Live reporting of the Amanda Billyrock trial (log)

  1. Darryl W. Perry ?@DarrylWPerry  3h

    She pled to “disorderly conduct” and paid #Laconia a fine of $124
    (correction: the plea was to a charge of “disobeying an officer”)

  2. Amanda Billyrock trial in #Laconia is not happening, there was a plea agreement with no jail time to make a couple of the charges “go away”

  3. and the #Laconia judge left the court room

  4. another arraignment in #Laconia; I’ve yet to hear a charge with a victim… someone had a case dismissed because the officer didn’t show…

  5. #Laconia has another hearing, not Amanda Billyrock

  6. judge just showed up in #Laconia, he’s now having a video hearing

  7. Court Time is worse than Libertarian Standard Time

  8. judge in #Laconia has not yet entered the court, trial was scheduled for 1pm

  9. I will be live reporting the Amanda Billyrock trial using #Laconia follow the tweets @DarrylWPerry of on 

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  1. How can I read this if twitter is blocked on my network?


  3. Do they realized that she “plead” to something laudatory?

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