Candidate Spotlight: Conan Salada, State Rep, Keene – Ward 4

I’m pleased to announce that I am running for NH State Rep, Cheshire county district 7, Keene ward 4. Some of you may be wondering why I am running as a Democrat as opposed to a party more aligned with my ideology. This is because of the difficulty getting 3rd party candidates on the ballot. No, I’m not trying to hijack the Democratic Party. Perhaps one year I’ll find the extra time to collect 150 signatures and run on a liberty party ticket, or maybe, if elected, I’ll have the much needed opportunity to tweak NH’s ballot access laws which currently favors the monopoly held by the D’s and the R’s.

The next step: defeat incumbent Gladys Johnson in the State Primary held Sep 13th.

Big thanks to Darryl Perry for producing the following 5min candidate’s profile video and for making the same opportunity available to all interested candidates in the region.

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  1. Another freekeene goober running for office. Conan has run multiple times before and has never been elected. Why does he think he will this time? Delusional thoughts are often freekeeners only way of living.

  2. go conan !

  3. Jumping Jacks Another native with bad teeth and probably riding around on a bicycle who can’t comprehend what Live FREE or DIE means.  By lowering taxes and getting government out of your life, you probably could afford to go to a dentist and make something of your life, but instead you seem to prefer your place on the plantation.  You would rather troll this website and complain than break the grip of the ruling families that have directed your pathetic life for decades upon decades.  Go back to your trailer in Incestor (sorry Incestah)…  I fully endorse Conan Salalda!

  4. Integrals Jumping Jacks Reading your rants and raves only shows what kind of idiots would actually vote for that moron.  Since there are so few of you and more intelligent people like me, He will never be elected. Since you support an idiot, your rants and raves mean nothing.

  5. Jumping Jacks

    Which of the points he made in the video do you disagree with and how would you refute them ?

  6. Jumping Jacks Integrals Speaking of idiots, Jacks, do you remember the time when you used to make ridiculous claims about your advanced medical credentials and business acumen? I certainly do. I also remember that It didn’t take you very long to make a complete blunder of those deceptions. An intelligent man should have been more capable at maintaining the credibility of such claims, don’t you agree Jacks?

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