What Happens If You Don’t Speak at Court?

Who says court has to be boring? In Keene, 5 activists turned out to support me for a simple parking ticket arraignment. We laughed and joked as one wore a winter hat despite the court rules of decorum prohibiting headwear. We watched as the obedient slaves took their whippings and pled guilty to a bunch of vicimless crimes. Then it was my turn.

I decided ahead of time that I was going to try an experiment: I would remain silent. Would the judge get mad? Would he compel me to speak by threatening arrest? It turns out, he ended up acting as my defense attorney! Watch this 2-minute clip:

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  1. Interesting. Would challenge them on whether there is actually any evidence proving the plaintiff deity the “City” or “State” exists?

  2. How do you define “exists”?

    “Philosophical discussion of the notion of existence, or being, has centered on two main problems which have not always been very clearly distinguished. First, there is the problem of what we are to say about the existence of fictitious objects, such as
    centaurs, dragons, and Pegasus; second, there is the problem of what we are to say about the existence of abstract objects, such as qualities, relations, and numbers. Both problems have tempted philosophers to say that there are inferior sorts of existence as well as the ordinary straightforward sort, and they therefore often suggest that we use the word “being” to cover both kinds but restrict “existence” to “being” of the common, non-fictitious, non-abstract sort. (Sometimes the term “reality” is proposed for “existence” or for “being.”) The problems of fiction and abstraction are different, how ever, for there are both real and fictitious abstractions. For example, the integer between two and four is real, but the integer between two and three is fictitious. On the other hand, there are both concrete and abstract fictions; for example, the winged horse of Bellerophon and the integer between two and three. Accordingly, philosophers have often dealt with the two problems in quite different ways and perhaps ought to do so.

    While these are the two main problems, there are others, for example, that of what we are to say of the being of objects which have not yet begun, or have now ceased, to exist. The history of this subject, moreover, has been tangled with theological issues, to which it will be necessary to refer at certain points.”

    From: Paul Edwards (ed.) – Encyclopedia of Philosophy – New York. Macmillan 1967 – article Existence by Arthur Norman Prior, p. 141

  3. nice

    3rd person present: exists
    have objective reality or being.

    Basically, I am presuming the plaintiff on these things is City of Keene or State of New Hampshire or a similar abstract made-up “legal person”. The plaintiff on these predatory lawsuits is usually some sort of Leviathan-type deity of the Statist religion – a figment of the imagination. By Leviathan Deity I mean the abstract non-corporeal “sovereign” invisible higher powers of the statist faith like the “sovereign state of New Hampshire” or a similar imaginary “entity” like the “fictitious person” of a municipal corporation that only “exists” as an article of faith – there is no actual EVIDENCE upon which to base the existence of a Leviathan-type “entity”. So that is why I would challenge them on if there is any actual evidence that the alleged plaintiff exists – to highlight that their religious persecutions hinge on acceptance of an article of faith – and the allegations are thus unprovable to any sort of preponderance of evidence.

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  7. You don’t have to go to court and further validate their system while costing them price. 

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