Rand Paul Slips Out Back Door of Lindy’s Diner to Avoid Media

In a surprise move for a politician, Rand Paul arrived about twenty minutes early for his meet-and-greet event scheduled for 9:30am at Lindy’s Diner in Keene today.  Though Darryl W Perry and I were there before he arrived, figuring we had plenty of time, we had walked away to visit the Shipping Shack and check our mailboxes.  As we were walking back, I spotted Rand already arriving and walking in before we could make it back to the restaurant.  Figuring we’d hit him with some tough questions on his way out, we hung around outside, making the dumbest mistake we possibly could – presuming Rand Paul had enough integrity to walk out the front door.

Instead, just like Hillary Clinton did in Keene the day prior at an event at Keene Middle School, Rand Paul used the back door, actually leaving his own event before the time it was scheduled to begin!  Moments after his black SUV pulled away, WKBK newsman Tom Novak arrived and was disappointed to discover that by being on time, he was too late!

We blew it by not covering the back door, but at least got some footage of a Rand Paul staffer refusing to answer a question about allegations that Rand’s campaign staff has been calling state Libertarian parties and falsely claiming that Rand has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party and trying to get access to the libertarians’ mailing lists.

You know Ron Paul never would have pulled a move like this. Here’s the video:

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  1. Your “own kind” doesn’t even want to talk to you. Get a life!

  2. U mad bro?

  3. He probably didn’t recognize you two as media….

  4. BSIZZLE Shows what you know – Rand Paul isn’t even a libertarian.

  5. I know that but for the most part libertarians vote for Rand Paul.

  6. You are irrelevant to any candidate that you approach. Guess you don’t see that, well check all of your videos. Have a good day.

  7. We were there early but then we left to check our mailboxes and missed our interview. That is some dedicated reporting there.

  8. Yah there right on top of it. Day late and a dollar short!

  9. It sounds more like you were stalking Rand Paul. Try as hard as you may, you are not media. Every politician you jumped doesn’t talk with you.  I have as of yet to hear one question that means anything.

    Even if you covered the back door, his body guards would keep you far enough away he wouldn’t answer anything you asked.

    To be honest, I don’t like Ran Paul. He is goofy and he is way down the polls and I seriously doubt he will be elected to anything. He’s as crazy as his father.

  10. If only you could have asked your questions, this world would have become a better place. But, alas, you screwed up.

    They do BSIZZLE? Was your generalization the result of a lack of research on your part or have you pioneered a novel form of undetectable mass surveillance which divulges the names of voters, the candidates they choose to cast ballots for, and their reasons why?

  12. A willingness to subject himself to obnoxious assholes with cameras wouldn’t be a sign of integrity so much as stupidity.

  13. FARMER JOHN: Did you hear how Paul, the DC Politician, gave the Free Keene Ambush Press Crew the slip, in their own tiny backyard?
    BILLY BOB: Funny…so they failed again. Why didn’t they just go in to the Coffee shop and talk with him like everyone else?
    FARMER JOHN: Dude, they are _much smarter_ than that!
    BILLY BOB: Sure.
    FARMER JOHN: But what you also need to understand about these critters is this: it’s about themselves, FIRST. So sharing the stage in a
    restaurant with a room full of others? _Ain’t gonna happen_, because if they _can’t be IN the spotlight, on stage with the Politician_ then there will be _NO show_.
    BILLY BOB: Huh. Kind of sounds like Grandstanding Activism… any cure?
    FARMER JOHN: Only one that I know of, but its a long shot: Mirrors. Send them lots and lots of Mirrors. It’s the only chance they will
    have to see a clue.
    BILLY BOB: (NODS) Huh. So I guess they will be trying it again soon?
    FARMER JOHN: Absolutely! You know they do consider themselves some of the smartest people on the planet!
    BILLY BOB: Oh, yes, of course, right, my bad.
    The End

  14. Nope really don’t care much in the research of it. I have a real job and a life soooooo….

  15. Hahaha. Good for Paul. This makes me like him more. If only Mark had been there he might have talked with you. Ian almost always comes across as oppositional and condescending for no reason. Mark seems to save the attitude for people who deserve attitude.

