“Windham Watch” with State Rep Mary Griffin Features Ian Freeman for Governor

I had the pleasure of being a guest on “Windham Watch” with host Mary Griffin, a longtime state representative who is just about the sweetest little old lady anyone could imagine. She did her research on me and had some really great questions! This was easily the most fun I’ve had in my 2016 campaign for governor. I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet Mary and be on her show for a full episode!

We covered various issues including New Hampshire independence, drug prohibition, peace, and more!

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  1. Ian you didn’t say anything important. You just spewed your BS freekeene propaganda.  By the way, most people would have dressed up to be on a show like this. You looked like a bum.

  2. State rep Mary Griffin says, “well your a nice young man” Ian Bernard says, “wow you did your homework” about Mr. Bernard. I think Mary should be told the real story about this nice young man. I think her tune would change when she finds out that you were raided by the FBI for kiddie porn and a cachet of drugs, that you date underage children, and are a hopeless narcissist. You don’t have a chance at being governor! Your doing this to seem relevant, and are trying be a big fuck you to the “man”. Your a tee-shirt of the month, at best.
    Sincerely, Mr. Anti-Activist.

  3. I’m crushed Ian Bernard didn’t win!
    Well maybe another time. Nah you’ll be in Federal prison by then. Buh-bye!

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