WBIN-TV Reports on Free State Project – Again

More from WBIN-TV about the Free State Project approaching 20,000:

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  1. Yes, that’s right, libertarians are a threat because *they’re trying to push their form of government on you*, not the other way around. 🙁 This way of thinking needs to go away!

  2. Perhaps now is the time to put the pressure on these “non-believers” !!!

  3. Republicans and Democrats have easy victims. The free staters are going to take away our easy meal ticket.You should join us free loaders and Stockholm syndrome staters in our hatred freedom. We need tax money for the poor so we dont have volunteer our time to help them. And because we use your tax dolllars to pay ourselves a salary instead of spending it on the poor, we need an early retirement. because we deserve a pension more than the poor deserves your tax dollars. down with free state


  1. WBIN-TV Reports on Free State Project – Again - Unofficial Network - [...] View original article. [...]

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