Why Isn’t It Gay to Be Armed?

A woman contacted me on a Facebook page I manage called LGBT for Gun Rights and asked me about being an armed gay man who likes to go to nightclubs. Do I carry into clubs? Would I violate the law to defend my life? What do I have to say to people who would have me disarmed? Find out here!

(Interview starts at 12:49)

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  1. Derrick, you can’t conceal carry a gun. You were turned down for that permit. So why would anyone ask you anything about carrying a gun?

  2. Jumping Jacks  I wonder how you’ve managed to forget the fact that New Hampshire is also an open carry state? Reading through your past comments, Jacks, one gets the impression that the only thing you seem know about New Hampshire is the name of its governor.

  3. Now now Jacks, open carry New Hampshire blah, blah, blah. The sad part is if Derrick J didn’t decide to act like a tool while protesting all these years to prove a point, what point we don’t know, then he would have a license to conceal. But alas he just another dumb, entitled, libertard. When will these asshats ever learn? Never, thankfully. Keep up your “noble” work, it amuses me !

  4. GGGMAN  My goodness, Michael darling, what an interesting little idea you have here! A license that must be applied for first in order to be granted official permission to exercise a constitutional right? My, you’re an impressionable one, aren’t you dear? I certainly hope that this level of ignorance you’re displaying doesn’t extend into your investment portfolio as well, hmm sweetie? You don’t happen to own several deeds of sale to the Brooklyn Bridge, now do you?

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