Can Shia LaBeouf DO IT and help the Free State Project reach 20,000?

As the Free State Project closes in on 90% of its goal of 20,000 people pledged to move to New Hampshire and get active to achieve liberty in our lifetime, Shia LaBeouf has some words of inspiration to help give a gentle nudge to those still sitting on the fence:

If you love liberty, please join the Free State Project and start planning your move today!

Need a few more reasons to move? Here are 101 of them, in our one-hour documentary, “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire“.

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  1. Very interesting. You have an actor who is completely nuts while looking like he is having a bowel movement. He never referred to the FSP once or moving to NH. I’m thinking the FSP ripped off a mock stand up and added their own spin to it. Can’t wait to see the copy right laws on this one. He says “If you are tired of starting over, fight on”. If someone moves to another state, they are starting over. This is nothing but poor propaganda for a failing cause.

  2. LoL Shia LaDouche. Pretty much a washed-up, has been/never was actor. You guys can really pick ’em.

  3. LoL … once again Bernard is exposed for being the lying sack of shit we all know he is. Here’s LeDouche’s original green-screen “motivational JUST DO IT” video. He in no way endorses the FSP or the Free Keene Douchebag Squad.

  4. So what you’re saying is you can’t think of even a single scenario where moving to another state could be a lateral move or better, hmm? Is that a psychological projection? You haven’t accidentally revealed something specific to your own career choices have you, Jacks?

  5. Drac Vermell you are missing what I said. Basically, the FSP took a previous video and used it to push their propaganda without the actors permission. The only thing you seem to do is try and point out flaws in people when you are very flawed. Again, this video is stolen and manipulated into something else. How pathetic

  6. I understood you perfectly, Jacks. But this “Do It” meme has been used for all sorts of different purposes, both on YouTube as well as on network television . You’re not protesting its use in any of those cases, are you?

    Since your primary observation was irrelevant, Jacks, I instead focused my attention on what was more relevant – your suggestion that a move to another state is a step down career-wise. I think that your statement to this affect is merely a reflection of your own experiences. Has my observation here reopened a wound of some sort, Jacks?

  7. Drac Vermell – Again, you try to switch the conversation to some irrelevant treatise about yourself on this website. Prove this ‘meme” has been used on Network television and all over youtube. I nor anyone else I know has seen this meme.

  8. No Jacks, I have no interest in doing such rudimentary research for you. You do have eight fingers and two opposable thumbs, don’t you? A few simple search words on YouTube even with your limited vocabulary will link you to all of the examples of this meme that you could possibly desire. If you can’t figure this out on your own, Jacks, then ask someone to help you.

  9. Thanks for the link Flint. I think we both know what Jacks will be saying next.

  10. As you do as well, except one of those thumbs of yours are stuck in your ass.

  11. Mike! It’s wonderful to hear from you again! And more bawdy expressions I see? Well, I suppose that’s to be expected. I know you mean well, but I’ve noticed that a lot of your potential has been left untapped because of this churlish disposition of yours. Increasing your level of emotional maturity might help you with expanding this potential. Get to it, Mike! There’s no better time to start than the present is there? Shia LaBeouf believes in you and you should too!

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