Video of Chris Rietmann’s Friday Keynote Speech @ Keenevention 2015

Free State Project early mover Chris Rietmann made major news twice this year for first repealing all gun regulations in Alstead, where he serves as selectman. Then, he made further headlines for leading the effort to provide armed guards outside the Keene military recruiting center – a move which was controversial among the liberty community. Here’s the video of his Friday evening Keynote speech at Keenevention 2015:

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  1. “He made major news”? No, he was interviewed in a couple of newspapers. I;m glad he stood out in front of a recruiting center. That shows he is a patriot. freekeeners are not patriots because they choose to break the law and harass people.

  2. So, you’re saying that patriots support Free Keene. By inference, “freekeeners” must also be patriots.

    Breaking the law is patriotic, if the law is wrong, BTW. Many patriots have demonstrated their patriotism precisely by breaking laws.

    The word you’re looking for is “nationalistic.” A patriot supports the country and its people. A nationalist supports the government. If the government was acting in perfect congruence with the principles of the country and the will of the people, the difference would not be noticeable, but the moment there is any deviation from that ideal, it rapidly becomes apparent whether someone is a patriot or a nationalist.

    You’re a nationalist, not a patriot. Which makes you ill equipped to identify whether someone else is patriotic or not.

  3. There goes flinty spinning words around again.
    Pathetic, he learned that from his buddy and mentor draccc.

  4. Flint – You say breaking the law if it is an unjust law is being a patriot. No it isn’t. This isn’t 1776 it’s 2015. If you don’t like a law, you lobby to get it changed. Your poor choice of words do not change anything. Your assessments of me are way off the mark. I suggest you look within yourself and see all your flaws and that includes the freekeeners. Freekeeners haven’t changed anything. They haven’t changed a law, but have created a lot of enemies. That means there is no community support. You are part of a failing group of people who live by hate.

  5. If something was patriotic in 1776, it’s patriotic today. That’s basic logic. You might want to try it sometime.

    Of course, we don’t have to go back to 1776 to find change that was brought about by breaking unjust laws. I seem to recall that it was recently the anniversary of some patriotic lawbreaking. Something famous happened on December 1st, 1955, didn’t it? But I guess she should have just moved to the back of the bus and lobbied to get the law changed, right? Because that had been working so well, right?

    And no, my assessment of you is not at all off the mark. You’re a slavering nationalist who is driven by such abject hate that you can’t even use basic logic, or even read. You attack everything you see that isn’t precisely aligned with your nationalistic worldview, regardless of whether your attacks even make the least shred of sense (like claiming that the oldest radio station in NH isn’t “real” for lack of anything else to attack).

    Hate-filled scumbags may call them “enemies,” but it seems that plenty of folks in the community also support them. You’d know that, if you actually lived anywhere in NH, instead of just being an Internet troll who pretends to be a NH resident. The Robin Hooders, in particular, have huge support in the community.

    It’s really only a few hate-driven individuals like yourself (if you actually lived here) who oppose them. They simply happen to be blowhards who make a lot of noise, but they are in actual fact a small minority.

    Your assessment of me, on the other hand, is nonsensical. Of what “group” am I a part? And turning your hate-filled gaze on others does not mean that they are driven by hate. It’s a rather ludicrous claim to make about folks who are pushing for peace. “You want peace because you live by hate” just makes you sound (more) insane than usual.

  6. Flint – Give it up. It is 2015. It would seem you and the freekeeners like to live in the past which is why you haven’t accomplished anything in the present. Name anything patriotic you and the freekeeners have done that has been recognized by non-freekeeners as patriotic. I would suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what have you done for America.

    By the way, I don’t use the word “hate” those are your words which again shows the limit of your comprehension.

  7. “Of what group am I a part?” Lol you can’t even ask the question appropriately, that you and draccc try to avoid. Let me answer it for you, are you ready? I’ve said this time and time again. If you defend and support the actions and the ideas of the people who blog here, you are going to be lumped in with these asshats, and be “viewed” as part of their group. Now take time to process that into your tiny libertard brain, OK Flinty?

