2013 Keene school budget proposal: It’s for the kids.

This past Saturday, I called in to WKBK’s Talkback to discuss the bloated 2013 school budget with School Board Chair, Chris Coates. As of now, they have only two options on the table for us to vote on in March. Both involve increases in the tax rate. As usual, there is no 3rd option. Are you surprised?

Both Chris and Board Financier, Ann Szot, have said on many occasions that we should call our representatives in order to get this problem resolved. Typical pass the blame. Apparently the board made some poor spending decisions that have come back to bite them (like an unnecessary 40 million dollar elementary school with half of the funding coming from the state) And now the State is reneging on its funding.

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  1. I’m starting to think even Ron Paul couldn’t save Keene. What a hell-hole of statists seem to abound in that town.
    Maybe FreeKeene should move north and choose a small town with low statists.

  2. Indeed. He probably could not.

  3. It’s as if they have a permanent grudge against anyone who doesn’t praise the city government for yearly tax growth. As if there is no alternatives, no voluntary funding solutions for Keene.

  4. For those keeping track, the
    Keene School District (SAU29) First Session of the Annual Meeting was
    moved from Saturday at 9AM to Monday, 2-11-13 at 7PM at the auditorium
    at Keene High School. This is your chance to learn more about, debate and
    amend the 7 school district articles that the people of the district
    will vote on at the Second Session meeting on 3-12-13.


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