Rand Paul Slips Out Back Door of Lindy’s Diner to Avoid Media

In a surprise move for a politician, Rand Paul arrived about twenty minutes early for his meet-and-greet event scheduled for 9:30am at Lindy’s Diner in Keene today.  Though Darryl W Perry and I were there before he arrived, figuring we had plenty of time, we had walked away to visit the Shipping Shack and check our mailboxes.  As we were walking back, I spotted Rand already arriving and walking in before we could make it back to the restaurant.  Figuring we’d hit him with some tough questions on his way out, we hung around outside, making the dumbest mistake we possibly could – presuming Rand Paul had enough integrity to walk out the front door.

Instead, just like Hillary Clinton did in Keene the day prior at an event at Keene Middle School, Rand Paul used the back door, actually leaving his own event before the time it was scheduled to begin!  Moments after his black SUV pulled away, WKBK newsman Tom Novak arrived and was disappointed to discover that by being on time, he was too late!

We blew it by not covering the back door, but at least got some footage of a Rand Paul staffer refusing to answer a question about allegations that Rand’s campaign staff has been calling state Libertarian parties and falsely claiming that Rand has been endorsed by the Libertarian Party and trying to get access to the libertarians’ mailing lists.

You know Ron Paul never would have pulled a move like this. Here’s the video:

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