Silk Road Founder’s Mother Interviewed at Porcfest

Porcfest wasn’t totally square this year – thankfully they still welcomed underground drug marketplace Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s mother Lyn as a featured speaker. Vlogger Tarrin Lupo recorded this interview with her:

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  1. Ulbricht was selling drugs, murder for hire, and God knows what else. Of course his mother is going to defend him. He knew the laws and he chose to break them. Now he has to answer to what he has done. I am glad an idiot like him will never see the light of day again.

  2. I will be glad when that idiot Ian Bernard never see the light of day as well. We know how much Ian admires Ross and his “work ethic” and who knows maybe he took a page out Ross’s play book and was using the dark Web to sell drugs and the like. I bet the FBI is just building a wall of paperwork to nail Ian Bernard, Rich Paul and company to the wall!
    I can’t wait it’s gonna be great!

  3. Jumping Jacks  Now Jacks, you know very well that Ross Ulbricht’s conviction was for seven criminal counts involving computer hacking, money laundering, and conspiracy. There was never sufficient evidence to implicate him in any murder for hire conspiracies and the original admission of that charge was later removed from the indictment. Now we all know that your memory is very unreliable, Jacks, and even though there are plenty of keen eyes out here that will catch your seemingly endless mistakes, don’t you think you should at least try to better prepare yourself before you decide to troll?

  4. So I guess Ross Ulbricht is a real stand up guy, and pure fixture in society to the typical libertard standards here? What delusional thinking.

  5. GGGMAN  Is “Keene Hates Heroin” aware of your recent e*fforts here, Michael darling? Don’t you think you should get on their blog and confess to the rest of the membership what you’ve been trying to do here? You know, before it’s too late?  If you want, Michael, you can submit your confession here first. That way I can check it for all the spelling and grammar mistakes you’re sure to make! You really should consider doing this soon, sweetie. I’m certain this will greatly lighten the load that’s been burdening your conscience as of late, lamb. After all, they say that confession is good for the soul, don’t they?

  6. GGGMAN  I’m ready for you to submit your confession, Michael. Whenever you’re ready, darling!

  7. FYI the ” Keene hates heroin” president lives literally three doors down from the SLAP/KAC
    and is very aware of the devious nature of this group of derelicts. Looking for drugs from Free Keene was a ploy. This concludes our broadcast day! The more you know the more you grow, right Sgt. Short?

  8. BTW what is a e*effort that doesn’t make any sense. And E for effort, well that explains it all.

  9. E*effort is the dictionary? I say nay, nay! What an ass.

  10. Nite, nite! Don’t let the grammar bugs bite!

  11. GGGMAN  My, my, Michael darling. Four posts in just under ten minutes? How intrepid of you, sweetie! And you’ve even managed to keep your cool in all of them! What is this, dear, no empty threats of violence tonight? Not a single menacing invitation to “talk” with you at your place of employment? Not even one proposal to “meet” with you, your Bosnian comrades, and the rest of your valiant crew? Now why is this, lamb? Is it possible that you’ve made a resolution to start behaving a little bit less like a petulant child? Well bully for you, Michael! You’re finally showing some signs of growing up!

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  13. GGGMAN  You know, Michael, using your chess analogy one could say that you just captured my pawn in exchange for your queen. Do you think you’ll be able to checkmate me soon using your remaining pieces, darling?

  14. So I’m curious Ian, what lawyer are you going to use when the FBI present their case against you in court? You know seeing that your previous scumbag libertard lawyer was disbarred? He’s just another fake, fraud like deviant, entitled dumbass libertarian that has been taken down by the “Statists”, eh Ian Bernard? You guys are such fuck ups in life that it is just in your nature to think you are above everyone else. Truly pathetic!

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  16. Now, now Michael? Even Creepy Crawford is more insightful than Drac Vermell. It doesn’t take much I guess. Get a clue.

  17. GGGMAN  You aren’t really questioning my level of perspicacity, now are you Michael darling? My goodness, that’s very strange coming from the likes of you!
    Would you like to take a trip down memory lane, dear?
    Remember when you lost control of your temper and divulged your workplace address to Flint? You know, so you could get back at him for defeating you in a battle of wits? My goodness, that was a rib-tickler, wasn’t it lamb?
    And remember when I later just as easily hoodwinked you into surrendering your real name? You know, so you could get back at me for defeating you in a battle of wits? My goodness, that was funny too, wasn’t it sweetie? Especially afterwards when you pretended that you had made the name up!
    I hope you can see your pattern of behavior here, Michael. You don’t really need me to go on, now do you?

  18. And what is this I hear, Ian Bernard is running for Governor? With his reputation I say good luck to yah. What you should be getting ready for is running from the FBI and the IRS.
    Start stretching!

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