150+ Reasons to Move to Keene, Updated for 2016

keene-postcardInspired by the Free State Project’s 101 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire, in 2008 the original 101+ Reasons to Move to Keene was released, then later updated to 130+, and finally 150+. The list is a collaborative effort by local early movers for the Free State Project and describes many of the things that make Keene a unique activism opportunity and great community in which to live.

With the FSP reaching its goal of 20,000 pledges to move to New Hampshire, it’s time for future-movers to start seriously looking at their destination options.

Keene is big enough to have the conveniences of a city, but small enough to be walkable. For activists of all stripes, it’s easier to have a larger impact here because the population is smaller than Manchester. Check out the 150+ Reasons to Move for details on the area’s conveniences and demographics. Plus, liberty activists already have a major footprint here. Free Keene is not only an international source of news of activism across NH for Google News, but locally we serve as a much-needed third news-and-opinion destination for Keene area inhabitants.

Liberty activists here have built bridges with the community through volunteering, sponsoring local charity, and even working to assist Keene police when they are doing the right thing.

DJVCS PosterThough many more people move to the big city, Manchester, for obvious reasons like more jobs, Keene is high on the list of destination choices for many people planning their move. That’s likely because of the historic, publicity-generating activism that has transpired here over the years. There’s even a feature-length documentary about a year of activism here, “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree“.

Recently, Keene activism has become more political with multiple candidates for office, petitioned warrant articles for school board, and election media generated by FSP early movers, like Darryl W. Perry’s excellent mayoral debate, which received accolades for its fairness.

As a result of the loads of media, both internal and mainstream that we’ve generated over the years, more people in Keene know about us – for better or for worse. That means there are a segment of people who fear change that have and will continue to lash out at liberty activists here. However, as the Free UBER activists found in Portsmouth, that’s what happens ANYWHERE the state is threatened and that activism is publicized. People form strong opinions for/against said activism.

Keene’s not without it’s challenges, but it’s the challenge that attracts so many here. Keene is the Western outpost of the Shire and we are shining the light of liberty to keep the encroaching statists from NY, VT, and MA at bay. Consider Keene as your destination for the Free State Project. Here are 150+ reasons why you should.

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  1. This is amusing. You want people to move to NH that are like the freekeeners. Interesting how you left out the fact that these people should have jobs before they move to NH. You show that hilarious picture of Derrick J getting busted as a selling point to moving to NH. Yeah, good luck with that one.

  2. Pathetic!

  3. Don’t be fooled, people. These “Liberty activists” are despised by the local community in Keene. And don’t confuse these Free Keene weirdos with the Free State Project, because they are very different.

  4. Keene so called Parent , Ill ask why at the MFS board meetings , Southwestern Community actions meetings , at swamp Bat games , even the YMCA people credit Activist for standing out .
    Even a large number of locals in the down Town area speaking against Stop Free Keene how they are just cyber bullies and people who dont mind their business .
    Most recently a public Meter Maid going to JPs child family hearing with the fat grossed out looking Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb whos Husband is a Felon still paying restitution for Felony Larson .
    Or the old drunk grumpy gimpy guy Ed FAKE .
    Or Jenn Schmidt who lied to a Law Enforcement Officer telling him theres no Restraining Order on Her husband Matt Schmidt .
    There is an active order of restraint on Matt Schmidt .
    But to have a restraining order put on you then go to his family hearing Im sure did not impress the Judge to make his decision in JPs baby mama favor .
    In fact it probably looked pretty elementary to him .
    Seeing the video of JP confronting Jane for going to his family hearing was great , Officer Tim Peliquin says he is going to the City to address it .
    So even your own community including cops are not impressed with the obsurd actions of this hate group.
    Speak for yourself FAKE PARENT . Garret and Grahm were the only bump in Free Keene .
    Im no fan of their B.S. in Robin Hooding
    But most people and businesses donate to free keene , give discounts even pay for meals .
    So speak for yourself , come up with solid proof that Keene residents dont welcome Free Keene .
    Other wise shut the fuck up and go get a tampon .

  5. Mountain AGORA – You are a liar. Those are all your words. Prove any of what you said.

  6. Mountain AGORA is none other than jp, Matthew Phillips, John Phillipiano, etc, etc, what ever fake name he wishes to chose. He is a DEAD BEAT DAD, and has multiple kids which he takes care of ( sarcasm ), and is the scum of the earth. You my friend in your own wording ARE absolutely, and unequivocally, a “FAKE PARENT “! You are psychotic, and totally delusional, which BTW is another word you love to use, ironic huh. And as far as restraining orders go, I think you should check out stop free keene’s Web site. I’m pretty sure I just saw pictures of a restraining order that is has been canceled. You should check your facts first, you fruity bastard, before opening your dumpster of a mouth!

  7. Mountain AGORA is JP Matthew Phillips, you know: The walking penis with ears.

    h t t p : / / stopfreekeene.com/2015/07/23/free-keene-fruitcake-ii-lawsuit-bugaloo/

  8. Mountain Agora, or lets just call you who you are, JP. Glad to hear you bring up your court case, From the notes I have seen, it was very interesting and eye opening to all your fraud, crimes and habitual lying. Never served a single day in the Navy, lol. Kids teeth rotting out of their heads because you refused to let them go to the dentists, 8 kids, soon to be proven 9, with how many different wives/women. Sadly, you refuse to financially support a single one of these kids and the only 2 you are trying to have a relationship with is all about you getting more welfare money and food stamps if you can list them on your paper work. But hey, lets not take this anonymous posters word for it, shall we post court transcripts right here on Free Keene’s web page? After all, this is a media outlet who wishes to get the truth out there.

  9. JP – Only mentally unstable people write about themselves in the third person.

  10. Thank you everyone for your truthful answers here. Jp is a delusional unsuccessful parent! Pray for his multiple children!

  11. It looks like Mountain AGORA doesn’t have the balls to stand up for himself. That’s because he’s a spineless derelict! I hope you can’t sleep at night knowing that you ran out on your multiple families, you waste of breath!

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