  16. ThomasBabilon Too funny.  You would have never got  close enough to ask your “questions” and even if he heard your squeaky voices, he wouldn’t acknowledge you.

    ndeed! Good for you BSIZZLE! You should take pride in your accomplishments, even if they aren’t by anyone else’s standards in any way exceptional!

  18. RichardBauman Drac Vermell BSIZZLE
    As I’m sure you understand Richard, the Libertarian Party (LP) does not represent libertarians as a whole and has become mostly irrelevant since the death of Harry Browne in 2006. If anything reflects that irrelevancy more, it’s their nomination of Bob Barr for president in 2008. Barr was the archetypical advocate of the state. He was a vocal supporter of the War on Drugs both in his capacity as a bureaucrat for the DOJ and later as a congressman. As a congressman, Barr also voted for the PATRIOT Act and the USG’s military actions in Iraq. Outside of Barr’s criticism of the income tax, very little of Barr’s actions as a bureaucrat and politician indicated he believed at all in individual liberty. It also seems that his critics were correct as well, because Barr returned to the Republican Party in 2011.
    To address your USN&WR article, while I think that a LP nomination would be an interesting development, I doubt that Rand Paul would ever accept it. He has no reason to. While Paul’s spoken beliefs align with libertarians in a number of ways, he’s made it abundantly clear in his rhetoric that he is not a libertarian. And even if Paul’s unspoken beliefs actually are libertarian, his actions as a Senator clearly indicate that he is influenced more by political rather than ideological motivations. Understanding that Richard, what advantages do you think he would gain by switching parties, especially when you consider that his Senate position was obtained while running as a Republican? Obviously Paul has no chance of securing the Republican presidential nomination and since the state of Kentucky prohibits its seated politicians from simultaneously running for multiple political offices, Paul has absolutely nothing to gain from accepting an LP nomination.
    And as for my reply to BSIZZLE? It’s a shame that you misunderstood what I was pointing out, Richard. My remark was in response to two of BSIZZLE’s tired old clichés implying that I “get a job” and that I “get a life”. BSIZZLE’s use of these platitudes was intended to invalidate my reply to him while at the same time avoiding any of the work in doing so himself. Now that you’ve responded in his stead, it all seems so Tom Sawyeresque to me now. Maybe BSIZZLE is smarter than he appears? Regardless Richard, do you think that filling out a job application or maintaining employment is much of an accomplishment? Do you think that living a full and interesting existence is the same? BSIZZLE seems to hold such commonplace accomplishments in high regard even though people have been doing these things themselves since before recorded history. Why didn’t BSIZZLE pose more extraordinary accomplishments in his excuse, such as he was formulating a proof to Singmaster’s conjecture or he was competing in a contest for the title of world’s strongest billionaire? At least for those, he would deserve a pat on the head.

  19. Wow that was a lot to take in. Hey drac/ Ian Bernard shut the fuck up! Thank you.

    Don’t lie BSIZZLE. You don’t possess the adult attention span necessary to read anything that’s more than a few sentences long. And as for your vulgarly-worded demands? This is Ian’s site. He’s the one paying the bills. We’re both just guests. Who are you to be making any demands here?

  21. There is one thing I do not do and that is LIE. I tell it like it is and see right through the bullshit Ian Bernard. I think we’re all done here!

  22. Love it when someone sticks it to you losers.   I don’t blame Paul one bit.  No one wants to talk with a couple of idiots like you two.

  23. Drac Vermell  STFU DracDouche – seriously.

  24. MikeAB Drac Vermell
    No Mike. I won’t. Seriously.

  25. I thought Darryl Perry was running for president himself? And where is Cantwell? Nothing says “serious journalist” like a neckbeard with a gun.


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