Voting Recommendations For Keene School Board Election Tuesday

Here are recommendations from the NH Freedom blog for Tuesday’s vote. Keep in mind that if you are not registered to vote, you can show up at the polls on the day of the election and get registered right then!

Candidates for Office:
School Board Member (one-year term) – Ian Freeman
School Board Member (three-year term) – Steven William Lindsey (ONLY VOTE FOR STEVEN, not any other candidates)
School District Clerk – write-in Conan Salada
School District Moderator – write-in Darryl W. Perry

Ballot Questions: Yes on 2, 3, 4 and 5. No on all other Questions.
Question 1 – No
Question 2 – Yes
Question 3 – Yes
Question 4 – Yes
Question 5 – Yes
Question 6 – No
Question 7 – No
Question 8 – No
Question 9 – No
Question 10 – No
Question 11 – No
Question 12 – No
Question 13 – No

Wards 1, 2 & 3 vote at the Keene Recreation Center, 312 Washington Street
Wards 4 & 5 vote at the First Baptist Church, 105 Maple Avenue

Polls are likely open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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  1. If I lived in NH, I would love to vote. I need to move (he says for the 10th time). Thank you for the work you are doing. If your efforts can take hold in things like the school board, you will be striking at the heart of the beast of taxation/theft. Thank you for doing this work.

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