Keene State Rep Voting Results – 2012

The detailed numbers are in from the city clerk’s office regarding how many people voted in the Keene election, specifically District 16 State Rep, which covered all of Keene and featured three candidates – myself, incumbent Chuck Weed, and former state rep Delmar Burridge.

According to the results, 12,699 ballots were cast in Keene.
Chuck Weed won reelection handily with 60% of voters (7623) choosing him.
Delmar Burridge won with 44% of voters (5591) choosing him
I received votes from 11.7% (1490) of voters.

There were over 10,000 “blanks” in our race, which means many people either didn’t vote in the race at all or only chose one of two possible candidates. There is no way to calculate how many people voted in the race in total. Presuming everyone who voted for Chuck Weed comprises roughly the total number of voters in the race (there is no way to know for sure), then it appears about 1/5th of all voters in the race may have voted Libertarian – about 20%.

Thanks again to all who supported my candidacy. I’ll be back for city council in 2013!

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