Keene city candidates for mayor and city council 2015

Click on any candidate to read his/her answers to the Keene Sentinel Questionnaire. Answers are being updated as they are printed.



Kris Roberts

Rick Blood

Kendall Lane

Ward 1

Darryl Masterson

David Crawford

Steve Hooper

Ward 2

Toby Tousley

Brian Hansen

Carl Jacobs

Ward 3

David Richards

Joseph Losh

Ward 4

Bob Sutherland

James Duffy

Ward 5

Jerry Sickels

Thomas Powers

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  1. Kendall Lane will win. There is no way a freekeener will get enough votes to register. It’s like that every time the freekeeners try to run for office.

  2. is schuyler johnson

  3. Check out David Crawford’s biography:

    “Education: Brighton high school a little collage and my own learning which is on going and never endding”

    LMFAO. You just can’t make this shit up. What a moron.

  4. if anyone didnt know the way the at large voting goes: you get five votes in the primary and the top ten vote getters out of that are on the final ballot

  5. What? I told the truth…Learning is a good big part of life 🙂

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