Rich Paul VOP Arraignment Video

2013_04_20_freerichRich Paul was arraigned Friday morning for “Violation Of Probation” and ordered to stay in a cage with no bail by John C. Kissinger because he’s supposedly a danger to the community. Ridiculous.

Rich can now be visited at the Keene Spiritual Retreat aka the county jail, or visit him online via Securus. Or, send him a letter via Mail-to-Jail.

Stay tuned to for the latest. The next step is the full VOP hearing, date unknown at this point. Here’s the arraignment video:

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  1. Keene does not appear to be “free” to me. Would have the same thing happen here in
    Texas. Take the free out of freedom and you have dom(dumb). Dom Keene….same as everywhere else.
    Free Keene…no it is not.

  2. In Texas would you be getting such outstanding video coverage of your imprisonment?

  3. Wow, I just got to the end of the video where Ian says, “we love you, Rich,” and the judge flies into a furious rage and shouts, “if anyone speaks again you’ll be removed from the courtroom!” This happens after the proceeding is over and all the parties are leaving. That is so bizarre. Why would saying “we love you Rich” evoke such an irrational response from anyone? Weird.

  4. That wasn’t a “furious rage”, you dumb shit.

  5. Bye-bye, convict … have a nice time in jail. One down, many more to go.

  6. I’d imagine its unsettling to the statists that not everyone finds their theatrics a convincing display of justice being done, especially with the audience saying “I love you, we’ve got your back” to the accused.

  7. What I got out of this video is that convicted drug dealer, convicted
    felon Rich Paul should have been locked up some time before this
    incident happened. He was not living up to the terms of his probation
    and should have already been sent back to the pokey. It is good to see
    him back where he belongs. Hopefully it will be a long time before he is
    out. Time for this lowlife to pay the price for his actions.

  8. Pay the price for his actions? Selling and smoking a plant that 1 in 9 Americans have smoked within the last year?

    Do you really believe this man is a danger to community, or are you just pissed off about chalk?

  9. Emphasize “many”

  10. LMAO … not that many. There’s plenty of room in our jails for more of you – believe me.

  11. The evidence and facts are clear: he violation his probation. What is theatrical about that?

    It must really suck for you FK misfits when you talk a good game about how the law doesn’t apply to any of you … until it does.

  12. First it is non toxic so no guilt or shame can come from the sales of Cannabis/Marijuana.

    Fact of the matter is: Rich wouldn’t be selling it if it was Taxed and legal because there would be no money in it for the little guy. Illegal Drugs are a secretive business, that carry the entire New World Order economy. You can’t have high prices without high risks. The police/Jail Guards rely on it, and the dealers rely on it as well.

  13. A heroin dealer stayed out of jail for wearing a wire during transactions with Rich, just so that the Fed’s could try and get Rich to wear a wire into the KAC.

    That’s right, your government decided not to prosecute someone selling one of the most addictive and deadly drugs on earth in order to try and infiltrate a group of peaceful people.

  14. Yeah just release more violent criminals early to make room. Or is having the highest incarceration rate in the world not enough for you?

  15. The theatrics is the big production pretending to have anything to do with justice. In the video, it looks to me like Rich Paul was breaking up a fight. How dare he!

    It must really suck for statists to discover that people can’t always be intimidated into obedience.

  16. Of course, that’s your story. The problem is that the truth is no where near what any of your stories are about.

  17. Aww … poor baby. Don’t want to follow the rules? Gee, that’s really too bad.

  18. And it must suck for society’s misfits like FK that the rule of law is what counts in this country. If you don’t comply, we have a place for you to stay and contemplate your refusal. It’s that simple.

    Your buddy Rich is going to be spending some quality time in jail now. I love it.

  19. It’s against the law – what part of that do you not understand? If you don’t like the law, then work to get it changed. If enough of us go along with you, then presto – law changed.

    Until then … follow the freaking law.

  20. Wow. You should check out North Korea. It sounds like you’d love it there.

  21. Really? You’re comparing North Korea to our society? Little girl, run along and let the smarter people have a conversation here.

  22. Government cockSmoke.

  23. “Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.” – Henry David Thoreau

  24. I don’t see anything unjust about drug laws. Hey, that’s funny … the majority of voters agree with me in NH! Follow the law, sweetheart – or face the consequences.

  25. I take it you like cock, Dave?

  26. Last time I checked, inalienable rights is what counts in this country. Perhaps I was wrong!

  27. You mean life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? We have those, sweetheart. It must really suck for you that you think you don’t have any of those … but that’s not my problem. All I do is laugh at people like you and wave goodbye as you’re carted off to jail.

