RT’s Libertarian Presidential Debate Features Darryl W Perry!

Free Keene blogger Darryl W Perry‘s presidential campaign got a major boost this week as RT included him in their Libertarian Presidential Debate. The debate was broadcast live on global free-to-air satellite, online, and on various cable networks:

Hosts Tyrel Ventura (the son of Jesse Ventura) and Tabitha Wallace asked thoughtful questions covering a wide range of issues. The debate was excellent and Darryl knocked each question out of the park and was the clear winner on the stage.

Will the Libertarian Party get back to its principle of non-aggression and nominate Darryl or will they continue their recent history of being watered-down, and select a different candidate?

Only time will tell. Meanwhile, you can donate to Darryl’s campaign of civil disobedience (he’s not filing with the FEC and only accepting alternative currencies like bitcoin) and learn more on his campaign website.

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  1. FTL_Ian The moderators were too dull. The ONLY hardball question was given to DarrylWPerry, about DC. He answered it with flying colors!

  2. It would appear this fiasco was nothing but paranoia and ridiculous questions and answers. Of course it was on some obscure channel now one watches.

  3. Hey Perry, time for a GoFundMe page to fix those fucked-up teeth of yours.  You look like an extra from the movie <i>Deliverance</i>,

  4. it was cool that one of the candidates said hed vote for darryl  🙂

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