  8. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    It’s amusing that you brag about your ignorance, as if it were a mark of distinction. Instead, it leaves you taking the side of history’s monsters.

    I don’t have to prove my patriotism to a stinkin’ nationalist. Nationalists are down there with racists and other such scum – of less value to society than the mud beneath a beggar’s feet.

  9. Intriguing notion. So, for example, my neighbor is a pacifist, and some folks don’t approve a pacifism. If I defend him, that makes me a pacifist? If I worked to get same-sex marriage passed in NH (as I did, and as some of the Free Keene folks did, as well), ending decades of discrimination, does that mean that I’m now gay, because I supported and defended gay people? My wife would disagree with that, rather strongly…

  10. You’re so completely and pathologically obsessed with groups that you’re no longer capable of appreciating others as individuals, aren’t you? I know that this is difficult for you to accept, Bsizzle, but group dynamics models should not be the societal norm. In fact, you’re a perfect example of how this type of dynamic can affect your ability to critically evaluate the world around you.

  11. Hey look boys and girls, it’s the draccc and flinty show. Even though they are individuals in their own way, they support a group the free keeners, where there are individuals in this group, that are not right in the head and sadly they are the creators of this sham of a cult. They are the worst of the worst in the free state project, even viewed in their circle of friends as lose cannons. I’ve seen their friends in private pages have doubts about their actions and mental state, and they are individuals that don’t like what their doing.
    That being said, if you guys support such deviant behavior, even though you yourselves might be honest individuals, you still are going to look like dumbasses for liking some but not all of what free Keene is all about. It’s sad and pathetic.
    But don’t take my word for it, there failures speak for themselves. Lol.

  12. Really? You know my friends? Name even one of them. Doesn’t even have to be one who supposedly spoke to you privately, so you won’t be giving anything away. Just name one friend of mine.

  13. Omg flinty, you don’t get it.
    But that got to you. I’ve seen private posts disproving of the free keeners so they must be your friends. Thanks for the insight. If you did respond to my inquiries that must make you involved with free keene. What a dumbass!

  14. No one understands you, Bsizzle. You’re grammar here is so stilted and unnatural that it’s nearly impossible to be entirely certain what you’re saying. Are you a legitimate high school graduate, or did you just give up once you were old enough to drop out?

  15. Looks who is here for flinty, draccc, I type in my posts from the heart as if I was right there in front of you. Do you want to sit down for coffee sometime so I can spill all of my displeasure for you and flinty, and the keenaics? If you don’t like it, don’t fucking respond to it , it’s that simple, especially in others behalf. Lol

  16. If someone disapproves of “free keeners,” that individual must be my friend? How does that make sense, even in your irrational world?

  17. Wait for it, wait for it!

  18. If you’d learn to use your brain instead of your heart, you wouldn’t be losing this game of chess, Bsizzle.

  19. Why would I need to sit with you, drink coffee, and listen to you voice your displeasure, when I can read it right here, Bsizzle? Do you bother to read what you’ve typed before you post it?

  20. The game of chess against checkers you fucking dumbass is not for you its for the constant faults that the free keeners keep making. It’s not all about you draccc!
    What a dumbass, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

  21. This is an open forum, Bsizzle. If you wish to exchange pleasantries with Flint privately than do so by email or instant messaging. Otherwise, expect others to butt in from time to time.

  22. You have so many buttons to press, Bsizzle. It’s so much fun to see what happens when I press each one.

  23. Shoot then draccc, you keep responding to such drivel, huh?

  24. Keep us informed draccc?

  25. 21 words in response to my comments. Wow draccc! Got you right where I want you. The response to this?
    Bsizzle, you don’t have anything intelligent to fire back at us, the free keeners! Lol.

  26. Good night draccc, some of us have to be productive members of society tomorrow instead of support deviant assholes. Nite, nite!

  27. Hmm. These last few childishly predictable moves of yours has given me the impression you’ve changed the game from chess to checkers, Bsizzle. So if you really do have me where you want me to be, shouldn’t you be announcing “King me!”?

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