Welcome to Our Newest Blogger, Ethan Glover!

Ethan Glover


Welcome to Free Keene‘s newest blogger, Ethan Glover! He’s a longtime liberty blogger who last year jumped headfirst into Cop Blocking across New Hampshire and logged countless hours in the streets. Now he brings his perspective here to Free Keene. Here’s his bio from the Bloggers page:

Ethan Glover moved to the Keene area of New Hampshire at the height of 2015 to be around like-minded people. He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist. His first major liberty project was building the brand of NH Regional CopBlock. He helped grow the subscriber base 900% in one year. Ethan also does a sporadic podcast that brings online arguments to the real world called, “Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live.” He has a large interest in digital marketing and online media. You can find more about Ethan on his personal website.

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  1. Oh so Ian Bernard has taken JP Phillips (Mr. Ex-navy seal) sloppy seconds? Ethan at least realized that JP is crazier than a coconut and defected from NH regional cockblock. Now he is conspiring with another group of loonies, Free Keene. Good luck ethan, your going to get burned here also.

  2. I believe Ethan tried to get on Stop Free Keene and was posing questions that were inappropriate. Thank God he was figured out very quickly and blocked

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