  28. And I laugh at people who claim to believe in inalienable rights in one sentence, and in the next approve of people being jailed for exercising those rights. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  29. so perhaps Rich Paul shouldn’t be allowed near a chair as it could be wielded as a weapon? don’t let him cook a meal with a pan, maybe he can barbecue – oh wait, no skewers for him…

  30. Not as much as you do. You’re deep throating and bending over for the government.

  31. Marijuana is being slowly legalized and decriminalized nationwide. You must really hate that one.

  32. Actually, no – I don’t. But until it is legalized and decriminalized … follow the law.

  33. Really … how does one “deep throat” and “bend over” for the government, dave? Since you have familiarity with these activities as well, maybe you can give me some pointers.

  34. Breaking the law is an inalienable right? Wow … you’re not very bright, are you?

  35. The majority of voters in Germany agreed that Hilter should be Chancellor. If you’d been there you would have shoveled the Jews into the ovens while chanting “follow the law sweetheart.”

  36. I can see you as a guard at Auschwitz saying to the condemned, I don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re Jewish, but until it is legalized and decriminalized, into the oven with you!”

  37. So you’re comparing the Holocaust to marijuana legalization?

    Do you even realize how much of a fucking moron you truly are?

  38. Again … you’re comparing the Holocaust to marijuana legalization?

    And again: do you realize how much of a fucking moron you truly are? Roger, get professional psychological help: you desperately need it.

  39. the rule of law is what counts in this country

    If this country is ruled by law then why is HSBC able to launder money for Mexican drug cartels and terrorists without anyone going to prison, nor even losing their banking license?

    If this country is ruled by law then why are politicians able to formulate policy at closed-door meetings such as the Bilderberg conference in violation of the Federal Logan Act without any penalty?

    If this country is ruled by law then why are its presidents free to initiate non-defensive military invasions of sovereign nations, to perform mass illegal surveillance with no warrant nor suspicion of wrongdoing, and to assassinate US citizens with no trial nor indictment in violation of the US Constitution, Federal court orders and the United Nations Charter, and never suffer any legal consequences?

    Reason: because the only place the “rule of law” counts is in the fantasies of ignorant fools like you.

  40. I can see you as an SS officer of of the Third Reich, all proud of your stiffly-starched brown shirt, herding the Jews into the cattle trains, telling them, “it’s against the law to be a Jew – what part of that do you not understand. If you don’t like the law then work to get it changed. If enough of us Aryans go along with you then presto – law changed. Until then, it’s time for your shower!”

  41. If I were a moron then you would be giving reasons instead of calling me names. The fact that I have reduced you to name calling simply proves how correct I am. Thank you for adding to my credibility.

  42. If I were a moron, then you would be giving reasons why I’m wrong. The fact you have no reasons is why you have nothing left to say but to call me names, and makes it obvious that I am correct and that you have no option left but to resort to ad hominems.

    By the way, before you claim I need psychological help for rejecting your political dogma, you should familiarize yourself with the discrediting that technique has suffered since the exposure of its abuse by the Soviet Union.

  43. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

  44. Give the community the real story then? Show the community Rich’s victim then. You continue to gloat that this guy is in jail costing the community $40, 000 a year for the privledge. Can’t you come up with anything better to spend $40, 000 of redistributed wealth on than a cage for a human? Is is terrible $40, 000 is completely destroyed with no, none, zero, benefit to the people who have had this money taken from them through property taxes. Want to know why rent and property taxes are high? Look in the mirror.

  45. Keep spending money. Drive those property taxes higher and higher. Drive rent higher and higher. All over chalk. What a sick situation.

  46. Yes it was, but I’m not surprised you’re in denial. Your willing disposal of profanity for making a point belies the sort of poor upbringing that is characteristic of such as yourself who deny obvious truth even when it’s in their face.

  47. 83 victimless prisioners $40, 000 per year $3, 320, 000 every year Hey prohibitionist big spenders, enjoy your high property taxes and rents.

  48. Three things, Roger: You’re not as smart as you think you are; as such, you really need to find yourself some sort of clue; and you’re an ignorant, small little man without any power or position in the world.

    I’m laughing at you.

  49. It’s not a name; it’s a fact. The only credibility you have is what you believe. The rest of the world sees none from your standpoint.

    Again: I’m laughing at you, little man.


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