Fraudulent Posers “Damon” and “Ashley” Ousted From NH Liberty Community


“Ashley” and “Damon”

A couple weeks ago two people calling themselves “Ashley” and “Damon” moved to Keene. The liberty community here is generally welcoming to new arrivals, whether they moved here as part of the Free State Project, or not. However these two, within a matter of hours, had put much of the community across NH on-alert.

The day after they arrived in Keene, they headed out to Manchester for the Liberty Forum, where they, according to various reports, proceeded to offend many of the people they encountered. They were asking questions that appeared to be designed to troll and some even said they were trying to goad people into attacking them physically. Later that night, they were ejected from a private club for reportedly asking patrons for drugs and allegedly stealing from the club.

I like to err on the side of being forgiving and welcoming, so despite the disturbing reports, I brought them into a facebook group for local activists. I wanted them to have a chance to make good on their mistakes and apologize for blowing their initial appearance here in NH. They were shortly thereafter confronted for their behavior by some who had been affected and they didn’t seem too interested in really owning up or apologizing. After it became clear they weren’t going to, the admins agreed to remove them from the group.

"Damon" aka Jared Higley

“Damon” aka Jared Higley as a Teen Without Sunglasses

It was pretty clear they don’t actually believe in the principle of non-aggression, as they committed theft at the private club and then after being removed from the facebook group, they committed fraud when they ordered a pizza to a Keene activist’s home without his consent. They admitted to this crime while in the LRN.FM chat room.

Meanwhile, a group of liberty activists started digging up information on “Ashley” and “Damon”. Rumor was that Damon was the same person as “Freedomain Damon”, who allegedly DOXed internet philosopher Stefan Molyneux and some of his followers (and critics). Mind you, I’m a critic of Molyneux myself, especially since Molyneux used copyright (which he supposedly doesn’t believe in) to attack Freedomain Damon’s critical YouTube channel as well as another critical channel by TruShibes.

Is the “Damon” in Keene the same FreedomainDamon? What is his actual identity and the identity of his transgendered partner-in-crime, “Ashley”? We’ve learned a lot and someone decided to launch a website dedicated to collecting information about the two, DamonDOX. Turns out, “Damon” is actually Jared Daniel Higley, born 10/02/1992. The investigators still aren’t sure what the real name of “Ashley” is, but evidence pointing to her actual identity has also been posted to DamonDOX, along with pics of both, links to various profiles, and more.

In the midst of the investigation, the pair showed back up in Keene at our weekly event, Social Sundays. They proceeded to harass the regular attendees with ridiculous, trolling questions, eventually nearly spilling a pitcher of water in James Cleaveland’s lap. “Damon”/Jared is the one wearing sunglasses inside in this video of them getting kicked out of the venue:

The investigation continues and DamonDOX is being updated as the team learns more. If you can add to the information at DamonDOX please comment on this article. They are still in Keene and driving a 2007 red Volkswagen Jetta with Idaho plate “2J 53376”. They are not good people and should be avoided. Activists across NH and the rest of the world should be-on-the-lookout for these characters.

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  1. Fall in line with the Revolution or get excommunicated and or imprisoned by the Revolutionary Guard!

  2. Not cool to dox nor to steal and fraud people 😛

  3. Why post a photo of someone as a teenager when you can post photos of the person as an adult? Seems perhaps inappropriate.

  4. Cause he has no sunglasses in it – updated the caption for you, Keith

  5. What’s the problem, they act just like Free Keene and Free State douchebags do all the time. Must be they haven’t genuflected and given praise to Dear Leader Ian yet.

  6. Free Keeners steal and commit fraud?

  7. You forgot to mention about Ian Freeman seducing a child and Free Talk Live Co host Mark Edge being involved in murder.

  8. I absolutely love it when someone turns the tables on the freetards and dishes out to the them the same kind of nonsense the freetards dish out to others. Now Fucktard Bernard and his minions are all butthurt about it.

    Can’t wait to see the results of the “investigation”. Oooooo … sounds so official and important, doesn’t it?

  9. I love what you free-Keeners stand for…even if i dont agree with every aspect of your methods. Keep peace and activism walking hand-in-hand!

  10. I think your negative “trolling” comments say much about your character Sammy. Your profanity laced dialogue only re-enforces the need to combat the ideas of uneducated, socially demoralizing, hateful, people like yourself who have nothing better to do than to try and bully people online. If you have a real problem with how they operate, then why do you not confront them in person instead of hiding your hate-speech behind a screen name.

  11. I’m all about non aggression, but this guy has already initiated aggression against me. I would love to see this pathetic excuse of a human being get what he deserves.

  12. No one has the right to force acceptance or association from others. If you misbehave or harm others it is quite proper and normal to shun them. They are still free to believe and behave as they wish and we are free to prevent our victimization.

  13. what were some of the trolling questions

  14. A fucking cigarett..labling someone a thief for one cigarett is more of a crime..
    and plastering it everywhere….maybe i havent seen the bad stuff yet …my zest for digging up proof of poor behavior…isnt strong

  15. What does he deserve? Please elaborate.

  16. Well, look, he’s got an entire page on me, outing me on a whole lot of personal problems in my past with a ton of hurtful, defamatory, libelous commentary about it and me. He also lists my address, my phone numbers (old), my family’s names and addresses. The page shows up on page one of a Google search. The cost in losses of future opportunities is unmeasurable. To say that I am enraged about the whole thing is an understatement. If I could get away with it, I’d seriously love nothing more than to beat the living shit out of the guy. I can’t undo what he’s done. What can I sue this loser for? What does a person like this deserve? You fucking tell me.

  17. These two used to belong to an online community I was involved in, after one of our members tragically passed away they harassed his family and other members of the community, posting hateful comments on reddit posts and a tribute video. They are truly toxic and should not be associated with.


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