Keene City Hall Gets Security Theater

The Keene Sentinel reports  the metal detector, installed Monday in the Keene City Hall, “comes as a temporary solution to safety concerns at 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene, which has been denied official accreditation from the judicial branch since 2009. The lack of a metal detector was the main source of concern to state officials.”
What “safety concerns” are there at the Court? Have there been instances of assault with weapons in the court lobby? Or is this just another example of a phony concern to lure people into submitting to warrantless searches?

Mayor Kendell Lane said, the metal detector is located on the first floor of City Hall by the elevator and stairs, which means anyone who goes to the upper floors for other city business will have to walk through it, too.
So, is the “safety concern” for all parts of the City Hall except for the Clerk’s office and Vehicle Registration?

Larry S. Kane, clerk for the 8th Circuit Court District Division, claims The State provided the detector to the court at no cost.
I’d really like to know if he honestly believes the metal detector was provided at “no cost”? Surely he realizes that funding came from tax-payers before being funneled to whatever company makes metal detectors.

Lane also claims the metal detector will be in the City Hall lobby only until a new courthouse complex is built in 2013 .
It is yet to be seen if this “temporary” and supposedly “slight inconvenience” will remain a permanent fixture to give people a false sense of security where no threat exist.

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  1. Well atleast he was nice and tried to ANSER questions

  2. Theirs was no threat are thay afraid of people being respectful and asking questions.dont get it


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