Anti-Robin Hood Protestors in Central Square

“You guys aren’t what this city needs” – Anti-Robin Hood/Free Keene Protestor Jon Cole

This past Saturday, midday, a group with signs opposing Robin Hooding and Free Keene gathered on Central Square. Most of them were from the Facebook group, “Free Keene from Free Staters“. Of the group, Rob Way was the most approachable and was willing to have a conversation. You’ll see that conversation later on in the series of raw videos from the encounter. When I arrived on the scene, as you will see, Kay points her umbrella towards my camera and despite speaking to me, hides behind it and her sign for most of the scene. It’s all very silly. It also seems contradictory. If you are putting yourself out there on Central Square and holding a sign, you clearly want to get a message out, so why would you refuse to be videoed by someone holding a camera?

Here is the series of uncut, raw videos as shot by me, Garret, and James Cleaveland:

Ian’s Cam – 1/4




Garret’s Cam – 1/4




James’ Cam

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  1. these people all sounds so extremely unintelegent

  2. I watched these videos, and I just think it’s despicable what the freestaters are doing to those poor people. For pulling this stunt, the freestaters are no better than FBI agents who drum up fake terrorism by entrapping some retarded person into incriminating himself. It’s so obvious the freestaters went to the local homeless shelter, found the most inarticulate, poorly groomed wretches whom they could persuade to assist in their ruse, probably in exchange for a free meal (or maybe a couple of free meals in the case of pirate-man).

    Look, this isn’t fooling anyone. It’s common knowledge that the FSP owns Keene, all but the mayor and police chief. The idea that this many people would stand out in public in protest against the Robin Hooders is laughable. What’s worse is the freestaters obviously neglected to do any acting coaching. And what was with that single-page of talking-points Ian gave the guy to read? It didn’t even make coherent sense! If you’re going to drum up fake opposition, at least give them a believable script!.

    The only positive thing I can say about this stunt is that it did create somewhat of a platform for expressing the opinions in this video, but they did such a poor job scripting the opposition points, that it made the powerful liberty reasoning seem much weaker than it really is.

    The liberation of Keene was completed a long time ago. If the freestaters want to earn my respect, they’ll move onto a real challenge, like Weare or Nashua.


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