Robin Hooding Story Goes Global via the Daily Mail!

daily-mail[1]The Robin Hood lawsuit story has gone global! Thanks to Joshua Gardner of the Daily Mail in the UK for his story about Robin Hood of Keene and the city’s lawsuit against us:

A town has filed suit against a group that walks around refilled the parking meters of strangers in an activity they call Robin Hooding.
Named for the classic do-gooder and their town of residence, Keene, New Hampsire, members of ‘Robin Hood of Keene’ are accused of harassing the city’s parking enforcement officers in a civil suit filed May 2.
The group denies this, however. They say the city is just mad because of lost revenue from parking tickets.

When the group, which is also goes by Robin Hood and His Merry Men, finds an expired meter they refill it with change and then place a card notifying the car’s own what has happened.
‘Your meter expired,’ read the notes. ‘However, we saved you from the king’s tariffs, Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Please consider paying it forward.’

Also on the note is an address where those inclined can send money to the ‘Robin Hooders.’

The city of Keene’s lawsuit alleges the group has ‘regularly, repeatedly, and intentionally taunted, interfered with, harassed, and intimidated the PEOs [parking enforcement officers] in the performance of their employment.’

The suit names six members of the group and formally requests the court bar them from coming within 50 feet of the PEOs while they are on duty.
‘Besides following me,’ writes PEO Linda Desruisseaux in the suit, ‘crowding around me, making video recordings of my activities, and placing coins in expired meters to prevent me from writing tickets, these individuals repeatedly taunt and harass me.’
The Robin Hooders, of course, disagree.

‘Robin Hooding is about saving people from getting parking tickets,’ writes member James Cleaveland (aka James Robin Hood) on a website associated with the group called ‘The city has resorted to a civil case against me and others instead of a criminal one providing more evidence that no criminal actions were committed.’

Cleaveland claims the group has stopped the city from issuing 4,000 tickets.
Youtube videos of the group’s activities posted show members approaching and speaking to several parking officers. In most cases the officers try to avoid or ignore the Robin Hooders.

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  1. i wish all tthe robin hooders luck in beating the whiners from the city of keene, you allhave served your community by saving the citizens of keene the fee’s for the ticket that would unjustly rob from them and there families ,screw the parking enforcement officer’s they are stealing from the public i have seen the video you all post and this is not harassment pursuant to Nh Law keepup thr fight

  2. Sign up for the free state project at

  3. You are too kind, John. Those people in the “city” clique are not just whiners, they are whining spoiled children who are crying to daddy because they don’t want to share their toys. I’m not surprised at all that the residents of Keene are almost unanimous in their approval that finally some mature adults are standing up for civility, decency, and the principle of “looking out for your neighbor.”

    Let the whining spoiled children cry their eyes out and scream “it’s not fair.” It only makes them look worse (if that’s possible).

  4. Please understand that the “Robin Hooders” in our town are not “friendly do-gooders”. They are a rogue group of freestaters that among a host of other behaviors, have been treating the parking enforcement officers poorly for quite some time now. Please do not mistake their actions as altruistic — they are a cult that prey upon youth and vulnerable populations. They are deceitful, vindictive and self-centered individuals who are not an asset to this or any community. This media coverage is ridiculous — this is not an issue of putting a dime in a meter for the sake of being a good citizen, far from it.

  5. “I don’t shirk responsibility, I work with the city to get things done.” –Kim Diemond

    Hey Kim: why are you shirking responsibility for your opinion by posting as disqus_nzlfdT9Cqn? You must be ashamed of what you’re saying

  6. that is pure bull plop i have watched several of there video’s and they are not rogue nor do they exhibit bad behavior and for your information they are not a cult either before you speak and look stupid remain silent and at least keep a little doubt, if you can read look up the definition of “cult”. they are being good citizen’s saving the hard working tax payers from being robbed by the whiny little parking officer’s beside’s it is in there job description to take verbal abuse as people who get ticketed are not always happy, the parking officer’s need to stop whining like 2 yearolds and grow a thicker skin.


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