VIDEO: “Bill Clinton is a Rapist!” Shouted During Clinton’s Speech in Keene

Apparently conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones has offered $5,000 to people who can get on television for shouting “Bill Clinton is a Rapist”.  Yesterday, it happened in Keene during the Bill Clinton speech:

Jones’ challenge appears to be working, as the Keene Sentinel, after mentioning the two men who interrupted Clinton’s speech by repeatedly shouting the phrase, went on to discuss some of the sexual assault allegations against him. Kudos to the brave, unknown activists who smartly shouted out near the media riser, so it was easy for the cameramen covering the speech to focus on their interruption.

That said, Jones is no libertarian. Long a fan of border control, he has fallen heads-over-heels for Donald Trump. Here’s a hilariously edited video of him absolutely in the throes of Trumpism. Enjoy:

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  1. “smartly shouted rapist ” for a pay day….   thats idiocy and devoid of morality and decency… ian  yelling  hoorah for it just shows his maturity level and morality level…  does it matter to you at all ian that clinton denies it…..i guess those clowns dont need anything but someone saying rape….to  do this  corrupt,immoral clownish idiocy….. My guess is that  it didnt matter a whit what the facts were(obviously it didnt) … all they saw was dollar signs……good and right and truth be damned,”show me the money”…   and the ian  audience sings praises

  2. Well, he is.

  3. BrianNeill You talk like you KNOW that. How do you know that? (you dont)..  you just tak out of your ass,like so many

  4. This is the same old garbage everyone has been hearing.  How is this really news?

  5. DavidCrawford4 BrianNeill Isn’t that what you’re doing as well though?

  6. brucelivingston2985 DavidCrawford4 BrianNeill no it isnt bruce.  I just told him  that he doesnt KNOW as he seems to be asserting.. I guess you dont know what “talking out of your ass”is bruce

  7. brucelivingston2985 DavidCrawford4 BrianNeill Maybe you could b try to read with better comprehension next time Bruce… Just read slower ,maybe that will help you

  8. Jumping Jacks It’s news because it contains significant information worthy of attention. What do you think news entails, Jacks?
    Oh, and can I make a request Jacks? Please keep those Jacksisms coming! Right now, my favorite one has to be “lip diddling.”

  9. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks It’s not news. Ian can’t prove the protester was paid to say that. Since you believe everything your idol Ian Bernard say, you look as small minded as he does. I suggest you get a life peaches.

  10. DavidCrawford4 There is no proof the activist was paid to say anything.

  11. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Now, now, Jacks, you really need to suppress this terrible habit you have of deriving unreasonable conclusions from manifestly Innocuous statements. I never said anything of the sort. All I said was that the information in Ian’s article was noteworthy. That’s what defines it as “news,” isn’t it?
    Now be honest, Jacks, don’t you think that this false outrage of yours is out of place here? It’s your Jacksisms that keep inviting criticism, after all! Had you made this point about the protestors in the first place, you could have avoided this.

  12. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Peaches, you have a significant cognitive lapse that causes you to say something and then when you are caught in a lie, you change the meaning around. I think there are people out there shouting your name and saying you are a rapist.

  13. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Oh Jacks, you’re so silly. I hope it isn’t because you’re a little loopy from counseling drug addicts. Now I hate to be a noodge, Jacks, but could you be a lamb and chastise me for “lip diddling” next time? It’s my favorite denigration you know.

  14. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Peaches, you need to go back on your meds because you make no sense what so ever.

  15. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Which medication would you suggest, Jacks? You’re the self-stylized drug expert here – except of course when the subject of opiates comes up. But I’m sure not knowing the difference between benzodiazepines and opiates is a common mistake with the experts, right Jacks?
    Oh, and I’m eagerly awaiting your next message, Jacks. I really hope that you’ll bring up “lip diddling” sometime soon.

  16. this illustrates that ian  does not have the “principles” he claims…

  17. Alex Jones has looked into Trump’s attacks on women, liberty and democracy— and he has concluded that Trump is a rare example of a “true flag.”

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