Burridge Ignores Keene’s 2012 Candidates Forum @ Library

Interested voters turned out today to the 2012 Candidates Forum at the Keene public library this afternoon. Several candidates for local and state offices turned out including Chuck Weed, Tim Robertson, Anna Tilton, Darryl Perry, Keith Carlsen and more. Hopefully these candidate forums will continue in future years, as this is the only one that I’m aware of happening.

As expected, Delmar Burridge, the opponent of Chuck Weed and I, did not attend. Presumably because he doesn’t want to debate his indefensible, inhumane positions.

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  1. Just a thought. Maybe it could have been later in the day? Maybe next time try to make it 6:00PM to 8:00PM or something? That way, maybe additional candidates and audience members will be able to attend.

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