old hat and forgotten. Surely you have better things to do than exploit 'children'.

  21. Was this a "huge success" in Richmond , NH? No you ran away like a screaming schoolgirl?

    SMEG , you're creditability you ruined yourself. Be looking for the hilarious videos you will post. I need a good laugh.

    Keep smoking the bud. I find you better than Comedy Central. Thanks for the laughs.

  22. Also be sure to repeatedly scream " WHY, WHY, WHY". As if you were a blonde. Use your fecking head.

  23. SMEG says in jest, "The Facebook event was public, and I had (unintentionally) tagged RPD’s facebook when I entered the address for the event…"

    It was fecking intentional. Good to see she's not a reliable source of info still.

    Love the comedic value of your lies, SMEG.

    You can't believe how much I appreciate the laughs.

    I haven't even read the whole post, and have several comments. Hahahahaha.

    Get a sledgehammer and take over for Gallagher. You crack me up……….

  24. From SMEG: "I have always believed that activism should work towards winning the hearts and minds of all people, including the police."


  25. maybe I did get you mixed up……who cares…..its a fun video anyway………..

  26. From Smeg : "a common complaint (common among the few who are complaining) " ….

    Love, if it's common complaints, it would not be "a few who are complaining..

    Credibility,rating, fading like the sun.

  27. from rt From SMEG: “I have always believed that activism should work towards winning the hearts and minds of all people, including the police.”


    No, meaning presenting the ideas in a way that people will be open to them .

    Sort of like not THROWING the potatoes at someone , but being nice and presenting them to them so that they will be open to trying them and considering them or giving them a chance 🙂

    Also,some people's brains need to be washed

  28. you make no sense rt.

    something CAN be common occurrence among a small group

  29. I don't know why, but I just like bringing up the fact that Meg lied about her TSA encounter, and then lied again and then lied some more. I know it's been a while, but damn, it's fun to catch a freehippie in a lie with video proof.

    But anyway, what success are we talking about here? the old cretin's still stuck with her $325 fine. Usually, when you protest something, it isn't considered successful until the thing that you're protesting get's changed. Or do freehippies have a lower standard for what is considered successful?

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  40. TKOK – I'm not going anywhere. Meg – come home!!!

  41. Um brave sir ROBRIN…

    maybe people dont like what u say ,ever think a that!


  42. thats a video of you brave sir robrin

  43. ok maybe that was uncalled for……sry

  44. You douche bags at FTL are stupid. Mark is right, "the well has been poisoned!'

    Your making a difference one sidewalk chalking at a time.

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