Mark Edge Exits Free Talk Live’s Airwaves

After ten years of service, Shire Free Church minister Mark Edge is leaving the airwaves of Free Talk Live, where he spent eighteen hours per week on-air creating entertaining radio with a variety of co-hosts and callers.

Now, he’ll no longer be behind a microphone on Free Talk Live and will be spending an indefinite period of time with his family each night. He is leaving it in listeners’ hands to decide when he can return to the show.

Here’s his explanation as to why from Saturday night’s final segment:

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  1. where was this video…did it get alot of eyeballs…i dont know where it would have been posted

  2. also…why not do the 5000 goal… thing..rally or whatever its called

  3. well…ok bye mark 🙂

  4. well i did a silver amp …its prob too little too late but…im am poorer than i just thought yall had enough because you say you get to go to talkers convention … and other things and didnt say you couldnt go so i thought it was good enough amps but… anyway… hope Mark … does what he needs to for his life etc obvio…if that included ftl it would be cool…but if it doesnt i hope he gets what he wants peace out

  5. Time to go edit magazines I guess. Because what I just listened to, will never get you over $50 let alone $5000. Take your ball and go home threats never work.

  6. the headline is “he exits” but .. he said it would happen contingent on something that could happen

  7. Oh well, Mark Edge has tapped out.
    I wonder if Ian Bernard will replace him with another delusion, entitled, murderer.
    Stay tuned….

  8. finding another murderer will be tough,i give u that…but diligence will prob prevail if Ian works hard enough,for a change

  9. I left a 6 figure job for FTL, but it’s not about the money. Oh and that 5 thousand dollars a month, I won’t see a penny of it….sure you wont Mark. Now you’ve cut ties with Chris Cantwell who was by far the most entertaining host you’ve had in years. All to appease this cry baby Mark. I say cut all ties with Mark, get a new sales guy and tell Mark to go find his 6 figure job. Arrogant prick!

  10. Any murders want to fill the shoes of this murder
    Anyone, anyone?

  11. Any murderers want to fill the shoes of this murder? Anyone, anyone!

  12. Mark Edge is a fucking murder!

  13. Anarchy (voluntaryism) doesn’t sell to the masses because the vast majority of Liberty loving people aren’t Anarchists.

    Vast majority of Liberty loving people are Minarchists.

  14. Now that douche Mark is gone, bring back Cantwell for good!!!

  15. And on another note about Mark. No I can’t fault him for wanting more for his family. But my goal in life of making as much as possible, left when I found the FSP. Freedom, and the fight for it, is more important than money. I could take my career down to Texas and earn a little more and enjoy the warm weather if I wanted to, but freedom is more important than my personal lifestyle. Amanda BR is supposedly coming back to NH, I’ll take her over a**hole Mark any day. His credibility is officially damaged over this.

  16. For me, Mark Edge is a very excitable host and needs to take a chill pill before going on air. His content didn’t bother me but his delivery did. A little irritating at times for my brain.

  17. are you in nh asshole? Mar5ks been here over ten years bringing people to liberty everynight… go fuck yourself and stfu… you fucking idiot

  18. micheal ASS … you talk like a dumb ass

  19. this was to micheal ass’s ignorant comment

  20. @davidinkeene. I’m not sure how my opinion incinuated such hateful remarks, but since u brought it there… GO LICK UR MOMS ROTTING CUNT U LIL BITCH.

  21. you are are piously condemning Mark ….IF you are in nh ;for how long and what have you done to be standing so high as to so severely condemn Mark who has been here over ten years and works liberty everyday …. you must really do alot to be so high up as to condemn that…so please… how long and what do you DO?

  22. if you have no constructive response except for ignorant personal attacks go jump on king marks cock again u wothless fucknut.

  23. k got it; you got nothing…lol thats why i said stfu..bc you got nothing but childish expletives lol …and not even interesting ones lol ..get some substance and come back

  24. im a Cisco networking architect living in the Midwest and a signer for the FSP which I can only find jobs paying 75% of what I make now but I still planned on moving. But if there’s nothing except cuckold pansies like you and Mark there then I guess Texas is a better option.


  26. again ,mark moved over ten years ago and hammers liberty and the fsp EVERYNIGHT for those ten years.. you should check yourself asshole…ps he didnt whine,as you are doing,”im not moving because he’s there” go fuck yourself; stay there ass

  27. LOL!!!! Im sure all u do is lick Marks buh-hole, which doesn’t exempt you from bing a total waste of space. run home now son, Mark needs his daily shining!

  28. mark did more than “sign” a paper micheal ass…. i will make that contrast to you micheal ass…lol as i have done ..

  29. yes, and that is all you will ever do, besides finger and sample Marks fudge factory. umm, we’re all still waiting for u to tell what u do..


  31. I haven’t listened to FTL for a few years now because I got so damn sick of Mark. Will give it another listen now. Thanks!

  32. what is your problem with mark micheal ass?

  33. what didnt you like about mark oooorgle

  34. well hes gone now anyway so it dont matter i guess

  35. I think Mark’s plea is quite reasonable. It moved me to amp as I’ve considered it for awhile but have been too lazy and complacent. It’s not about what Mark could have done or whether you like him. The issue here is that FTL provides us with entertainment, spreads values many of us share, informs us and does it all for free.

    FTL has gotten a little stale for me personally. I miss the hosts of old, and wish Ian was a little less of a dick to some of the more “colorful” callers. FTL has a great track record though and I’m hopeful for the future.

  36. Dickbutt

  37. I think it’s cute how Mark stormed off after his beloved “free market” decided he wasn’t worth 5 Bucks a month. That good ole’ “free market” is a different story when it bites YOU in the ass. Enjoy, Mark! Now YOU know what the rest of us n-words have been going through in this snake pit of a country, you arrogant shit! Got Karma???

  38. youre ignorant, wayne

  39. From a great profiteerian, I’m sure, and from a pampered shit who has probably never wanted for anything. Nice theories till YOU are in the hole. Mark Edge is proof. Stinking pussy didn’t like it when the “FREE” market bit HIM in the ass. He just liked it when everybody else (ALL LAZY SOCIALISTS, OF COURSE) had hard times.

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