Andover Beacon Delivering NH Liberty Party Candidate Statement to All Households

Andover Beacon LogoI’m grateful to the staff of the Andover Beacon, a monthly local paper delivered to all households in Andover, NH. Thank you for inviting me to prepare a 250 word statement that is being included in their voter’s guide that is being delivered to mailboxes today! They asked me to talk about some key issues. Here’s the statement:

The biggest issue in New Hampshire today is drug abuse and the solution is simple – end prohibition. We know from history that prohibition is a failure and only makes the problems with addiction worse. Jailing and forcing addicts into treatment is not compassion. Prohibition should be ended for all drugs and addicts will feel safer to seek help when they aren’t afraid of prison.

Another big issue is the constant presence of the federal government. Its taxes and regulations are an ongoing burden to our people and businesses. They do not provide anything of value to us in return for our money and obedience and only put us in great danger with their war-mongering around the globe. It’s time New Hampshire ends our involvement with the United States and declare independence.

Of course, seceding from the federal government won’t solve all our problems in New Hampshire, but at least we’ll have more resources and freedom to make our own choices. One major change that should be made to the state government is to make all taxes consensual. It’s wrong to threaten our neighbors if they do not agree with supporting certain government programs. Making taxes voluntary is a huge paradigm shift and will instantly make all branches of government more accountable to the people. They’ll know their budget isn’t a guarantee unless they actually make taxpayers happy.

I’d also like to see ballot access made fair for all political parties. Thanks for reading! Visit for more info.

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  1. But, but we have to use coercion to pay for your “protectors” or somebody will come along and coerce you.

  2. You are being investigated for child porn. You advocate sexual relationships between children and adults. You honestly believe you are going to win anything?  Too funny

  3. People are still going to OD in your version of a “free” society. Get a fucking clue Ian Bernard, you drug dealing pederast!

  4. BB SIZZLE Kitten, don’t you think that maybe you should steer clear of using words that you clearly don’t know the meanings of? This practice of yours tends to greatly diminish the quality of self-righteousness often present in your defamations.

  5. How about you drug dealing, kitty loving, pederast! LMAO… it rolls off the tongue, eh?

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