Free State Project Signups Accelerating – Now at 91%!

Just nine days ago, the Free State Project announced it has reached 90% of its goal of 20,000 libertarians pledged to move to New Hampshire and get active to achieve liberty in our lifetime.

Now, in just over a week’s time, the percentage is up to 91%! That’s 200 signers (from 18,000 to 18,200) in 1/3 the time it took for the previous 1% (about a month).

If you’ve been thinking about signing up, why wait any longer? You don’t want to be in the second batch of 20k, do you? Take a moment to join the Free State Project! Once we reach 20,000 signers, the official move begins in which you have five years to make the move to NH, so start planning now. See you in the Shire!

Want to help the FSP cross the finish line faster? Donate to their final pledge drive here.

FSP 91%

Don’t let it get to 100% without you!

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  1. Wow 2% jump in just over 2 weeks. Amazing.

    FreeStateProject Twitter is on FIRE about to hit 70,000 followers. Whoever is running the FSP Twitter is doing an outstanding job

  2. Wow, a whole 1% increase. You can’t prove these people will move to NH and less then 3% would even consider moving to NH. It is amusing watching you celebrate something that means nothing.

    Maybe I will start a petition for people to sing stating they will move to NH and stop freekeene

  3. Wow … How many of those people have actually moved to NH? LoL. At the most, maybe 1500.

  4. @FreeThisAssholes: So, if 1500 moved before they even promised to do so, that says a lot about how many will move in response to their promise. Your complaint backfires, does it not?

  5. Heather Poole – “runningwolfkenpo”? Is that your inebriated name for me? I would think you could do better.

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