Ademo’s Wiretapping Pretrial Hearing

Ademo was in front of a robed man in Manchester “superior” court yesterday for a pretrial hearing prior to the upcoming trial for “wiretapping” (details). Here’s the video

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  1. Mr. Mueller ought to use all his free time in jail to get familiar with the court’s rules, since he’s so unfamiliar with them.

    I’m glad he’s saying he’ll “never take a plea.” Good to see he has the courage of his convictions.

  2. Well since you’re so familiar with the rules of court, why don’t you represent him pro bono? It looks to me like these guys are more “familiar” with the constitution “and” the law that a lot of attorneys that I certainly know. Are you one? Don’t be too quick to underestimate the good and the just and the right who are standing up for your rights, too! While Ademo is getting so “educated” on the law, why don’t you get educated on history! Start with Mandela or Ghandi or 1/2 of the apostles and the time that THEY spent locked up! Give these guys some credit. It’ll be them that will be remembered 100 years from now for the good they are doing. And wouldn’t YOU have taken a plea, despite his stance on that, had YOU been facing almost THIRTY years in prison for standing up to CROOKS and doing what is RIGHT????

  3. The good people of New Hampshire pay the jailers to make sure it as difficult as possible to access and store any information that could inform and educate. They do it for inmate safety.


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