Free Staters Attacked By Political Establishment in Bedford

1904001_10100608387952474_1653217756_n[1]Local politicos in Bedford are on the attack against two participants in the Free State Project who are running for local office. Aaron Day is running for school board and Matt Philips is running for town council. Local pro-state group, “Taxpayers for Quality Education”, sent out a hitpiece email which claims (pic1, pic2),

“The school budget, which does increase, is coming under attack, including by outside interests who have moved into our town with the express intent of taking over our local government.”

“…Aaron Day is a high ranking member of the Free State Project. . .send a message to Mr. Day and the Free Staters that they picked the wrong state.”

Plus, a former town councilor has targeted the duo and the FSP as a whole in his cable access show:

It’s yet another acknowledgement of how scared the statists are of the Free State Project, even at this early stage in the game. If you love liberty, you really need to get up here and join the fun!

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