Amanda Bouldin Interviewed on “Girard at Large” on WLMW in Manchester

Amanda Bouldin90.7 WLMW’s “Girard at Large” had Shire Sharing‘s Amanda Bouldin to discuss Free Staters and the police. Here’s part one and part two. State representative and Free State Project participant Mark Warden also called in.

In the audio, Girard references some nasty comments made toward the police during a recent poll he had on his website. He claims they “came out of the Free Keene people”. However, that does not sound to me like anyone from Free Keene, so I would like to know exactly who and what was said. I will be reaching out to Girard to find out more about his allegations.

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  1. i wish i could have called in

  2. David Crawford, you are a Keene native as a understand it. But you should be ashamed of yourself for creating this TV controversy. Free Keene deserves an apology from you.

  3. whats a “TV controversy” and how did i create it ?.. I dont know what you are talking about. (im not really a native btw)… Also… maybe you could identify yourself 🙂

  4. Your Facebook comments featured on TV

    Famed author of HOWL, Allen Ginsberg, once said, “Americans have to stop calling policemen pigs and use a different mantra.”

    Ginsberg was a wise man.

  5. Since David is an adult and lives in NH, I don’t know if he is a native. 2/3s of adults living in NH weren’t born in NH. As for Free Keene deserving an apology, David doesn’t represent Free Keene and never has. Nothing he says is a representation of Free Keene. Anyone that interprets in that way, doesn’t know what Free Keene is. David doesn’t blog here. He is just a person that comments here, just like you Guest and myself.

  6. I am Guest #2 and Guest #1 sounds like a blogger.

  7. you didnt answer what I asked .Nor have you identified yourself. . And if you are saying I used the term “pig” you are lying (and not identifying yourself)… No one needs to pay attention to someone,like yourself, who speaks falsehood in hiding. 🙂

  8. ok so lets break it down: your wrong about me being a “native” and your wrong regarding what I have said… and you’re doing it all from the shadows and not identifying yourself….mmm

  9. “Pig” comes from England and is a term like “Bobbie” and “Peeler”.

    All 3 terms come from Sir Robert Peel. Sir Robert (Bobby) Peel was a London pig farmer and pig afficianado who started the London Metro Police.

    The London cops were commonly referred to as “Bobby’s Pigs”.

    -Guest #2

  10. I agree that we should stop calling them, “pigs.”

    Mud-dwelling creatures that eat their own feces don’t deserve to be maligned by associating them with cops.

  11. lulz, you can make me laugh pretty hard sometimes, Maine Shark. (Guest 1)

  12. non of anything i said on facebook was featured in the tv clip

  13. I’m the one who said that the officer was known for arresting kids who do chalk art, which is 100% true. I am a life long NH resident, grew up in Lebanon, US Air Force veteran, past LPNH district vice chair and I’ve been involved in organizing things like the Killington VT secession and I wrote the eminent domain restriction amendment to the state constitution that passed a statewide vote by 76%, after proposing eminent domain against the NH vacation estates of US Supreme Court Justices Souter and Breyer.
    I agree that calling police ‘pigs’ is rude and inappropriate, and I agree that there are many good police officers in our state who consider themselves peace officers, not militarized SWAT team soldiers. When police officers behave admirably, heroically, they should be recognized and rewarded for their courage and sacrifices. By the same token, when police abuse their authority, they should be given similar publicly of a negative nature, such public accountability is the only way for we the people to ensure that our public servants do not fall under the delusion that they are our masters.

  14. “…I agree that there are many good police officers in our state…”

    99% of cops do give the rest a bad name…

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