Peaceful Resistance News – March 26, 2012

Fr33 Agents Radio News for Monday, March 26, 2012

Stories this week include:

Agent @derrick J reports from FreeKeene in the Shire:
George Clooney Prevents Genocide

Agent @eddiefree reports from the District of Criminals:
Ban To Stop Left-Handed People From Marrying Introduced Into NH Bill

Agent @talleytv reports from FreeKeene in the Shire:
“Chaulkupy” the Police in Richmond, VA

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  1. This whole newscast was GAY and RETARDED!

    How's that for PC?

  2. enslave,

    that was "pc" or NON ""pc" . ,it was just stupid.


  3. *wasn't

  4. And look who was 1st to answer!

  5. I may be retarded, but at least I'm not gay…

  6. Oh no I gotta fart

  7. ENSLAVE SAYS: This whole newscast was GAY and RETARDED!"

    Obviously know nothing about GAY. Gay means "Gay is a word (a noun or an adjective) that primarily refers to a homosexual person. The term was originally used to refer to feelings of being "carefree", "happy"."

    RETARDED means to stop growth, as in his education when he quit SKULE at 5.

    Keep the hoodie on ENSLAVE, BRO.

  8. More evidence-not that we needed more- that "enslave" is a idiot….

    But i guess he's starving for attention

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