MSFI Committee Votes to Threaten Over 100 Dog Owners in Keene

sad-dog[1]Last night at the MSFI committee meeting at city hall the councilors voted 3-0 to send over 100 allegedly unlicensed dog owners in Keene “civil forfeitures” – a euphemism for threatening demand letters.

They claim they are just following state law, but they don’t have to. It’s wrong to threaten peaceful neighbors with fines and caging. These dogs are not dangerous – they are just unlicensed. Why should any free people have to beg the city for a permit to keep and love a furry friend? Why not license birds and cats too? Is this about revenue? What is it about? What happens if you don’t pay the fine? Do they lock you up or take your dog?

I encouraged the councilors to do the right thing and leave their neighbors alone. They ignored my advice and voted to threaten their neighbors instead. Sadly, I was the only one there to speak up for peaceful dog owners – and I don’t even own a dog.

Here’s the video – I come on at about six minutes in.

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